Our Mission

Africa for Jesus Ministries International is an international Christian relief and development organization whose mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty in Burkina Faso and other African countries.

Africa for Jesus Ministries International goals are to embrace community development and advocacy for the poor, AND to help poor children and their families build a sustainable future and have a productive lifestyle.

Africa for Jesus in Burkina Faso: Africa for Jesus Ministries has been working in Burkina Faso since 2007, trying to establish water, agriculture and literacy projects. By 2011, Africa for Jesus Ministries will establish longer-term community-based Area Development Programmes (ADPs).

Today, Africa for Jesus Ministries is working toward:

• increasing access to clean drinking water, through the drilling and equipping of boreholes, and training community committees and mechanics to manage and maintain the water supply.

• building and improving primary schools to increase attendance rates; providing school uniforms and supplies to school children; and building literacy skills in local languages among adults.

• increasing community access to healthcare by building and equipping health facilities, training local health workers, immunizing children, teaching mothers about nutrition and good hygiene, and increasing awareness about HIV and AIDS.

• introducing farmers to new agricultural techniques and providing seeds to increase crop yields.

• helping families launch small businesses to increase their incomes.

• organizing and training community leaders for better community management.

  • Weekly Power Packed Prayer
  • Start Time: 09:00 PM Central Daylight Time
  • End Time: 12:55 AM Central Daylight Time
  • Dial-in Number: 1-218-936-4700 (Midwest)
  • Access Code: 9637048

Educating Burkina Faso’s Children

More than half of Burkina Faso’s children do not go to school, and many of those who enroll do not finish their studies. Education is often expensive and some villages are far away from the nearest school. In addition, many children are required to work at home instead of attending school. Girls usually help with the housework while the boys shepherd livestock or produce crops with their fathers. Parents prefer to educate boys, as girls are often married at an early age.

Yet educating children is the best way to fight poverty — and is the basis for sustainable human development.

Statistics prove that girls who can read and write go on to have healthier children and are better able to look after their own families.

As well as providing the infrastructure for children to go to school, Africa for Jesus Ministries is working with communities to advocate for change. Community leaders, parents and other family members need to understand the benefits of sending their children to school. In many cases, this requires a long-term vision, often sacrificing the benefits of today’s work on the land or in the home for a better tomorrow.

Threats to children’s health
Burkina Faso’s infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Chronic malnutrition stunts children’s growth. Malaria, respiratory infections, malnutrition and diarrhoea are the leading causes of death. There is a shortage of trained medical staff and accessible health facilities.

More than 90 per cent of women have undergone female genital mutilation during childhood (also known as female circumcision – this involves the removal of some of a girl’s genitalia). As well as having physical and psychological consequences, female genital mutilation can lead to difficulties in childbirth and increased susceptibility to infection.



Primary education is essential for the well-being of all children, as well as for the future of their countries. Children are Africa’s greatest resource and responsibility, yet their access to quality education is a major challenge.

Quality of education goes hand in hand with access. While free primary and secondary education is offered by several Africa countries, the provision of classrooms with desks and chairs is not an automatic guarantee that this goal is being met.

UNICEF’s “State of the World’s Children”(2008) reports that only about 65% of children in West and Central African countries are attending primary schools as compared to an 85% school attendance rate for children in Northern Africa. Only one-third of children in Chad and Equatorial Guinea reach the fifth grade – while in Somalia the percentage drops to 3%, according to UNICEF.

Africa for Jesus Ministries aims to ensure that opportunities for a quality education will grow and extend to the poorest and most vulnerable communities and children of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa for Jesus Ministries will work with the government to ensure the adoption and implementation of a policy to make a basic and quality education available to all children. Africa for Jesus Ministries will also work with teachers, community leaders, parents and pupils to promote the education of marginalized and vulnerable children.

In Burkina Faso, Africa for Jesus Ministries will participate in the Global Campaign for Education in 2008, where children were mobilized and empowered to hold governments accountable for recognizing and safeguarding their right to education.


Healthy Community

Conditions of widespread poverty and insecurity, coupled with a lack of health facilities and basic medicines, continue to exact a heavy toll on the health of children across Africa.

Governments, businesses and civil society share the responsibilities of improving health care systems, and ensuring greater public access and more affordable care and medicines for children and their parents.

Africa for Jesus Ministries International works to ensure that governments are implementing needed measures to enhance health care delivery in rural areas of Africa. We construct and service many new health care facilities, equip existing ones, and provide and support medical personnel, including traditional birth attendants. Africa for Jesus Ministries also will engage in the formation of community-based abuse prevention activities, along with day care centers for children of working parents, and psychological, legal and social support to both families and orphaned children.

In addition, Africa for Jesus Ministries will launch a two-year global health campaign which is focused in part on ensuring that government policies tackle the gravest threats to child health, including malnutrition and preventable diseases.


Our Founder

Reverend Obiamaka (Obie) Obiekwe is originally from Nigeria in West Africa. In 1993, the Holy Spirit anointed Rev. Obie Obiekwe, initiating a miraculous change in her life. Soon, one who was a very timid and shy person began to speak to the public in masses like a lioness for men, women and children.

Rev Obie Obiekwe received her Bachelor of Arts degree in French language and Literature from Texas Woman’s University after attending University of Sorbonne- Paris for two years. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas. She is an ordained minister. Rev Obie Obiekwe is inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve God and to bring about a revival among men, women, children and youth all around the world. She has been an active member of Hillcrest Church for seventeen years. She has served in various church ministries and has held various officer positions during these seventeen years.

Rev. Obie Obiekwe was the Founder/Director of International Ministry at Hillcrest Church, founder and director of Children of Zion Tambourine and dance ministry at Hillcrest Church. She trains and choreographs sacred/Liturgical dance in churches/community and other nations. She is the Founder/President of Africa for Jesus Ministries International, established in the United States to help transform the African nations by
building an orphanage, school, learning center, church, home for widows, clinic and youth center on a 43 acres of land donated to the ministry. She conducts and directs All Nations, All Night prayer every third Friday at Hillcrest Church to pray for the Nations. She is a member of the prayer council at Hillcrest Church.

She is an intercessor who wars through dance movement, with her tambourine, flags and streamers at hand. She travels nationally and internationally conducting conferences, workshops, seminars and ministry presentations. Her ministry has taken her to Israel, Africa, Russia, Europe, Mexico and more to come in spreading the beautiful word of God..

Thus Rev. Obie Obiekwe continues faithfully and vigorously in her ministry in expanding the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of love and compassion on this earth. The earmark of her ministry is her intimate relationship with God. She loves to worship the Lord and she helps others to come into the freedom the Lord offers. Bringing total healing to the body of Christ is her passion and mission.

Rev. Obie’s testimony is this: her past life is forgiven by Him…”Her new life is in Him…her calling is from Him…her message is about Him! It’s All About Him! It’s All About God!”