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Corporate America and UPS Deliver Less Bread to Family America

Tweet Shame on the Teamsters who work for UPS. They didn’t bother to vote on the latest labor contract, so new employees will now be paid less. Count UPS among those corporations that benefited from the massive tax cuts the Republicans handed to Corporate America. Republicans insisted the tax cuts provided two good things for the American people, the 99%, a pay increase for Family America, and a surge in…

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Quarterback Sluts and the Fading Importance of Career Passing Yardage

Tweet If a quarterback plays for three different franchises he’s a journeyman.  If he plays for five or more he’s a slut. Congratulations to Drew Brees on becoming the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards. Brees deserves acknowledgment as a great quarterback, but the measurements we use to assess quarterbacking lack consistency over time.  If we rank all the NFL quarterbacks by career passing yardage, Vinny Testaverde ranks as the…

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Tweet What if they threw a high school football game and nobody came? On Thursday I attended a high school football game between the Clemente Wildcats and the Foreman Hornets.  Neither team stands as a football powerhouse in Chicago, but they matched up well.  The game took place at 7:00 on an almost perfect autumn evening before an almost nonexistent crowd. High school football still inspires some breathless reporting in…

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Vikings Trivia: Who are the 5 First-round Picks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame & Other Questions

Tweet One out of every eleven Vikings’  first-round picks ended up in Canton, one in ten if Adrian Peterson ends up there. I think he will. Since 1967 and the start of the Super Bowl era, the Minnesota Vikings drafted 55 players in the first round.  Here are ten trivia questions about the Vikings first-round draft picks in the Super Bowl era.  Answers below.   Which five first-round picks are…



Tweet Most Bears fans have no truck with giving up two first-round picks for Khalil Mack. Twelve trivia questions about the Bears first-round history in the Super Bowl era.   Since 1967, including Roquan Smith, the Bears drafted fifty-five players in the first round. Did the Bears draft more offensive players or defensive players in the first round? As a side note and not that too many people would have…

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Tweet Like so many before him, Khalil Mack is a sack master who changed teams in his prime? Why do teams let great pass rushers get away so easily? Why don’t NFL teams love their pass rushers more?  On Saturday the Oakland Raiders traded the man who might be the best pass rusher currently playing in the NFL, Khalil Mack, to the Chicago Bears.  Why would the Raiders do that?…


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Tweet Lions’ offensive linemen Dominic Raiola and Jeff Bacchus were the best and fourth best draft picks taken in 2001. Either Drew Brees or LaDainian Tomlinson was the best player taken. A few random thoughts about the 2001 draft.  T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the second draft pick taken by the Bengals from Oregon State that year. I hold a bias against taking two athletes from the same school if you only…


Steal (Tom Brady) of (Tom Brady) 2000 (Tom Brady) Draft: Jaguars DE Rob Meier

Tweet Tom Brady Tom Brady might be the greatest football player ever but currently ranks as the third best draft pick ever.  He needs to play in eleven more games for the Patriots in order to catch Darrell Green. Kicker Jason Hanson ranks second.   Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady.  Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady….



Tweet Donovan McNabb created the McNabb Line, and set the standard for quarterback excellence, a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. I can’t help but imagine a bar fight between a drunken Bears fan and a drunken Bengals fan on a random Jeopardy! trivia night. The answer would be “He was the worst quarterback drafted into the NFL in 1999. The Bengal fan would ask “Who was Akili Smith?” but the Bears fan…