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Vision Project is an organization dedicated to the development of documentary photography, investigative journalism, video, multimedia, and education.

The goal of Vision Project is to produce documentary material and educational programs that encourage understanding and awareness about a broad range of social issues. This information and programming is for the general public with a particular focus on members of the younger generation. Vision Project seeks to reinforce the social, cultural and historical value documentary work contributes to society. To reach these goals, we have assembled a talented group of professionals with extensive expertise in photography, web technology, journalism, multimedia, video, design and education.





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Gallery Showcase - Evanescing Lands, Whisking Water - Arka Dutta

Multimedia - Healing With Sound - Fouad Amalke

Witness Magazine - Project Music - Richard Falco

Gallery Showcase - Sudden Inundation - Arka Dutta

Gallery Showcase - The Human Factory - France Leclerc

Multimedia - DACA - Caught in the Middle of a Dream - A Vision Project Production

Gallery Showcase - White Race, White Nation - Anthony Karen

Multimedia - The Magic Garden - Walaa Sallum & Marina Rull Valdivieso

Issues & Observations - The Power of the Image


Master of Arts in Communication Digital/Multimedia Journalism

The master of arts in communication digital/ multimedia journalism (DMJ) program at Sacred Heart University is an intensive hands-on approach to learning for the video journalist, documentary photographer and filmmaker. The program is broken into six eight-week segments that offer the student the opportunity to explore their interests and master their craft. Students can finish as quickly as one year taking classes two nights each week or in two years taking classes one night each week. video

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Today journalism is in the midst of a revolution in the way news is covered and will be covered in the future. It is driven predominantly by two factors: technology and economics. A single individual—the digital journalist, is gradually replacing the traditional “teams” of professionals that were formally used to cover a story. Digital cameras and laptop editing are making this former model of news coverage obsolete. The digital journalist is emerging as the model of the future. DMJ students will focus on this emerging new concept and be ready to enter the workforce. Throughout the program students will develop the technical, editorial and theoretical skills necessary for preparation as a digital journalist. Emphasis will be placed on research, writing, ethics, interviewing, reporting, recording video and audio, editing and producing. The digital journalist must not only master all of these skills, but also be prepared to work in all of the emerging formats of “new media.” Hands on classes will guide students through distinct photo and video projects that will incorporate all of the necessary skills required of the digital journalist. .pdf

Vision Project has created a series of study abroad workshops in affiliation with Sacred Heart University. These workshops are designed to give the student an opportunity to explore the culture, place and people we visit using digital photography. The programs will help students develop the skills, discipline and insights necessary to create documentary productions. At the same time, participants will submerse themselves in the culture of the places we visit. We could not create a better situation for the student to begin to understand the workings of a real documentary assignment.

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Vision Project offers a variety of educational programs. Our programs teach the skills and disciplines necessary to work in a digital environ ment. The main focus is on digital photography, film/video and the use of creative software pro grams. We offer seminars and workshops as well as one week and full semester courses. Emphasis is placed on social consciousness and making a contribution to society. They are about creating insights and making a difference.


Witness magazine focuses on a host of long term projects and investigative journalism. Our goal is to provide an outlet for projects that are not published in their entirety by commercial publishers because of their editorial content or because of the length and complexity of the story.


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The goal of our online galleries is provide a show case for talented photographers from around the world. The images are selected from stories done by leading photojournalists, photographers and students.


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These issue-oriented projects combine numerous mediums – photography, film, audio, text, graphics and/or video – and focus on an extremely wide variety of subjects.


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In addition to producing our own films, this section features documentary films and video produced by talented national and international filmmakers.


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These podcasts feature interviews & images by renowned photographers, journalist, filmmakers and photo industry leaders.


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Vision Project will work with schools, institutions, museums, corporations, galleries and/or other venues, etc. to create exhibitions of documentary work. Vision Project invites corporate and foundation sponsorship to help facilitate all such events.



These projects are usually a collaborative effort between Vision Project and another organization. They combine numerous mediums – photography, film, audio, the fine arts, graphics and/or video. They can focus on an extremely wide variety of subjects.





These online books will focus on larger multi-layered stories that do not fit into a magazine format. The eBooks can be downloaded from our web site and will enable the viewer to see these more complex projects in a well-illustrated book form layout.




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