It’s been awhile, it really took me aback when someone mentioned an oft comment about struggling with the formatting of this site. Well, to whoever is still reading this after not a lot of updates: thank you very much and I hope to keep going with it if I can remain disciplined and find stuff I want to do!

I think very slowly I’m becoming very jaded, if living Japan has to be the worst awakening of what Japanese culture really is like, then the employment process has to be a close second. My engineering school taught me mainly how little we all know, but engineering is a skill that let you arrive at a workable (maybe not necessarily 100% right) answer to a problem. But slowly it seems like the places I apply to just see “Electrical Engineering dude attempting to program (LOL)”, or “clearly can only test” despite the field of EE being much further than that. But ranting aside, another personal hit from the old faults of my lyrics folders.

This song encompasses a view of depression and despair that I felt I could really relate to at a dark(er) part of my life (albeit a very romanticized one?). The person finds themselves without hope, but still they turn to another person for help; unknowingly also in the same flavor of position. Yet as the song name suggests, for these few minutes we can get a glimpse into what they’re both doing and the even sadder ending, an all too heartwrenching end; both see it perfectly fine, but to keep appearances, keep playing the game.

In a way this song helps me be appreciative of everyone who has helped me get to where I am today, a reminder that what’s here isn’t all there is once your depression has you in the dumpster. But anyway, onto the lyrics!

諦観 (A Perfect View (1))

Vocal: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: 茶太 (Chata)
Music: 古川本舗 (Furukawa Honpo)

2018-05-30 – Initial release

淡く揺らめく光 遠く見つめながら
意味を持たない祈り 深く深く沈めた

その手にある 何が大事?
選べない は 選択外
たったひとつ 守れるなら
ねぇ 何を選ぶ?

誰も見てない 誰も知らない
あかく絡まった 線

僕は見せない 僕は言わない

痛みをかみしめた (1)

人は脆く すぐに歪む


誰も責めない 誰も知らない
壊れかけの箱庭 (2)

君は見せない 君は言わない
錆びた鍵で閉ざす (3)


出来損ない 微笑みあう
合わせ鏡の世界 (4)

僕は見せない 君は言わない

Looking afar onto the pale flickering light
I drowned my meaningless prayer deep, deep down

What do you hold onto that you consider precious?
What if you had to choose,
If you could only protect one thing,
What would you choose?

No-one sees, no-one knows
This line all entangled in red

I won't show, I won't tell
...only cut it with a rusted pair of scissors

Laughing and smiling as if nothing is up
I chewed down on my pain (1)

People are so fragile, they fold so quick
Always wanting to take the easy road

One day I'd like to become someone strong enough to be unwavering

No-one can hound it, no-one knows about it
This broken down miniature garden (2)

You never show it, you never talk about it
...only shut it with a rusted key (3)

Laughing and smiling as if nothing is up
you hide your pain.

We throw out weak smiles as we see each other
Perfect opposite mirrors (4)

I won't show, You won't tell
But it's definitely a different kind of pain

Pretending not to notice
...I chose to keep on laughing


1) Perhaps to bite down on one’s pain, but I don’t know if that’s natural English (granted neither is this).

2) I don’t actually know what the significance of a ‘hako-niwa’ is, so please yell at me if this is a fixed saying I have no idea about.

3) This fits in with the paragraph before, but I feel it’s genius because it forces the listener to re imagine the scene; the singer has cut ties with the world and all her fate-binding red strings, but the singer’s friend has shut themselves in and thrown away the key. It’s a total mess and then the song moves to its final ‘act’.

4) Lit. “a world of facing/matched mirrors”, I feel a less literal translation is more appropriate here.


I can only believe because of the Easter long weekend the chance that my Valkyria Chronicles 4 package has been lost, stolen or thrown out increases. So to celebrate the incoming collector’s edition, I wanted to do a write up on the opening theme: Mai Kuraki’s Light Up My Life.

The first game came out on PC and I finally bought it for $10USD on Steam when it was on Christmas sale; I thought the idea of real-time actions contrasted by turn-based strategy was a little too strange to work at the time and didn’t play it. But then as you do, you get incredibly bored and decide to boot *something* up.

Boy was I in for a treat. I love World War 2 history, but how the war happened in smaller countries was something I had never considered. The characters lend themselves well to an anime-esque style: at the start Alicia is directing the militia, trying to maintain order in her home town despite the coming war. All this while Welkin just wants to come home, believing in the power of teaching rather than overwhelming firepower. Then all hell breaks loose as the Empire invade their hometown.

