We won't have to work very hard.

Did I pass the test?

Do you think I look like my brother?

You ought to have seen the exhibition.

Why don't you take off your hat?

I had to help them.

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The accent of the word is on the second syllable.


I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and a chasing after wind.


The grandparents are sitting in the room and they are watching their favourite TV series.

Should I write that down?

I got tired of lying in bed all day.


What does Oskar do now?

Carter was accused of practicing medicine without a license.

Are you a huge fan of trains?


Gerald has plenty of options.


What hours is the shopping center open?

Isn't that interesting?

He neither spoke nor wept, but went out in silence.


He acts like a tough guy.

I think it's time to start getting ready.

May I leave my belongings on the bus?


You are not going to eat this apple, it is rotten!

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Cecilia is able to swim well.

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Sanche is having a party this Friday.


It turned out that the cards were stacked against her from the beginning of the game.


I'm not your enemy, Monica.

It bothers me, too.

I'm not asking them to forgive me.


Keep focused on your work.

It's pretty obvious that she loves him.

Do you want to hang out at my place?

I'm a fan of conservatism.

I strongly advise against it.

It'll snow tomorrow.

The Romans left their mark in Britain.

The bank stays open from eight until two.

I was with her all day.

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I was talking about her.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Our policy is to build for the future, not the past.


It was obvious that Jwahar wanted to kiss me.

Usually, inheritance laws are complex.

I'm counting on you to be here on time.

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Novo's drink is stronger than yours or mine.

Who's the loser?

He had a tuberculin test.


Taurus knows something's up.

I saw him playing cards with all of them.

Do you know what you need to do?

In this store they speak in Esperanto.

Everything's going to be OK.

There is gold in green forests.

It's really serious.


These are Tao's.

If I visit Nara again, I will have visited it four times.

I followed my mother's example.


That sounded like her.


Who broke the mug?

Did you buy this for them?

He belongs to the brass band.

Do you remember the day when you and I first met?

You're not helping much.


I stopped at the supermarket on my way home.

I warned you once, but you didn't listen.

This is really ridiculous.

No medicine can cure folly.

Nancy has been on good terms with my sister for more than five years.

The diving competition is one of Dennis's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.

Is it summer yet?

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This problem isn't going away.

We do all kinds of repairs.

Education is the agent of progress.

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Suresh quietly entered the room.

Soon the sound died away.

Rod was very nice.

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No one lived on the island at that time.


I'm sure you can understand.


Could you hear what was being said?

They're gorgeous.

Did you watch the movie?

Stop worrying about that and focus on your work.

The famous golfer just published a book called "Perfecting your swing."

The government issued the following statement.

There's a lot of crazies in the library.

That book is easy.

I'm not bitter at all.

I was still eating when the doorbell rang.

I'm running a little behind schedule.

Please, I ask that you stay calm.

Where were you 3 years ago?

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He departed for Australia.

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We have another decision to make.

Do you know much about Boston?

The squirrel chewed through the power cable.

She does this every single time.

She started writing novels.


I've already told everyone that I'm moving to Boston.


My mother got injured, I need to be her carer.

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If you need anything, ask the chambermaid.

I would therefore like to draw attention to the Report of the Committee on Invisible Members of Parliament.

We should have phoned ahead and reserved a table.

I'm often mistaken for my brother.

Without your help, we wouldn't have finished in time.


Does your coat have a collar?


I think we can get a lot better.

I think Saumya is doing his best.

Everyone says that Kate is a genius and will have a successful future.

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Her ability to write with her foot is amazing.

What is my purpose?

The bus now arriving is going to Domestic Terminal 1. Passengers for the International Terminal, please wait. The shuttle bus to the International Terminal also leaves from this stop.

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Randell misled me.

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I'd like to talk to you for a minute.

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That's what's worrying me.

Hilda is very sorry.

In 1900, he left England, and he never returned.


I've learned a lot of French by watching French movies.

Jerome and Pilar are watching TV.

Why don't we explain it to the jury?

You're not the only one who doesn't like Susan.

I'll come back tomorrow if I can.


I speak a little Polish, just enough to make myself understood.

Do not disturb, I'm studying languages!

A bunch of people were standing outside waiting.


I have never been to Paris.

Anthony is next in line.

My son took an early interest in politics.


An argument broke out on the floor of the convention hall and in no time fists were flying.

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That's a huge organ.

When Ariel saw me, he ran away.

I have a mission to accomplish.

How many homers has Loren hit?

The sofa is comfortable.

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My father's room is very big.


I hope my Spanish improves quickly.

I'm waiting for your answer.

They like snow.


Marcos and Sundaresan almost always play tennis after school.


He is absorbed in scientific work.

I'll be glad to do that.

A sane mind is in a sound body.


Lois was well aware of Jun's domestic problems.

Use bullet points.

I have some coupons I got last week.

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Kory is not dumb.

I didn't give up for lack of hope.

Suyog stabbed Mott in the neck with his ballpoint pen.


I've tried to contact them.

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She knows my wife.


There was a meter of snow after the storm yesterday.