As long as you have been smoking, you have probably not heard the real facts about why it is so difficult to quit. Here, we expose the truth. Not what the doctors tell people, not what teh pharmaceutical companies want you to hear; just the facts:

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One critical element of Smokenders Onlie is the fact that it concentrats considerable time and effort to assist the student to erase his/her DESIRE to smoke.


This video explains how and why:

Learn more about how to get started with Smokenders Online at  (916) 600-1646


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The government of Australia has just enacted a regulation of cigarette packaging which provides that 85% of the space on any cigarette pack or carton must be devoted to health warnings in a form issued by the government and the the remaining 15% may only contain the name of the brand in block letters with no pictures or logos.

The pictures provided for cigarette packaging are gruesome!  The appear like this:

gruesome pics

Cigarette packaging examples

Could implementation of such a law in the United States improve the smoking cessation rates?

As trends like this continue, it will become increasingly obvious to smokers that they really need to quit smoking.  Then, once they sincerely investigate the credible smoking cessation therapies that work, they will learn about Smokenders Online.

Smart smokers will avoid all of this simply by going to the (910) 563-1865.


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A study recently released by Harvard School of Public Health concluded that Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products (nicotine patches, nicotine gums, Nicotine mints, e-cigarettes, etc) are “No more effective than quitting on one’s own”!

Billions of dollars have been spent by millions of smokers using these products over the past decade – all for nothing! Many other independent studies indicate that NRT products have only about a 15% success rate. Even the studies funded by the pharmaceutical companies demonstrate less than 25% success (75% relapse) rate.

This is astonishing when you consider that the success rate for people who just quit unaided (AKA “Cold Turkey”) has been shown to be in the area of 10%-15% (depending on which study source you use).

Right now, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is in U. S. Federal court defending a class action lawsuit brought by more than 2500 plaintiffs who all claim damages resulting from the use of the prescription drug, Chantix. Many of these plaintiffs are repesenting their deceased relatives who used Chantix before dying by suicide.

Surely, while it is easy to sue anybody over anything, the sheer number of claimants who experienced harmful side effects, such as depression, horrific dreams, bad thoughts, and suicidal thoughts, cannot be ignored.

The big pharmaceutical companies continue to advertise these NRT and drug therapies even though their effectiveness and side effects have been proven. If you view any of their ads on TV or in a magazine, you will see that more than half of the available ad space is given to warning and disclaimers about the potential side effects of the drug.

Why would anybody logically resort to any of these harmful products when smoking cessation is routinely accomplished by counseling alone? For example, a smoker can go to /www.Smokenders.org/Get-Started.html right now and for $147 take the tried & proven Smokenders Online course. This course material has been used very effectively to teach more than a million smokers to quit for good.

At $147, the Smokenders Online program is a real deal.  It is 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of using NRT products or drugs and is far more effective!   A 1 pack per day smoker will recover the entire cost of the progrma within 9 days of graduation!  You can, too!

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How To Quit Smoking

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Debbie Rossi’s Smokenders Experience

Debbie Rossi, a personal trainer from down under, tell her Smokenders Story!

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New Press Release

Legendary Smokenders® Smoking Cessation Program Adapted for Internet

Having exclusively licensed the Smokenders® smoking cessation program and Intellectual Property for the worldwide Internet, Smokenders Online™, LLC, of Pelham, Alabama, has migrated all of the Smokenders® program content to the Internet. It now offers the 40 year old program, which has more than 1 million graduates, on a home study, video tutorial basis. The course, which uses no drugs, patches, NRT or e-cigarettes, teaches smokers how to quit smoking so that they may do so painlessly and comfortably.

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Proven Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Program


Quote startThis makes the proven Smokenders program available to smokers everywhereQuote end

Pelham, AL (PRWEB) May 11, 2012

Smokenders Online™, LLC announces the launch of its Smokenders Online ™ smoking cessation course. Taught through 7 weekly, 1 hour sessions, the program is identical to the legendary Smokenders® course that has been taught in thousands of public seminars and corporate settings since it was introduced in 1969. “We have obtained exclusive, worldwide Internet license to the legendary smoking cessation course. Now, the highly successful program that has been so very effective in teaching smokers how to quit, is now available, over the Internet, to all English speaking people in the world,” said Don Seibert, Managing Partner of Smokenders Online, and LLC., himself a successful graduate of the program for more than 31 years.

At a time when the effectiveness of so many popular therapies, such as Nicotine Replacement Therapies (i.e. patches, gums, e-cigarettes, etc.) and various drugs, has been drawn into question in recent studies, including the Harvard Medical School Study on NRT Effectiveness (Jan, 2012), and in lawsuits (i.e. /www.Chantixlawsuit-info.com), the time is right to make the proven Smokenders Online program available to the masses. Smoking is a very complex problem involving physical, psychological, sociological and cultural aspects and the Smokenders® program is the only comprehensive therapy that has been proven effective in dealing with all aspects of smoking. Smokenders Online allows participants to continue to smoke for the first several weeks of the program, while they systematically change the behaviors and patterns related to their smoking habit.

Dr. Jennifer Ossege, consulting psychologist, as well as co-founder and Partner in Smokenders Online, says, “ Smokers know the feelings of discomfort and anxiety that are intertwined in the smoking habit and they understand how daily events, as well as chemical and behavioral linkages to food, caffeine and alcohol, trigger the urge to smoke. In the Smokenders® program, they learn to control these psychological, physical, and emotional issues and to return to their natural state of being a non-smoker.”

Having recently completed beta testing, the Smokenders Online™ program is marketed online at 615-881-1151at an introductory one-time cost of $147. “Due to the efficiencies provided by the Internet, we are now able to offer the exact same course, updated for Internet access, at a cost of less than half of what the first million graduates paid”, said Seibert. It is designed for individuals to complete within the privacy of their own homes. It is also available for distribution through health insurance companies and for corporate entities to make it available to their employees, as the benefits to the companies and individuals involved are well documented.

Development is now underway to provide a version of the Smokenders Online Mobile™ course to include a mobile app that will be integrated with the course material to make it even easier for smokers to learn how to quit.    Versions of the course in Spanish, French, and Portuguese are also planned.

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How You Can Quit Smoking

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Why is it So Difficult to Quit Smoking?

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Smokenders Online is Live on the Internet!

The Smokenders Online video tutorial program is now live on the Internet!

We have officially begun registering new students today and are thrilled to be able to help so many people lear how to quit smoking for good. We are thankful to the many people that have supported us as we have licensed and migrated the legendary SmokENDERS program to the Internet!

Don Seibert & Jennifer Ossege

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