TOKYO DISNEY SEA -nging in the Rain! 🧜‍♀️| Theri Ppoi’s Japan Adventures

Let me show you around Disney Sea, which is Tokyo Disney Resort’s second theme park next to Disneyland. As luck would have it, it was one of the two rainy days that we witnessed during our Japan travels. But don’t underestimated the magic of Disney: We still had an amazing time and I am fondly looking back to this day!

I am truly, truly happy to have filmed during that day and hope that you will enjoy it too! 🧜‍♀️

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Customizing SMART DOLL MELODY 🎵 How to CHANGE Smart Doll EYES and WIGS

Would you like to see some different sides of Smart Doll Melody? In this video I am not just letting her model the wigs I bought at Mirai Store, but I also finally learn how to change Smart Doll eyes! 🎵

What is your favourite look?

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My Thoughts On: Pullip Funassyi Classical Lolita Version for May 2019 | Japan Exclusive

(913) 717-7715(579) 372-4678I honestly have no idea, where to start. So just let me say that there is nothing, absolutely nothing about this Pullip that I don’t like! Even though I am normally super quick to jump on any kind of bandwagon that revolves around Japanese characters or mascots, yellow pear and Chiba’s representative mascot Funassyi never really tickled my fancy so much that I was okay with forking over some Yen – until now! Imagine my sorrow, when my dreams were a little crushed, when I read that this Pullip is only being promoted as a Japan exclusive release. (Although we must not forget that 2016’s Japan exclusive ‘Le Petit Prince‘ collaboration with Alice & The Pirates also found their way into international online shops…there is still hope and I am not ready to give up just yet!) Continue reading My Thoughts On: Pullip Funassyi Classical Lolita Version for May 2019 | Japan Exclusive


A little nine-tailed fox has come to greet you all and to celebrate a new year of pretty doll releases! Her name is Kumiho and she is way sweeter than I imagined her to be. Let me show you all of her amazing details and maybe she will enchant you too! 🦊

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Join me on my latest visit to Tokyo Disneyland last December, which was the first time that I ‘dared’ to vlog our adventures. I was a bit scared, if my endeavour turned out too shaky, but in the end, it’s the fun at Disney that counts! 😊

Please stay tuned for my Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studio Japan vlogs! 💖

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My Thoughts On: Special Yokohama Doll Museum Hatsune Miku Pullip

8174457217A few weeks ago I was lucky to be able to visit the new Hatsune Miku figure exhibition in Yokohama’s Doll Museum on its opening day. To celebrate the occasion, Groove Inc. was displaying their newest interpretation of the Vocaloid icon, which will go on sale this month. As of now, we do not know, whether she will become a regular release later on, but apparently the museum will only have 250 dolls for sale. file setter


After winning this year’s Pullip Custom Contest, which was held in Yokohama’s Doll Museum, Japanese artist Feb La Campanura’s beautiful Pullip is finally here! She is a floral dream and everything that I had hoped for – no; so much more! 💐

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We went to Mirai Store in Tokyo at the beginning of December and it was such a dream come true to be able to see all of those beautiful Smart Doll girls and boys in person! Aaand then we met Danny Choo! 🙈 It was such a great day and I also shopped quite a bit for my sweet girl Mei, who was patiently waiting for me at home! 💖

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🎄 Doll Outfits, Early Presents & A BIG THANK YOU!

I want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and hope that you are all going to have lovely holidays with everything that your heart desires! 💖 To celebrate, I have filmed this video to show you, how my dolls are spending the festive season…and I was a bit naughty and opened two very special presents beforehand! 😊

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Edit: I did not find my ICOCA, but I discovered that I can use my SUICA also in Osaka and their website states that it also works as IC card in Sendai and Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokai, West Japan and Kyushu.

Follow me on some recent adventures to the zoo and lots of Christmas markets – it was my first time filming out in public, but it was surprisingly so much fun and absolutely worth it. I am not worrying about vlogging in Japan anymore! And speaking of Japan: I am showing you some essentials that I am always bringing on long haul flights and many products are only sold in Japan as well! I am so excited! 🙈

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