Most Famous Indian Comedians on YouTube

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How is your day going? I believe most of us are tired of our daily workload and have Some of us have even completely scrolled our Facebook and Insta feeds, so its time to give it a rest. Because these Indian comedians of this generation have completely brought a whole new flavor of comedy.  A big hats off to all of those who already know who they are. This means you are getting the daily dose of  laughter. But for those who might not have heard about them then here is a compiled list of the top most followed stand-up comedians in India.

1. Bhuvan Bam

(Current YouTube followers as of June 2018: 8.3M)

Bhuvan Bam started his journey on YouTube on 21 June 2015 by creating his YouTube channel popularly known as ‘BB ki vines’. Before that also he uploaded some of his videos on YouTube but those could not gain much attention from the audience.  But BB ki vines turned out to be the turning phase of his life where he portraits different characters that depicts the life of a teenager and demonstrates them in a way that engages the youth of this generation. After this success he never looked back and collaborated with TVF for producing the video titled ‘TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors vs. Ghost’. He was also invited to join ‘All India Bakchod’ one of the largest India’s YouTube channel. Not just a comedian, he is also an artist and has performed in many singing shows. Now he is collaborating with many famous people like Amanda Cerny and working on entertaining people in new ways.

2. Zakir Khan

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018: 2.4M)

Zakir Khan, another college dropout who overcame every hurdle in life by his sheer dedication and strength. His popularity came after winning ‘India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian’ . His popularity rose in leaps and bounds. In 2015 he was invited to work with “On Air With AIB”. He was also the co-host of the 5th Annual Golden Kela Awards. Then he became the judge of the Indian reality show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

3. Abhishek Upmanyu

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018 : 808K)

Abhishek Upmanyu is one of the finest young talent representing likes of todays generation. This new sensation from Delhi is making people to roll on the floor by his excellent delivery and content. He left his job to pursue career in comedy. Till now he has uploaded 3 videos out of which 2 has already crossed 10M views. His sudden increase of followers is due to his amazing sense of humor. He has his own show named ‘Thoda Saf Bol’ and generally speaks on the topics that have to do with everyday life of a student. That’s the main reason that the audience could connect with him and enjoy all his performances.

4. Abish Mathew

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018 : 678K)

Abish is very popular in India. He came into light when he worked with All India backchod. He also hosted a comedy talk show named Son of Abish in 2015. He worked with a number of popular Indian comedy companies like East India Comedy and The Papa CJ Comedy Company.

5. Karan Gill

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018 : 631K)

Karan Gill is an India comedian who pursued B.E in Computer Science and later left his job in an IT company to become a comedian. His confidence was first boosted when he won the Punch Line Bangalore Competition. He came into public notice by his YouTube series ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ where he and his fellow stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan reviewed Bollywood movies in their own twisted and funny way.  He also worked on an American channel Comedy Central named ‘The Living Room’. He also co-hosted YouTube FanFest India.

6. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018 : 453K)

Biswa is basically from Odisha and has done his engineering from IIT Kharagpur. While he was doing a job in Bangaluru, he met with fellow stand-up comic, Kanan Gill. In early days, together they made some comic movie reviews  that went viral. After that he moved on to make his own youtube channel. He became famous and started conducting his own shows.  He went to perform on a solo tour in India called ‘Biswa In Your Face’. He has also collaborated with AIB on several occasions.

7. Aditi Mittal

Current YouTube followers as of June 2018 : 212K)

Aditi mittal is an Indian comedian recognized as first women to do a stand up comedy. Earlier she was a journalist but that wasn’t satisfied with that job. So she decided to quit and pursue her passion for comedy. Though she had to struggle in her earlier days but later she created niche for herself. She is mostly known for her boldness and mostly talk about such sensitive topics such as sex, bras, periods and comes up with hilarious jokes on them. Not only in India but she is also very popular outside India and has performed many shows. She also appeared in TV shows such as ‘Stand-Up Planet’. She was also rated amongst top 10 stand-up comedian by The Times of India.