Since, the Inception of technology and big tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google etc.

The word overtime is seen as a mandatory trait in a Resume, it is the prerequisite attribute that is required for a potential employee by his employer. In this more than an ever-competitive world, people are more concerned towards the materialistic things (money, car, big house), and ready to compromise their mental health and equanimity for all these things.

Over time the word in itself has become so ingrained in the mind of the working class that the bourgeoisie are now automatically trained to work overtime without any loath, and easily capitulate on their own accord. The work culture has become so venomous, that one out of every two employees in corporate India shows signs of anxiety and depression and are in dire need of assistance.

People are neglecting their health of their family and continuously working overtime for reasons which are surreal.

I had to face a similar circumstance in my short-lived corporate career, being a rogue and not ingrained with the mindset of overtime oblivious to the working culture of today’s corporate, I went for a job interview to another well-established organization. After strenuous hours of deliberating and grilling me, they finally gave me an offer, but my happiness lasted for a couple of seconds, the next sentence which my manager spoke was something like


“As you are new to this and we have deliverable we would expect you to work from 9 am -9 pm on all days(including weekends) till the time the project is not delivered”.


And, yes it was without any extra pay or any perks.

Initially, I was taken aback to hear such a statement, as I  was working for past 3 years in IT industry, I was used to working long hours and on weekends, but this was something unprecedented which I was hearing and my initial reaction was No way; Never.

But, somehow my mind stopped me from saying this as I needed that job to earn a living I somehow managed to take the weekends off but agreed to work 12 hours on weekdays and that was the worst decision I took in my entire life and will lament that for rest of my life.


As I have been there done that, I think I am a right person to answer,

7 Reasons why you should never work overtime!!