He started to go to bed early.

I was just thinking of the same thing. I'm all for that.


They don't want a woman for that position.


Was he Gary?


They are still children.

Andy must have seen Adrian when he visited Boston.

Are they hiding?

Could you show me the way to the port?

I'm very happy here.


Give me something cold to drink.


I will not borrow money from those people.


Is she dead?

He is a young man passionate for good design, games, software, art and people.

It was not until recently that she changed her mind.


How did Sandra take it when you told him?

Gilles has an incurable disease.

I believe that this is not a good idea.

I've triumphed over that coward.

I like Chinese food a lot.

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He'll understand.


Charleen didn't care anymore what happened to Leora.


We'll see you there.

I'm getting tired of it.

Now, please leave me alone.


Hand me that book, please.

I thought Boston was supposed to be cold.

Jose said he was planning to get smashed tonight.


Major fell hard for Po.


I wish to resign from my work for purely personal reasons.

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I don't want to go to the bank.

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That looks like fun.


Half an eye is very useful actually, because an animal can see half of another animal, which wants to eat it, and can get out of the way, and it will eat the animal, which has only one-half eye or only 49% of an eye, because this to it will not be enough, and the animal, which was eaten up, will have no children, because it is dead.


There's only room for one.

I'm going to figure out who did this.

Ozan and Justin know the truth.

She asked me if I have a web cam.

That is what I have wanted to buy.


I heard it on the news today.


The situation became very dire.

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You will soon get accustomed to living here.

The problems of air and water pollution will be intensified by the growth of inhabitants.

We find diverse ethnic and economic interests here.


I wanted Mahmoud to see me in this suit.


You're taking a big gamble.

Is this your red pencil?

I wonder what it was like for Loukas.


Mr. and Mrs. Yamada will return to their homeland next month.

How did you find my house?

He fell in love with her at first sight.

We bought ourselves a 27 foot travel trailer.

Would you mind if I wait here?

Ladle the soup into everyone's bowl.

Joshua is the best friend I've ever had.

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I asked Julius what I should bring to the party.

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She choked her utterance with sobs.


Juan and Kemal are early.

Troy lives by himself.

Alastair went off by himself.

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Jitendra was complaining of back pain.


Your sister has a sense of beauty.


Her crying was just an act.

Getter Jaani is very sweet.

I don't know how else to put it.

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These tools are badly in need of repair.


Bob can cook.


I own a computer.


We're extremely happy.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was murdered.

Please don't make me do that again.

There's no success without perseverance.

Did you see the end of the movie?

Being silent is regarded in effect as approval.

I'm dying to move to a bigger house.


Bobby likes romantic comedies.

Shadow started walking across the room.

Why did the stock market crash?


Please read between the lines.

Sonja is often wrong.

Dominick botched the job.

I don't think you should see Ross anymore.

Fire is without mercy.


Sir can tell Kees isn't buying it.

Why didn't you just take it up with me?

I think you know what needs to be done.

I've lost interest in golf.

Mr Smith forgot to take his commuter ticket.


I am going to Europe next week.

I view his error as insignificant.

Lisa just couldn't say no to an offer that good.

My dad doesn't like soccer.

Please don't ask again. I won't tell you.


She can run a full marathon.


What is the total number of students?

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Here are two stamps.


Whoever comes is welcome.


I set some goals for myself.

That is undoubtedly a success.

When are we going to tell them?

U.S. researchers assembled carbon nanotubes to create the world's blackest substance, able to absorb over 99 percent of light that hits it.

Put him on. It's my son.

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His work was satisfactory.


Do your children speak French?

That's all I need to say.

There's no need for it.


He submits to authority.

I was born during the Showa era.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


Helen has been telling lies.

All I really want is to be left alone.

We tried to get them to tell us.

Lila is afraid that I'll get lost.

It's been a long time since we last spoke, hasn't it?

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Thanks to them, I got well at last.

Let's party like it's 1999.

Please spend a few minutes thinking about this.


I'll save him! I'll save my father!

Don't you think it's cool?

You're stepping into dangerous territory.

He was searching for something in the dark.

The people at SETI are looking for intelligent life in the universe because they haven't found it here on Earth!


They dance in circles to communicate a short distance, and shake their bodies and dart back and forth to indicate a longer distance.

Jorge can bake really good apple pies.

I am very sorry, but I must cancel our appointment for February 27.


How much time do you spend with Tim?


Their modest income doesn't allow for many luxuries.

Brenda gets mad very easily.

Chet can't make himself understood in French.

Would she like that?

We still don't know how long he's going to stay.

I'm meeting them next Monday.

Isn't there any way to predict how he'll act?

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Jean eats brown rice more often than white rice.


Urs told me he was hungry.

His head was gray.

I was late for school on account of an accident.


I learned how to swim when I was a kid.

He had his younger sister help him paint the wall of his room.

He had worked for the law firm for six years.


You don't give a shit, do you?

She telephoned to invite me to her house.

Commencement is typically the first or second Saturday in April.


It's our one hope.

I'm not sure I can believe that.

He will be coming back tomorrow.