Characters like this and the rest of the crazy faces in 7th Platoon/3rd Militia are memorable through the contrasting conflict they go through. Combined with the deep gameplay (Sure, granted if you don’t Scout rush and want a bit more of a ‘historical recreation’ playstyle) VC1 was a tasteful adaptation of a very real period of suffering into an anime world with anime-esque sensibilities.

As always though, onto the lyrics!

Light Up My Life

Vocal: 倉木麻衣 (Mai Kuraki)
Lyrics: 倉木麻衣 (Mai Kuraki)
Music: shilo

2018-04-06 – Initial release

Known bugs:
2018-04-06 – Will rewrite and edit if a more accurate sheet is found.

I don't know why... I see a hero in your eyes
君の前では 強がりを言う 毎日だけれど

いつか見る 青い空に
重ねている みんなの夢
幸せになる為に そして 自由になる為に

Light Up My Life Light Up My Sky
がむしゃらに生きて 今は君を守るから
All My Life 明日も変わらずに 笑っていて欲しい
Cause it's you Light Up My Life

I don't know why... I see a hero in your eyes
僕たちは今 不安に駆られて 足踏みをする
前に広がる 運命的な まだ見ぬ出逢いに

精一杯 挑む事も
恐れずに進んで行けるよ 君がいるだけで

Light Up My Life Light Up My Sky
光り射す大地へと 胸を張り歩き続けよう
All My Life この時その時を真剣に生きていく
Cause it's you Light Up My Life

今熱い想い胸に 明日への光りでありたい

Light Up My Life Light Up My Sky
All My Life
Cause it's you Light Up My Life
I don't know why... I see a hero in your eyes
While all I ever do is worry about tomorrow
In front of you I can only ever show my bravado

Everyone's dreams are overlaid
Onto that blue sky we'll see one day
So we can be happy, and so we can be free

Light up my life, light up my sky
I'll live as rough as I need to, for I'll be protecting you now
Today, tomorrow, for all my life I want you to keep smiling(1)
Because it's you who lights up my life

I don't know why... I see a hero in your eyes
Uncertainty grips us now, we stamp our feet (2)
At the ever increasing encounters we are yet to have

Living as hard as I can,
Meeting challenges as best as I can,
I can do it all without fear, as long as you're here

Light up my life, light up my sky
Let's hold our chests high and march onto the land the light points at
From this moment to that moment, I will live it to the full all of my days
Because it's you who lights up my life

Tested strength
Like the first snows that are blown by the wind
With these burning feelings in my heart I want to be the light that shines onto tomorrow
Protecting those precious, familiar sights and sounds of our hometown

Light up my life, light up my sky
I'll live as rough as I need to, for I'll be protecting you now
Today, tomorrow, for all my life I want you to keep smiling
Because it's you who lights up my life

1) lit. All My Life, Tomorrow without change, I want you to smile.

I think a more liberal translation makes it more sensible in English. I may hate on VC1’s English localization job, but the more I read lyrics and lines like this the more I think the translators just get pinned to the wall by the content they are working on.

2) lit. We are now succumbed to anxiety, we stamp our feet
I think it’s awkward either way, I’m not sure of a more natural saying for 足踏み.

坂上なち (Sakaue Nachi) – So long

So now we’re onto the first song of the mini album, as much sense as that makes. It has such a cheerful tone, I remember playing this song for a while month every time I left work right up until I quit. Truly so long, I will never ever go back to you. (A bit much but… a very resolute line from the song!)

Still putting in job applications, doing this is a nice change though. It’d be nice if someone would pick me up and just throw me into a programming job. How do I even motivate myself for a personal project? Doing lyric write ups is hard enough to be motivated for…

Or alternatively, someone judge this work and give a job for it :c

So long

Vocal: nachi (坂上なち)

Lyrics: aya*k

Music: Shibayan


2018-04-06 – Initial release

見上げる夜空 映し出すin my heart
まぶしいshooting star 音も無く消えていった

暗闇の中 覗いたテレスコープ
ぼやけた世界 ざわついたhidden voice of my heart

Focus合わせ 動き出したrhythm
確かなheartbeat 今強く感じている

あの星がまだ 見えている間に
閉じ込めてたface 気持ち軌道乗せgo on

Let's get now
行ったり来たりの just another day
ぐるぐる回る本当と嘘 in my life
ただ流され続けているだけ back away

包み込まれたseveral nights
まぎれさせていた見えないようにin my mind
そうやってhold my feelings
煌いた星が照らしたthe truth of myself

始まったそのcount down
遠くに見える光信じてrun away
そうさもう break out of the loop

始まったこのcount down
惑わされる前に断ち切れ let it go
ここから飛び立つよ eliminate you from my heart

So long 何も出来なかった過去のmyself
I am leaving now
So long, was weak enough 逃げてばかりいた
I just wanted to say
So long 振り返ればそこにある shadow
But leave it behind
So long, I'm getting back 自分だけの future
I am going lonely way

