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IMTMA is the single point of contact for the machine tool industry in India. The association focus on issues of productivity, quality, design, technology, new product development, etc. for enhancing competitiveness of the industry.

Manufacturing companies are continuously challenged to reduce costs through productivity improvement measures. Focused efforts in improving productivity holds the key to enhance and sustain competitiveness in the Indian manufacturing industry. The answer lies in adapting highly productive manufacturing solutions through superior machining process, alternative processes, automation, efficient machines and the key differentiator: highly motivated manpower.

Mega Events and Training are among the key initiatives of IMTMA.

Mega Events:

Various national summits and seminars are organized by IMTMA to keep the industry ahead with the latest technological development and best practices in the machine tool industry.

  1. Productivity Summit & Productivity Championship Award

Outstanding productivity practices in the metal working industry are recognized and rewarded. Participants learn the latest productivity practices through the case studies.

  1. Machine Tool Industry Summit (MTIS)

MTIS provides a forum to – machine tool manufacturers, sub-suppliers, accessory manufacturers, R&D institutions and individuals to network, and collate ideas.

  1. International Seminar on Machining Technologies (ISMT)

ISMT focuses on emerging trends and strategies in manufacturing.

  1. International Seminar on Forming Technology (ISFT)

ISFT focuses on Metal Forming Processes, New Materials, Tooling & Design and Emerging Technologies.

  1. Symposium on Smart Manufacturing (SSM)

SSM is held to address and understand the real-time benefits and applications of automation, smart manufacturing and advance technologies like Industry 4.0 etc.



IMTMA organizes workshops and seminars for fresh engineers and professionals to empower them with latest technological development. Competitiveness can be enhanced though knowledge upgradation and skill development.

  1. Courses for Fresh Mechanical Engineers and Production Engineers or industry trainee

The long duration courses like Finishing School in Production Engineering (1 Month), Machine Tool Design (2 Months) etc. are developed with an objective to improve employability for fresh engineers and make ready-to-deploy talent available for the industry. Placement assistance is provided for the participants after successful completion of the course.

  1. Training programmes for Industry Professionals

The focussed technical workshops / seminars are offered on – Design, Productivity, Quality, Maintenance, Metal Forming, Automation and New Technology. These trainings are for 1 or 2 days, developed for improving the competence of working professionals and help industry bridge their specific skill gap.

  1. Customised Training Programmes

IMTMA organise in-house / customised training programmes in order to cater the specific requirements of the industry. The customised training programmes are conducted pan India.


Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) established in 1946 is the single point of contact for Machine Tool Industry in India.

IMTEX – a largest machine tool exhibition in South East Asia is organised by IMTMA.

IMTMA offers 120+ technical training programmes for industry professionals to upgrade their knowledge & skills and enhance competitiveness in manufacturing.

In order to bridge the skill gap between industry and the fresh engineers; IMTMA offers various long duration courses like Finishing School in Production Engineering. Job oriented long duration courses are suitable for fresh Mechanical Engineers, Production Engineers, and Electrical Engineers.

IMTMA Training centres are located at Bangalore, Gurugram & Pune.