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Pay It Forward Ripplet Pay

Whether to a friendly driver, band at the bar, your church or favorite charity, Ripplet Pay let's you give back when you don't have cash.
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It's easy to get started

Ripplet Pay is a safe, simple and swift way to tip, donate, or otherwise pay it forward in the digital age. Create an account, add a debit or credit card, and start sending or receiving.

About Ripplet Pay

Your security is important.

Ripplet pay uses Stripe, an industry-leading credit card processor, in order to handle card transactions and store your card information. None of your card information is stored on our servers, it's all encrpyed on Stripe's platform which is PCI compliant.

Send a payment to a person near your location or to a friend's username. You can even pay anonymously, so you can thank someone without releaving your name.


Ripplet Pay isn't just a peer to peer payment app like Venmo, Paypal, or another app out there. The purpose of the Ripplet Pay is to give back to the community and individuals through positive acts of kindness. If you like the service of an uber driver, you can send him a tip to thank him.

Every time you pay it forward, you are creating a "Ripplet effect" of goodness in your community.

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Video presentation

Location-Based Service

With location services enabled you will have the ability to pay it forward to anyone in your geo local. This feature will make paying it forward to a friend or complete stranger effortless.

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