Repeat *

So long, to ones who took my freedom away
So long, I will never ever go back to you
I look up to the starry sky, it shines back into my heart
Without a sound, a bright shooting star disappears overhead

In the darkness through the telescope, I see
My heart's voice, noisily hidden among the blurred out world

I bring it into focus and a rhythm begins to play
I can feel this sure heartbeat deeply sounding

While we can still see that star
I throw my face and feelings I had been hiding into orbit and make my way

Let's go now
I'm backing away from getting thrown around
by the days that just come and go,
by the truth and lies that run laps around my life
in this small small world

Wrapped around by all these nights
Hoping to blind myself to the confusion in my mind
I hold my feelings in
But the light from a star shines on the truth of myself

The countdown has begun
I believe in the star off in the distance and run away
That's it, we're breaking out of the loop
The truth that exists in this single moment

This countdown has begun
Before I get confused I'm going to cut away and let it go
With a single strong step
I jump up and away from here, eliminating you from my heart

So long, to the past me that couldn't do anything
I'm leaving now
So long, I was so weak I just kept running
I just wanted to say:
So long, if I turn around I'll see my shadow but...
I'm leaving it behind
So long, I'm getting back this future of mine
I am going it alone(2)

So long, to the ones who took my freedom away
So long, I will never ever go back to you


1) The sheet has it spelled incorrectly.

2) The amount of random tensed and formed English sentences attached to the song required a little more reinterpretation than I like, please yell at me if you think the translation hasn’t stayed true!

Not a lot of notes, I feel this song was way more straightforward than Turn Back Time. I guess that makes sense given the nature of the song!

茶太 (Chata) – 海に行く (Off to the sea)

Not working at home at the start of writing this entry so this will come before the next Nachi Sakaue song I’d like to get done.

Still putting in job applications, it’d be nice if someone who isn’t a recruiter can give me time of day. I know I can do *this* job better than a few people. Hell even some of the people who do this for money. Maybe that’s a little arrogant, but that piece of solid salt lick comes out of my soul every time I see cringy or weeb trash grade translation done.

But anyway, enough complaining: onto the song! This one was on ワンダ・フルワールド (Wonder FulWorld, yes it’s broken up this way), an album released by bassy. This song is pretty chill, up until this point I wasn’t very familiar with bassy’s stuff but them doing pop music really shows off their range, maybe one day I’ll find CDs so I can listen to more of it.

So why do I care about this random song? I think Chata has a very chilled singing style, even her cheerful songs are really down to earth. But this song in particular sings out to me, for me it’s about coming to an amicable end with someone you loved a lot, confident it’s the right thing to do, whatever the trigger for this break up may have been.

The big focus is on how different they become as time goes by, how two lives intertwined for some amount of time begin to diverge onto radically different paths. I had a friendship like that, it didn’t end very well, however immature my answer to how that friendship (spoilers: it was incredibly dumb), this song always gives me the strength to pick back up and acknowledge that even if the event sucked it can still make you strong, strong enough to push on.

Whoa that was a huge rant… sorry for anyone who didn’t want that (I mean, it’s a blog right D: ), onto the lyrics:

海に行く – Off to the sea

Vocal: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: bassy
Music: bassy

2018-03-28 – Initial release

電車に 揺られながら めくった ページには
去年の 僕と君の 記憶の 花びらさ
君を好きでいれて良かった 誰かのために強くなった

守れない 約束もあったけど
それぞれの場所に戻って 新しい朝をむかえたきっと 正しいから
嫌いな 食べ物だって いつかは 変わるかな?
僕らは 歳をとって 誰かと 恋をする

またひとつ季節が過ぎて お互いの知らない事が
こうして 増えてゆくんだねぇ

重なり合って伸びた影 交差してた二つの道
もう 交わらない

遠くの海へ行こう 雨が落ちるその前に
僕はどんな歌を 口づさむのだろう どんな色をして

途中下車でふと降り立った 新しい風を吸い込んだ
沢山の人を見送った そろそろ行く時間が來た

君を好きでいれて良かった 君のために強くなれた
きっと 正しいから
きっと 正しいから
Gently rocking in the train, all I see
on the page turned are yesteryear's memories of us (1)I was glad to have loved you, I became strong for someone else (2)
There were some promises I couldn't keep but

We went back to our respective places and greeted the a new morning
It just seemed like the right thing to do (3)I wonder if even the food you hate would one day change?
We grow older, and fall in love with someone else
Another season comes and goes, seems the number of things
we don't know about each other just keeps goings up doesn't it?

