It's far from perfect.

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They wiped out an entire species.

Human ignorance is infinite.

We need plants in order to live.


I had a neighbor who was blind.


I was told you had some news about them.

Are those guys your brothers?

Elvis spent the afternoon with friends on the beach.

Don't come to school just for fun.

While the Japanese school teaches almost the same subjects that I study in America, five differences stood out for me.

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You do not understand.


Can't we work something out here?

Where did you ever find him?

It was a little sudden.


What word or sentence would you like to know in Portuguese?

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The doctor told the police it would an autopsy would be necessary to determine the woman's cause of death.


He is thrifty, not to say stingy.

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Rajendra didn't want to get in trouble.

That will be enough for the time being.

And you, Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes, interest me.


He has three brothers.

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What was inside the box?

Is there anything in this box you can use?

I need you here.

Bradley is exactly the same age as me.

Do you have a Yahoo ID?

Stu and I have been working together for a long time.

It's on page 3.


She has broken the toaster again.


You're up very early this morning. Do you have something to do?


Your blouse goes beautifully with that skirt.

Don't give up now, Moore.

Teachers must understand children.

Why did you move back in with your parents?

It is no good talking about it.

I hope you get the information you need.

Darryl is upstairs.

We have ample food.

Please don't pour sugar into my coffee.

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I bathe once a day.

Horst survived unharmed.

I assume you're here to ask me about Vassos.

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I believe you've been looking for me.

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There's only space for ten people in the lifeboat.


I wonder if there is anything good on TV.

Let's wait and see what Elric thinks.

Who, being loved, is poor?

There is a pike in the pond.

All the schools are closed on that holiday.

She indulged herself in nostalgic memories.

I'm hoping that will happen.


He doesn't like this concert.

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She keeps up to date with the situation.

They asked me to make a speech on short notice.

I was hoping to surprise Sridhar.

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Isn't this exciting?

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Life is weird.

Tell Steen what Gideon asked you to tell him.

Dimetry doesn't carry much cash.

Jarl is too old for you.

If it were up to me, I'd say yes.


I recorded the interview.

Power? Money? Everything seems so ridiculous now!

If Barrett knew how to swim, he'd probably want to go to the beach with us.

I shouldn't have skipped the meeting.

What was your mother doing when you got home?

Dan didn't even reveal his last name.

I'm the youngest in the family.

How long has Mara been in town?

How long have you stayed in Caracas?

The room is furnished with two beds.

I visited him a week ago today.

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Suzanne needs to shut up.

That didn't work.

Marty can tell you more about it than I can.


No one believed what you said.

Bill, give me a call this evening.

You're back again.

Geoff didn't even smile.

Those about to die salute you.


"What did you say?" "I didn't say anything."

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Give me your wallets.

He told us to come on time.

Anna's sister is more beautiful than my best friend Agata.

Why did you want them to leave?

I'm talking about it.

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Don't be so crass.

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Do you like a cool summer?

Swamy is the one with the car, not me.

Children love playing on the beach.

I'm not going to give this to you.

The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.

All my ducklings are swimming in the lake.

I'll visit him tomorrow.

We're in trouble now.

Why would I want to go there?

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The reason doesn't matter.


I won't tell anybody.


I assure you I feel quite well.

This house is abandoned. All the windows are boarded up.

The onset of menarche is influenced by many factors, including genetics and nutrition, and the age of menarche varies significantly across the world.

Sorry, I have other commitments.

It's too much of a nuisance.

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Be careful when crossing the street.

I asked him.

Also Valentin doesn't love Sylvan anymore.


I won't be in this week.


What's the other reason?

Rank has its privileges.

I think Sassan is over thirty.

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Feeding someone during the holy month of Ramadan is very rewarding.

Amanda is getting impatient with Monty.

He found a ball in the garden.

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I can go.

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Is the bath clean?

In France, we leave alone those who start fires, but we persecute those who sound the alarm.

I told her to go home.

Teresa may be working late.

Everyone opposed it, but Sally and Bob got married all the same.


Hon lives in a wealthy neighborhood.

He is a man of strong faith.

Have a croissant.


Seven vehicles were impounded.

I'll ask him if he will come.

He is the enfant terrible of Hollywood.

Louder please, I cannot hear well.

Roger got very sick and almost died.

We have been dating for three months.

I'm sorry, I don't have smaller change.

Not knowing what to do, I called my mother for advice.

We haven't seen them in a while.

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I was just drawing pictures, I had no further intention.

Ramiro has a beautiful daughter.

I agreed to her suggestion that we meet again five years from then.

I'd like to believe that Suyog told us the truth.

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.

Go out with me tonight.

I'm not ready to do that.


I have a touch of a cold today.

Is this really worth it?

Who's that guy?

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Where should we meet?

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He arrived five minutes after the specified time.

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That man died of pellagra.


You don't, by any chance, know where I can find a hammer?


I'm concerned.


Don't tell me, show me.

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What time are you leaving?

What're you planning?

Good night, Dan.