Her glare creeps me out.

"Are you sure he's not up to something?" "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do, but we don't have enough reason to worry about this now."

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Sho and Rod just got married last year.


I met him after work.

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This site is quite useful.

Brenda fixed us a snack.

Can you believe it? We're in China!


My cat is suffering from the heat.

Ilya is an aggressive person.

It is a fine day and I feel like going fishing.

I found it there.

Brian took some roses.

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Today's technology is vastly superior to much of that portrayed in the science fiction of the past.

Klaudia owes everyone three dollars.

My favorite singer is Kylie Minogue.

Who's laughing now?

Jay drove a hard bargain.

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I'm fed up with this wet weather.

The streets are in full Christmas mode - it's almost Christmas Eve.

I want to thank them.


Jingbai told me he was planning to go to college in Boston.


I want to leave as soon as possible.

I am not afraid of dying.

How long does it take to get there by bus?


I have to make three monthly payments of three hundred dollars each.


Things keep getting better.


I think that I may not be able to make myself understood in French.


I hate people who do that kind of thing.

That's an understatement!

She is above praise.

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Mike could not keep up with his class.

I should've done something.

Joseph paused there for a second.


He knows the situation well enough.

When you spill wine, it's appropriate to wipe it with your elbow, isn't it?

Leung tried to say something, but Ellen interrupted him.


They saw something suspicious.


He proceeded in the face of danger.

You're the only one to survive the attack.

The apple is not green.

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Can I check in here?

I told Merton that I agreed with him.

Sandeep is going to stay at a friend's house for a few days.

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Huh, you've got the experience?! Don't get me started. I have underwear older than you.

That's an exact measurement.

We apologize.

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When I stood up, my head was swimming.

Bus ticket, handbag, and children's playground are examples of compound nouns.

What is hemoglobin?

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My father had already finished breakfast when I got up this morning.

My father won't let me go to Boston.

They drove off.

He ran away at the sight of me.

"I have a lot of cooking to do for the party." "I'll help."

Have you seen anything unusual lately?

There's been an attempt on Shyam's life.


He said, 'May God help us!'

I am connecting this computer to the Internet.

Why are you dressing the kids?

He emptied his glass.

I can understand her.


Please come to pick me up.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Let's try and get there on time.

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He seemed quite puzzled how to answer the question.


At any rate, I hope you can come.

She prepares wholesome meals for her family.

Martha is better than I was at his age.

A north wind blows, obviously off the icebergs.

You sent milk from your dairy.

As Izchak and Scot's one-year dating anniversary passed, Kay's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

Can you tell wolves from dogs?


Those houses are big.


The workers were proud of their work.


I'll tell Axel you said that.


You've been warned.

There's also a great deal of so called behind-the-scenes work.

Is this what scares them?

I asked Cory if I could look through his photo album.

This guy looks like a fox.


Is this book the one he always uses?

Betty walked away from the restaurant.

Vincenzo is a strong man.


He is a trailblazer in this field.


I won't let them go there.

English is an international language.

I thought you were already in bed.


Earnie has a lot of imagination.

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You cannot mix oil and water.

She made him furious.

Who are they cheering for?

This is so easy.

Don and Ernest are both good teachers.


My grandfather goes for a walk every day.

You should've phoned me.

I don't think there should be any problems.


Just what do you want me to find out?


Briggs may use my computer if he needs to.

Niels eats breakfast every morning.

If it had been important, I would've done it.

This sentence is so hard to say.

I just made a fresh pot of coffee.

Travis is from accounting.

Claude should be afraid.

In charity there is no excess.

We won the bronze medal.

My grandmother said "After rain follws sunshine." She was always optimistic.

I don't really understand footwear.

Earl bought his camera at this store about three months ago.

Max leaned toward Loren and whispered something.


If you see Steen, could you give this to him?


I don't have a friend with whom I can talk about this.

I thought I'd ask him for help.

She is now on vacation.

Bucky and Brent depended on one another.

I think this is a serious and reliable person.


Why not start now?


Brent is worried about your safety.

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I think that he's probably not a bad boy.

Helen pretended not to know where to go.

She picked me an apple.

Look up page 50 in the textbook.

Can you tell us about her?


Does truth begin in lies?


I tried writing with my left hand.

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It doesn't matter how old you get, you can learn.

She dreamed of becoming a nurse.

It didn't look that easy.

Will you please stick a 60-yen stamp on the envelope?

He can drive a car.

Radiation is a big concern.

When the pupil is ready to learn, a teacher will appear.

That worked.

Your dog bit me.

Francois wanted me to give you this envelope.

Let's give up on our plan to eat at that restaurant.

Stanislaw felt quite alone.

I'm truly sorry about what happened.

Warren won the bet.

Have you ever known them to come on time?

The man works in his office.

What does Slartibartfast need this for?

Cristi heard Nick just had a baby girl.

We believed that the news is true.

The plural of cactus is cacti.

General prosperity and satisfaction are the best deterrents to revolution.


Courtney persuaded Delbert to go back to Boston with him.

I got out of that house.

How did you kill the guards?


Jane swims better than Yumi.

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Try to escape.

I don't see any damage.

He's out of his mind with pain.