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A Gun Trust can streamline the process of purchasing Title II firearms. Without a NFA Firearms Trust, only the one person purchasing the firearm can possess it. However, with a gun trust, all the trustees are lawfully able to use and possess the firearm.

Asset Protection

Firearms are special assets. They can be dangerous and are expensive. Our NFA Trust gives you the peace of mind that your assets are safe. Further, this document is different from a standard trust. It allows your firearms to be passed down through generations without putting anyone at risk of violating the National Firearms Act.

More Freedom

Creating an NFA Firearms Trust allows you to choose who the authorized users of your firearms will be. If you purchase Title II firearms without a trust, you alone are authorized to use it. Our document allows you to legally designate multiple people, people you trust, as authorized users. You do not need to be present when they use your firearm.

Why us?

This Trust Document was created by lawyers. It was specifically intended from day one to be a trust to hold Title II firearms. It deals with issues often ignored in standard trust documents, particularly that Title II firearms can be illegal to own if not done so pursuant to the law. We have been doing this for years, and have set up thousands of approved gun trusts.

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