User Management (6/n)

Up to this point we’ve been avoiding best practices such as not using “administrator” for the AD where we should be using per-user credentials. Now since we are starting to set up services (M&M, soon CA, etc) that require logins it’s best to postpone this no more. Via RDP to the Active Directory Domain Controller … (714) 524-3045

LAB: Internet connectivity (3/n)

I had already started to deploy Windows 2016 server that I’m going to used for Active Directory. But working on a server that doesn’t have any internet can be somewhat counter productive, so let’s get the internet functionality up and working. I have a FirePower 2110 appliance, and I could manage it locally or through … (800) 394-0797


As I stated in a previous post, I’m getting a LAB environment up and running, and the next step is getting the basic equipment together and up and running and making sure I have connectivity access to it. Initial decisions: Domain to use for Active Directory: Deciding on IP address range to play with: … 331-201-1650

Building a LAB (1/n)

Having a LAB environment can be quite useful when you want to test our certain features or ideas, or simply for studying. The problem is that it can be time consuming getting the environment up and running before you start doing what you intended in the first place. For example, I just got a hold … (819) 726-0275

Cisco Live 2018

Cisco Live 2018 US is in two weeks time. This year it looks like we’ll have a record breaking number of people from Iceland, or about 30 individuals, me being one of those 30. As much as I’m looking forward to Cisco Live, I hope the flights wont be delayed due to the subtropical storm, … (989) 234-2412

Lack of content not an issue

It’s not that I haven’t had enough content to write about, it’s just sometimes not as easy as it sounds to write about the projects I’m working on without making it obvious (within my local community) who the customer is. And I surely cannot reproduce all the relevant screenshots that I would want to without … (312) 506-8761