These shadows that overlaid and stretched out, these two paths that twined together ... now forever diverge (4)

Let's head to the far off beach, before the rain starts to fall
What sort of song would I hum
What sort of colour would I be? (5)

I got off part-way there, taking in the fresh air
I've seen off plenty of people, now's the time to head on my own way
I was glad to have loved you, I became strong for your sake (2).
It just seemed like the right thing to do.

For sure, it just seems like the right thing to do. (6)


1) Wording maybe needs improving.

2) Not in a cheaty kind of way (am I the only one who thinks like that?), but it seems like more of a “finally not for my own sake” kind of nuance to it. Maybe I suck at English too much to phrase it. The second time this type of phrase appears towards the end it makes more sense in this way so maybe it should be written like this.

3) Perhaps this is one of the times Japanese is able to hold more meaning in such few characters vs. English. Is rephrasing “For sure it has to be right” stepping over the bound for translation/localisation?

4) More borderline dancing for translation, I think the speed at which the song plays really tries to reinforce how heavy all the words are supposed to be.

5) I need to read up what this obsession with colours in some pop media is and find an Western analogue to this. At this point I subconsciously get what they’re trying to say so my brain is heavily biased to the Japanese (I guess that’s what interpreters are for?).

6) Same arguments, this song is pretty slow, maybe I’ve injected my love for the song too much here. Have I overstepped trying to provide a faithful translation? Please let me know!

Again apologies for the HTML failures, but hope you all enjoyed another insight into Japanese!


Now this song… I can’t believe it didn’t explode her career. It’s nachi singing a normal tone; people complain she has a chipmunk voice, that it’s just generic wailing. But not here! Shibayan’s nu-disco Supernova mini album makes great use of the keyboard and more bass to drive the feeling of ruminating feelings in this song. Ugh … it’s so GOOD.

Hell even the entire CD tells a story:

  1. So long
  3. Turn back time
  4. Radiant Future

Or if you listen to the lyrics …

  1. cya loser
  2. life is great
  3. I immediately regret my decision.jpg
  4. maybe the future isn’t so bad

As you can tell I love these songs and nachi, so I’ve elected to do this one first. Also because I can’t find it anywhere on the internet so I also bought the CD from Tsutaya in order to grab the lyrics sheet (jajajajajaja).

But anyway, onto the lyrics:

Turn back time
Vocal: nachi (坂上なち/Sakaue Nachi)
Lyrics: aya*k
Music: Shibayan

2018-03-27 – Initial release
2018-03-27 – Expanded footnote (2)
2018-04-06 – Amended line 7, 12, 34
2018-05-03 – Ported data, formatting forthcoming maybe

Close my eyes いつも 浮かんでくる
あの日 I remember 最後の瞬間
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付けるLooking back いつも 輝いてた
In your face 今も 焼きついてる
悲しい涙が 胸を締め付æ‚s so I can listen¡”‹
giw»˜æ‚s so I c
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ee of my hee back ãsenn So long,ed I'm goinぁ£ jusad> ‚‹å theof m for&#ts/> So sd I'm gt show ãse‚ã 今ã sure, i. face 䁋ほ˜ãmŒãã“ãめär sureop tles >ãp> Sgrani><:ひ«ãin do —ã—gran‚‹
, ah real="Sgran&h–ip;"lu—"ç„r/s"/そ/label«ãin do —ã—ubmiu‚‹
€aいbr/€„s/> So long,widolu widolu_br/€_eã">€h3‚‹ç‚widolu-¡”ŒRr/€ P„s‚3>€ul„¼ãli«ãº¤å·®152346497">152346497‚‹(800) 579-6932‚‹ ただ流され続けているãay

包み込まれたseveral nights
まぁ/li«ãli«ãº¤å·954ª2855ã54ª2855¾ã/li«ã /ulnd /¼ã>aいbr/€§¯€ã> So long,widolu widolu_br/€_¯€ã‹h3‚‹ç‚widolu-¡”ŒRr/€ C¯€ã‚3>ul„br/€§¯€ã‹/uln /¼ã>aいgrane in> So long,widolu widolu_grane i‹h3‚‹ç‚widolu-¡”ŒArane in‚3>€ul„¼liº¤å'–“
In your face äf634:98f1:8743:9e02]/'>hypt€t> Ho»˜li« /ulnd /¼ã>aい/> 悲ã> So long,widolu widolu_/> 悲‹h3‚‹ç‚widolu-¡”ŒC> 悲‚3>€ul„li‚‹
-eŒ -e use®çž¬é–“
In your face äe03c:e54:9d39n y9a]ata“ä» li«li‚‹
-eŒ -e 3§è¡Œã‘るよ 君がい§

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