Nicolas worried about his life.

These kinds of things take time.

She didn't tell me the truth.

I'll stake my reputation on it.

He sold me the book for one thousand yen.

The file is corrupt.

The soap stung in my eyes.

I'm not the one who makes the rules.

The group was made up by Dick.

That's no longer possible.

That's totally understandable.

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Hitchhike with me!

I didn't tell Trey what time to be here.

What does his silence imply?

We did it according to your instructions.

Try to be more punctual from now on.

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Anderson went over to where Vern was standing.

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What're you going to tell her?

He swallowed his pride.

Lester lost his key.


I remember.

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I never thought he was capable of doing something so cruel.


They didn't neglect their own duty.

Your seal or signature here, please.

Pierre made an ace.


I can't quit now.

Is there any doctor among us?

I expect no special treatment.

Jeanne is a memory.

I sort of had a crush on her.

He professed to know nothing about it.

The ring has a diamond in it.

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Debbie took the pizzas and carried them into the kitchen.


My brother has much in common with me.


They don't hate you.

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I have no intention to act so.

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We did just that.

Return to your post.

Please see to it that the dog doesn't go out.


When did you have your last physical examination?

May I give you some advice?

Leo started to roar when he was two years old.


She was fascinated.


We'll try even harder the next time.


In another two weeks you will be able to get out of the hospital.


Is this a trick question?


I hate being alone at Christmas.


I'm tired of backgammon.

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All the parking spots are taken.

You should not have written that.

Jef dove into the water and swam as fast as he could.


The storm prevented us from arriving on time.

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The benches broken by the vandals were already replaced.

I'll try asking Eddie for some money.

It mortifies me.

These three years have gone by like three days, just like a dream!

Did he touch your breasts?


Will you please tell Hunter he has nothing to worry about?


This seems like something out of a movie, doesn't it?


I assumed it was Damone who wrote this report.

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How sad a story this is!

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In her home, kitchen garbage was fed to the pigs.

The and Kitty didn't speak to John.

I want a second opinion.

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I served with Jack in the special forces.

His efforts come to little.

I don't have a problem with Sri doing that.

What do you know about him?

I didn't ask for your help.

It's dangerous out there.

"We've got taller so they don't fit." "Right, it's certainly not that we've got fat!" "The useful phrase 'grown up' is our trump card."


You must keep track of how much time you spend with it.

All the nurses of this hospital are very kind.

Recently, my menstrual cramps have been severe.


We should observe the speed limit.


When he came in, I was too stupefied and surprised to say anything.

The cops are on their way.

I can't remember where this little doodad goes.

I made you a snack.

At first he had trouble adjusting to living in his new house.

This site is really great!

Cindie isn't good at making conversation.


If there is a problem then what is it?


They despise Bertrand.

Why didn't you tell me you were sick?

Do you remember that Canadian guy named Ti Jackson?


Marek suffers from persecution mania.

I didn't believe Josip.

I would like to see Mr Smith.

This is a great theory.

What are the positive aspects?


You shouldn't lend Kelly any money.


There she stands.


She majors in child psychology.

You can't succeed without hard work.

Call me later.


July fourteenth is the French national holiday.

It's great to be back.

Tammy just want to be different.


You've failed.

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I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

He wrote down the telephone number.

Heil Hitler!

Please speak louder so everybody can hear you.

The big toe on my right foot hurts.

You must not talk to Sumitro.

Leif says he doesn't remember seeing Case at the party.

Manavendra hates jogging.

There's a message from them.

There is nothing to regret about.

What would Angela and Heather do?


The patient is up and about.

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Do they have time for everything that needs to be done?


I wish I could be the man you want me to be.


Stay with me, Will.


He was very confusing.

I shouldn't have gone to see Jerome.

It seems Tanaka passed her exam.


Grooming in primates increases group cohesion.


A stranger tapped me on the shoulder from behind. He must have mistaken me for someone else.

I'm here for the card game.

Why isn't she dancing?

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I couldn't say no.


A mathematician wouldn't say that.


I explained the rules of the game to him.

I'm going to meet you there.

Leads and Kate always wear similar clothes.

The directions are simple.

It is a good camera.


Sanche would never kill himself.

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There were not many women doctors in those days.

The details are confidential.

Mann would like to speak with you.

I'm a little bit insecure.

I'll see to the arrangements for the party.

You need to get out of the house more often.

They are eager for peace.

We can no more live without sleep than without food.

I'll go anywhere with you.


It was definitely frustrating.

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The population of my city is about two-thirds as large as that of this city.

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It looks like that may have already happened.

Please don't tell anyone about this.

The ship is sailing at three.