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Where We Came From

Near Life Soap was started in 2012 as a simple question: "what is soap?" One year and many failed experiments (and chemical burns) later, I not only had my answer but I had come up with a recipe for a fantastically moisturizing and silky smooth bar of soap. Better still, I was able to produce it using only natural vegetable oils, essential oils, and plants from my own garden. And I wanted to share it!

Fast forward today and Near Life Soap is a true partnership - a team of soon-to-be husband and wife. I make the soap (read: play with my chemistry set and try not to blow up the house) while she comes up with ideas and puts her Girl Scout-cookie-selling skills to use by handling the promotions and sales.

We're happy to accept requests for custom orders and we'd love to help out with your next fundraiser. If you have any questions for us, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Where We're Going

Near Life Soap is a labor of love. It's a creative outlet, an endless source of new things to learn, and a fantastic way to make [y]our skin feel and smell incredible! That said, we do take this business seriously and we are looking to expand into gift shops and do more fundraisers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

A significant portion of our profits is set aside for charitable donations to make our world a better place and it is our hope to donate as much as possible in the coming years.

...the soap from Near Life Soap is so good that it feels wrong not to review it. I've bought the Grapefruit+Patchouli as well as Orange+Ginger and am simply astounded as to how great these were made. You get an amazingly smooth and solid soap that exfoliates the skin perfectly. Let's go back to the smell though, the smell/scent or whatever you call it is so relaxing and addictive that I can nearly guarantee you will be happy...


Etsy Customer
This beautiful soap arrived quickly and in great condition. It does not have a very strong scent but that may be good if you have sensitive skin. A lot of soaps irritate my skin but this one leaves me pleasantly not itchy. It lathers well and isn't overly drying. The seller was also quick to answer any questions I had and was very friendly and helpful. I received a sample that smells amazing as well. I'll definitely order from this seller again.


Etsy Customer, referring to Wind
I LOVE this soap. My husband and I have been exclusively using this soap for ages. It smells great, feels great, the price is great, the couple making it is great! Seriously, we haven't purchased any other soap in years. This soap deserves all the hype it can get. If you aren't buying this soap, you're doing life wrong.


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