The ‘Secrets’ Behind Hiring Winners With Cor5

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Research (formal and field) and real-world experiences verify the continuing ‘productivity and morale’ issues in the workplace when it comes to hiring the right people. So, what are the ‘three secrets’ that far too few know and follow when it comes to this controllable aspect of business success that could yield much more successful results?

7144402353The first ‘secret’, and most important, is making sure the job candidate fits within your office culture. For instance, if your company’s success is highly impacted by "Teamwork", then hiring individuals with both a track record and negative attitude toward the importance of "Teamwork" is only asking for trouble. And, similarly, if your organization’s sustained success requires "Innovativeness," then hiring individuals that are motivated and comfortable by ‘status quo’ and an attitude like ‘if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it’ is again a formula for underperformance. It’s interesting that this first ‘secret’ is typically most commonly missed during the hiring process - often because a company has not clearly identified and communicated their crucial 5 indicators that are essential for its sustained success!

The second ‘secret’ is the fit between the performer and the key requirements for the job involved. Almost every job description we encounter is based on a description of ‘activities’, and not based on the 3 to 4 key results required that make the position critical to the success of the organization. And, in large part, those hiring may use very worthwhile hiring practices like ‘behavioral interviewing,’ but use them in ways that fail to capitalize on the potential by not zeroing-in on our 5 models linked to performance.

The third ‘secret’ involves the fit between the job candidates and their personal satisfiers or motivators. One of the keys to keeping desired performers is by matching them with a culture as well as a job that fits, as a source of self-regenerating motivation for the successful candidate. As such, making sure a job fits with the individual performer’s work interests, personal work style habits and preferences, and their personal values is a strong indicator that those hired are more likely to stay with your organization when also treated well and compensated fairly. And, when this happens, both productivity and morale continue to rise from their winning contributions to everyone’s success, not just their own!

Learn more about the ‘secrets’ of hiring winners with (916) 881-8898 today.

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What's The Critical Difference Between COR5 and Other Online Assessments?

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(469) 252-6879
This is the most commonly asked question we hear from people. And, there are at least three key benefits that provide COR5 users with a distinct advantage relative to other online tools and assessments. So what are these benefits that are important to you, others, and their organizations?

Critical Benefit #1: Time
The COR5 assessments have been designed to be both fast and easy to complete without any required guidance. In fact, each assessment can typically be completed in 15 minutes or less with an instant feedback report generated for you! The COR5 system is totally flexible and, as such, you totally control the decisions about which assessment(s) you wish to take, in what order, and when. And, you also can go back as often as you wish to review your reports.

Critical Benefit #2: Affordability
 The COR5 assessments have been built and priced to make them affordable to virtually everyone. Compared to other assessments they are very inexpensive and can cost anywhere from 30% to 65% less than comparable assessments. The COR5 assessments are a ‘no-brainer’ decision based on their low risk and high return for you and your organization. COR5 can be used on a selective, incremental basis without a significant upfront investment to get started. And the cost of COR5 makes it easily scalable for any size and type of organization.

Critical Benefit #3: Results
 The greatest benefit you get from the COR5 system is the power and efficiency of these applications. COR5 is based on solid, proven research about behavior and performance that apply to virtually all roles and life situations. And they are more comprehensive than other assessments since we include both motivations and capabilities that shape our success and fulfillment in our work and non-work life. In this regard, these assessments provide you with both valuable insights and practical actions that you can immediately put into practice for better performance and satisfaction—for both you and others! Finally, these tools provide you with expert development coaching advice about how you can increase your effectiveness at tasks and with people as well as experience a more enjoyable, stress-free life not found in other online assessments that you benefit from immediately.

So why wait…go now to to get started with our no-risk free assessments so you can begin getting more from your work and non-work life today!

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The History of COR5

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I started working with Dr. Michael O’Connor about 8 years ago. Originally we were working with his behavioral models to enhance our clients marketing efforts. Early on we were able to prove that with a better understanding of someone’s behavioral style, values and interests we could communicate more effectively with our audiences.

As our familiarity with Michael’s models increased, we actually began applying these concepts to our other businesses. We began using these concepts to guide our hiring and to identify high potential performers in our organization. We also completely revamped our management philosophy to enable our leadership team to more effectively leverage their time and coaching.  We were sold.

At the same time we were experimenting with these concepts, we were developing online communities. We finally joined forces with Dr. O’Connor and Life Associates to bring Michael’s lifelong dedication to increased satisfaction and performance to a broader audience. And COR5 was born.

I’m sure you may have come across these types of models in your career. Many companies use variations of Brigg’s Meyers or DISC to help managers and employees better understand their behavioral tendencies and to communicate more effectively. However, COR5 is the only online solution that goes beyond your behavioral style and offers more.  In fact, COR5 is based on 5 distinct models to help you in the workplace…

  •         Behavioral Style – the “go to” behavioral tendencies we all have in both favorable and unfavorable circumstances
  •         Values – our core values that impact our motivations
  •         Interests – the things we like to do at work or at home
  •         Capabilities- our acquired skills
  •         Adaptability – our ability and willingness to change
Our applications are based on all 5 models – this provides you with much greater insight into success and happiness in the workplace than any one model in isolation. Plus, these same models can help us in our personal life as well. While our initial solutions are focused on success at work, we’ll be launching a set of applications for your personal life starting in 2015.

So start improving your performance at work now. Complete your free personal profile at 574-878-4165. It couldn’t be easier.

Paul Strasser
President, COR5
The Science of a better you!

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Why Do I And Others Need COR5?

