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Maximize Your Revenue

Let Your Users Complete Rewarded Surveys To Earn Virtual Currency


We handle all user support. Our support teams work around the clock and resolve all tickets in 24 hours or less!


Users are more engaged with apps when they can spend virtual currency to fully engage with the app.


Earn up to $20 per completed survey with an average payout of $2 per completed survey.


With thousands of surveys available in over 50 countries, we’re ready to help you monetize your users wherever they are.

SDK Features

Monetizing With Rewarded Surveys Is A No Brainer!


Users Love Surveys

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

We provide users with a fun and easy way to get the virtual currency they want!

Engaged Users

With over 70% of users only using your app for 1-2 days it’s more important than ever to ensure you are engaging and maximizing monetization of the other 30% of users that use your app.

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TheoremReach has average eCPMs of $200 and payouts up to $20 per completed survey.

Maximize Revenue

Maximizing revenue earned per user is crucial for any app to succeed. Download our SDK now to discover how much revenue you’ve been missing out on!

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As part of our developer program you’ll both earn $50 after they earn their first $250. Plus after that you earn 5% of what they do, for life!