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Gunter is a hot girl.

I guess having zero shame is the price of genius.

He wants to give it to Jack.

Remember to admire her new dress.

Phiroze put the videotape in the player.


The boy all but fell into the river.

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He always parades his knowledge of English.

Leslie said he wanted to be here.

The hotel fronts the lake.


It's very distracting.

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We have been studying English for three years.

I changed my shirt.

Can you help me out here, please?

Why don't you go get her?

Dani doesn't remember his password.

The cabinet asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.

Gregor did an extraordinary job.

Miek was bored out of his skull.

It's a pleasure for me.

I didn't want to postpone our meeting.

Nou didn't write this.

If she goes to the theater, I'll stay at home.

I found that the question was easy to answer.

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European Fish Week starts on June 4th.

I'm sorry, did you say something?

I remember seeing him somewhere before.


I can't believe Fay would say that to you.

The mandate of the president lasted five years.

Alvin doesn't have a fever this morning.


He already intends to go to the sea.

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It's the biggest house in the neighborhood.


You heard him, didn't you?

The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

The government is running its largest deficit ever.

I did it as part of a tour with ten other people.

Samara Morgan never sleeps.


I usually wake up at 6.

Where do you live, exactly?

This knife is very sharp.

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I think we should ignore Marsh's complaints.


You were manipulating Sir.

Ping-Pong is also called table tennis.

My battery is flat.


Do you know her well?


Every star is a sphere.


What are you wearing to graduation?

He wrote a book about a jungle adventure.

Which one should I use?

This programme allows you to stay informed.

I like the Occitan language.


He had really come to get gold.


Some of the luggage has not arrived yet.


We have some great news!

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I don't plan on being a waiter all my life.

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Here are your keys.


Willie probably knows why Lucifer isn't here.

Is it OK if I go out with him?

Rogue's great-great-great grandmother lived in Scotland.

I'm here to pick up Takeuchi.

We're one player short.

Shahid scarcely recognized Lea.

Mariou is buying a new house.

The goods arrived in good condition.

We don't have that information.


What on earth do you want six copies of the same book for?

I think Vinod is too young to really understand women.

Try to understand me.

Happy morning.

The problem is worthy of being remembered.

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Things don't just happen.


It was just a lucky guess.


Devon goes to school five days a week.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Clara was held back a grade.


I got a new camera.

What ties a people together?

Sandra isn't concentrating.


Erick's apartment has three bedrooms.

I don't know what the big deal is.

I've done some things.

In the winter, days are shorter.

If by some chance the weather is good, I'll go.

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You look terrific. Did you lose weight?


Joon guessed wrong.

We're ready to help you.

I'm worried about it.

You raise a good point.

It wouldn't be fair to you.


I don't feel like running all the way to the station.

Why do I have to help her?

What fisherman or hunter doesn't like to talk about his happy experiences?

My family was well off in those days.

Why are you wasting your time with Jong?


I have a gripping pain here.

He appeared as a pinch hitter in the game.

No one does this job better than Boyce.

Can you step outside, please, sir?

Have you lost weight?

I usually walk.

Joon wouldn't like it if he knew you were here.

We'll try even harder the next time.

He was deaf to all arguments.


The blood made her excited.

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That's not why I'm afraid of Pitawas.


You are coming.


I hate zealots.

There's nobody there.

Vilhelm had a sealed envelope in his right hand.

I'll give you what you need.

The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth and have it found out by accident.


Arne is selling himself short.

I've never seen him so busy.

She likes the light green bra.

"I've got a bit of interest in learning French, but isn't it hard?" "Not at all. It's 100 times easier than English!" "Really?" "Well, at least to me it is." "That's because you're native though"

We need to learn a lot of things in our youth.


We have a son.

I'm going to Japan with my girlfriend in August.

I'd like to discuss some problems we've been having.

I'm leaving town.

I want to wait and see what Piet proposes.

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Find out what they're doing here.

My advice is to tell Samir how you feel.

I feel pretty comfortable.

Spock and Maria dressed up as the Evil Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood for Rosenmontag.

May I see the telephone directory?


Amos isn't as tall as Evelyn is.


What drove Jamie to kill Antonio?


Why don't they talk to me?

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That story can't be confirmed.

Have you spoken with him yet?

Your faces are all too familiar to me, but I can't remember your names.


He's making a copy.

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I'd like to thank you all very much for coming.

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I'm getting fat.

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Customers haven't complained.

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Danielle has been behaving a little strange.


Men are generally not as intelligent as women.


I know you want to see him.


Celeste doesn't talk to me about anything anymore.


Watch out for police on the Indiana highways.


They kept on walking.

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Dan wanted you to know that he didn't hate you.


I'm not going to need any help.

I am reluctant to tell her the truth.

They've seen our faces.