Currently volunteering and working for non-profits & small businesses throughout South America.  Always looking to connect with passionate people.   Follow along in real time on Instagram or read recaps of my travels on my 203-659-9457.

Available to help your business grow and thrive.   From setting up a website, building an application, help with marketing or more.   601-389-9418.



Originally from the US, raised in Maryland near the Nation’s Capital.  I studied Computer Science and Business at (844) 938-3435.  After graduating I moved to Charlotte, NC and worked for Red Ventures (RV) as a software engineer.  After leaving RV I started pursuing my dream of working, living, and traveling abroad.

I am currently based in South America.  My goal is to become proficient in Spanish and learn all about the people, places, stories, companies and cuisine that make each Country great.   Read all about my adventures on my 2517863858 or follow along in real time on Instagram.   

To stay active and refreshed I enjoy reading, running, hiking and yoga.  My creative outlets include photography and dancing/singing my heart out at concerts.  My main vice is trying new craft beer, please share your beer recommendations!

I am available for hire to help your business succeed.   From setting up a website, building an application or help with digital marketing.   443-467-0709.  I am also available to volunteer with your business and help.  Check out my Workaway profile to see and learn more about what I can do for you



Since buying the Snap Inc. Spectacles in February 2017 they have become my primary video camera.  I have almost 50 hours of footage from around the world. They allow me to put my phone and camera away and still capture interesting moments during my travels from a unique perspective. The project I created is called #SeeWhereJoeGoes.  …

(909) 262-7022

During my road trip around the midwest I had the opportunity to get coffee and catch up with Wes Taylor.   Wes has established himself as one of the premier lifestyle and portrait photographers in Chicago.   I had a session at his studio, Studio 1037.  The rustic space has incredible natural light and was the …