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COR5 applications can be used by virtually everyone in the workplace
Here are the three simple, straightforward, and timeless reasons why ALL of us need and can benefit from COR5, whether we realize it or not!  And it is the primary reason why I am devoting so much of my energy to COR5 in the sunset of my career dedicated to helping people  and organizations. This is the closest I can get to a philanthropic co-venture given my own self-selected state in life to serve rather than be served.

Reason #1: Our Success & Effectiveness
Almost fifty years after I began this journey, people are still people and haven’t changed though our world certainly has!  In fact, earlier in my career I noted that it was much easier for people to be successful. Now, jobs are more complex, changing, along with expectations that are also much more challenging. As a result, genuine sustained success requires continually being focused and getting better. COR5 provides a powerful personal ‘tool kit’ that we can all capitalize on in both our personal and professional lives on our own terms so that we can experience sustained success and growth.  And for any organization, whether in the private or public sector, it provides the same benefits.  In case, you think this is for others and not for you, here are some facts to consider and hopefully take action on.  Our work has shown that no more than 2% of an organization’s workforce at any level is ‘totally aligned with its performance expectations’ for optimal success. Similarly, management studies over the years have shown that only 5% operate at a ‘peak performance’ level. The typical current hiring success rate other than for seasonal and transitional jobs is 10% to 25% at best. Imagine, what this means for you and your organization in terms of your opportunity for greater benefit by unlocking and applying the insights about performance provided in the COR5 "tool kit"!

Reason #2: Personal Satisfaction & Fulfillment

Throughout my career, consistent with my own sense of mission in life, I have been struck by the high number of people who are neither satisfied nor fulfilled in either their work life, personal life, or both.  And, this pattern is one that continues to move in a more negative direction due to other changes in today’s world that are not likely to be reversed in the near future.  So, this is both a most tragic circumstance for any of us and, in terms of the good news, one that can be turned around at any stage of our life regardless of the circumstances that preceded it.  Once again both studies and my own experience working with thousands of individuals directly and indirectly indicate that less than 10% of all people experience a state of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. Once again, the factors that explain such individuals versus the masses, are not any extraordinary qualities that are beyond the reach of the average person in any culture.  Instead, this is a function of our own ‘internal wiring’ and self-management of it in ways that work for, not against us or others, in this regard. COR5 provides specific resources that are easy-to-use, practical, and extremely affordable which can help anyone become more satisfied and fulfilled in their life and, in turn, do the same for others when shared with them as part of your personal or work life network!

Reason #3: Winning Relationships With Others
From my early years I have always been fascinated by the commonly-found fallacy that a person can ‘have a happy life’ by focusing on what is important to them, not what is important to others.  Sound behavioral research has shown this belief to be flawed across all eras and areas of the world.  The wise, timeless saying that “no man (person) is an island unto himself” captures this reality for all of us.  And, yet behavioral research shows that people tend to be judgmental, especially when distressed or faced with unfavorable situations, whether obvious to others or not.  My own studies have once again shown this to be characteristic of 90% of all people. And, when this happens, obviously people begin focusing on differences between each other in ways that cause tension and detachment, not winning relationships where all parties benefit.  Once again, COR5 has been designed to help you and others apply practical insights, actions, and tools that reverse this pattern so that you and they can together experience both more success and fulfillment in your work or personal lives!

Are these 3 reasons enough for you to act now so that both you and others can gain the life we all so richly deserve that is within our grasp if we choose to do so?  Go to and find out!

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(618) 422-4681

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Leaders and managers/supervisors at all levels across industries ranging from small to mega-corporations still struggle to understand the fundamental critical principles that shape their personal, team, and organization’s effectiveness resulting in sustained success. The COR5 products and concepts have tremendous power to transform those who seriously seek to understand and apply them for both greater success and fulfillment—for themselves and others.  

Here are three of the most essential principles which, when consistently put into effective practice, can pay dramatic dividends for them and their organizations. The question is: How do you identify what it takes to increase leadership and management in the workplace?

Principle #1: Success at one level of leadership/management is NOT a strong predictor of success at the other levels. This is a version of the age-old "Peter Principle" in some respects. What we know from both research of high performance job predictors and our experience is that the attributes that predict success as a front-line supervisor are often quite different than those of a middle or senior manager. And, even at the executive level, success in one functional area (well beyond job-specific knowledge, skills, and experience) can require dramatically different strengths than in another. This is true even for the internally-focused requirements of a higher performing General Manager versus those of the more externally-focused CEO/President.

Principle #2: Effective leadership/management across situations and over time requires the development and effective execution of both directive and supportive practices. Once again our research and experience has clearly demonstrated that people are naturally wired and likely to be stronger and more comfortable in one of these two types of practices, and are in fact likely to overuse one of these management styles. Our advice that has proven successful for hundreds upon hundreds who embraced it is to begin with both directive and supportive practices. Be more supportive of the situation/performance is favorable and, by contrast, be more supportive if the situation/performance is less favorable. And, this works in any situation - tactical or strategic, whether tasks or people-focused. Support above average performance and direct low average performance.

Principle #3: Focus on assuring stability before (not instead of) growth. The essence of this timeless/leadership management principle is this - "we have to first succeed at what is typical"  - before we focus on "what can be." Recall that this is a guiding principle, and as such not to be taken lightly. For example, the most important part of learning to "succeed at stability" is the process by which we have achieved it and are able to replicate it again and again across a variety of differing situations that require stability. Once we have mastered this phenomenon, we are then prepared to apply those aspects of our successful practice that also can contribute to successful "growth" as well as which practices modify or add for this to be attained.

The question now is which principle(s) represent your own and your organization's key opportunities for further success by learning to put it into action? Once you have these principles, you can insert the right people. How do you find the right people? COR5 can help you find the right people, both within and outside your company. The answer is simple...all you have to do is 2032455521.

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