Appraisal and Consulting services throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Central Okanagan

Quick Turnaround Service

Residential appraisal services throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Central Okanagan

At Aedis Appraisals, we know that time is money. A delayed appraisal can cost you, the lender, the deal. We guarantee a quick turnaround service (granting that we are able to access the property).

The minute that your appraisal request is submitted through the website,it is emailed to our dispatch system for immediate attention. The best part of the process is that you, the client, are able to track the progress of your appraisal order. This is done by logging in and viewing the status of your orders. The system will tell you if a message has been left with the applicant, if an appointment has been set, if the property has been inspected and more. This appraisal status is constantly updated online as it changes. If you wish, you can even have emails delivered to you for specifically designated status changes!

Try out our streamlined system. There is no more wondering as to where an appraisal is or when it will be finished - you are kept informed every step of the way.

Aedis Appraisals Commercial

Aedis Appraisals has a commercial appraisal department also functioning throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland and the Okanagan.  All our commercial appraisals are signed by an AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and also conform to CUSPAP (Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Standards).
We offer quick turnaround and a customized, detailed, commercial form which can be catered to your needs. There are no “blanks” on our commercial reports. The report only contains what you, the client, needs, including up to all 3 valuation approaches, rental analysis, cap rate analysis, building condition analysis and more.
Call us for your small and medium sized commercial property needs, we’d be happy to give you a quote over the phone!

Reserve Fund Studies – Condominiums and Commercial Buildings

Aedis Appraisals now offers Depreciation Reports / Reserve Fund Studies. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand and competitively priced. They are more than just a capital plan as they allow you to not only plan for future building upgrades, but also to budget for them. We provide a comprehensive service and will work with you to help determine which upgrades are the most urgent and which ones can be planned for in the future, so that the plan is not only prudent but also reachable. All our reports, as with our commercial department, are signed by an AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) so you know that our real estate and building construction experience can be relied on for your future well being. In addition, our reports will always meet and exceed all Provincial requirements set in the Strata Property Act.
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Aedis Erent

Do you require a letter of economic rent only? Aedis now provides this service in a streamlined, automated format so can obtain it easily and quickly! Our rent letters are only $35 each with $10 per additional suite (if applicable). We guarantee that they will be accepted by ALL lenders.

Aedis Erent coverage is now throughout

Access Aedis Erent here www.aediserent.com

Aedis Internship Program – NEW!

Are you a candidate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, now seeking to gain experience in the residential appraisal market? The Aedis Internship Program may be just the head start you’re looking for! We offer a three month internship program, where you’ll have the opportunity to apply your educational experience into practice.
The program involves regular lessons and applications in:

  1. Property Inventory (how to measure homes, take note of value components, identify construction and design elements and more)
  2. Research (what and how to obtain from City Hall, BC Assessment and other regulatory bodies)
  3. Report Writing (how to create a report that the client/reader will appreciate, what is important to the reader and how to express it)
  4. Appraisal Concepts (how to gauge accurately effective age, economic life, condition ratings, neighbourhood analysis and other)
  5. Mathematical Derivations and Adjusting (how to support your adjustments with market based evidence quickly and accurately, how to establish land value, how to gauge and calculate depreciation and more)
  6. The Business End (why people need appraisals, how to interact and help them, what to say/what not to say, finding new opportunities)

If this sounds exciting and interesting – you are just the candidate we are looking for! (and you also may need a medical checkup!). 
But that’s ok because we get excited about appraising too – send your resume and cover letter to 248-582-5551 and be sure to include your desired start date. We will follow up with you, we promise.

Insurance Valuations

Aedis Appraisals has been specializing in Insurance Valuations since our inception. In 2008, we customized a replacement cost appraisal form for a major insurance provider which included specific details, not normally provided in an appraisal. This was a great success and we look forward to your inquiries regarding any insurance valuation, commercial or residential and offer the same flexibility, in format as well as property type. We also work closely with personal property valuation partners so that specialized can be applied when necessary

Expert Reports / Testimony

Our downtown head office location, one block from the Provincial courthouse has yielded significant volume in the expert opinion field. The three head appraisers at Aedis have a combined 97 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and we have gained considerable personal experience authoring detailed, complex expert reports for a variety of litigation purposes as well as giving expert testimony.  As this business can also require tight turnarounds, we can accommodate this as well as offering competitive pricing.  We are able to gauge the workload of an assignment and quote on it quickly, and we always honour our quotes.  Call today!







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Appraiser Certification:

All appraisals ordered through Aedis are performed by residential appraisers...


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Appraisals 101:

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Market Update,January, 2013:

Slowed residential market activity...

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Appraiser Certification

All appraisals ordered through Aedis are performed by residential appraisers who are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Further, reports are authored or co-signed by an appraiser holding the CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation. All appraisers carry up to date liability insurance and have undergone training and certification as per Appraisal Institute of Canada standards.

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Market Update – January, 2013

Market Update

Coming into 2013, we have just endured 6 months of considerably slowed residential market activity, particularly in Vancouver and immediate suburbs. Although this slowdown was not doubt influenced by tightened mortgage requirements, other factors have also contributed such as price levels and a general uncertainty in the local economy. In no way am I predicting an economic collapse but people are certainly becoming more guarded as of late, which I think is healthy. Real estate developers are aware of the reduced volume and have already altered their course as a result. This will help quell any oversupply and we should be contented that they are intuitive as they are.

BC will be facing an election this year which, at this point, certainly appears to be in favour of an NDP government. Most of you will remember our economy and real estate market making a specific come back in 2001, which just also happened to be the end of the NDP's previous 8 year tenure here. We may very well be entering a period similar to that which occurred from 1993-2001, one that is generally flat and unexciting. This is not only due to a potential upcoming socialist government that has already vowed to increase corporate taxes (which will certainly have a negative effect on business success, which of course results in less employment), but also the federally tightened lending protocols and general world uncertainty in the economy. If we see rising interest rates enter the picture, which is not likely till at least 2014, then we have ourselves significant downward pressures.

In light of these factors, I do not see any more serious drop in property values on the horizon, although may veru will be a slow, mild correction. Prospective buyers are now forced to have saved a significant downpayment, which is good practice in general and, even more so, today. In addition, there is less or no pressure to overpay for properties and bypass proper diligence. Purchases can be made prudently and, as a result of the 10% +/- price correction we saw in late 2012, more affordably. It is still a good climate to buy due to the low interest rates and overall buyer control, if the right deal is in front of you.

Property owners, commercial or residential, should be ensuring their expenses are low as possible and that their investment properties are cash flowing. The viable option of a quick sale and cashing out will be less likely in the coming years, particularly at a guaranteed price level . All should be making sure that their finances are in good order and without having to rely on further loans, which are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, comparative to the past.

Overall, this will help our economy become more secure and less exposed to wild fluctuations as it has in the United States. This is a positive change as it will allow Canadian real estate to continue to be a safe investment for those around the world which will, in turn, keep the demand steady. In the short term, we should see a brisk spring market coming, largely due to some pent up demand from late 2012.

Jason Upton, CRA, RI(BC)