Not to brag, but I have a pretty high IQ.

My father's hair has grown white.

He is very sensitive to cold.

Parents must provide their children with proper food and clothing.

I've been calling all day.

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I gave orders I was to be left alone.

Oh, there you go. See? It happened exactly like I said it would. Now go call the ambulance.

Kees put the pliers back into the toolbox.

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It's drizzling out in the garden.

We scarcely had time for lunch.

Ami didn't blame me.


He's kinda cute.

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To the bird, the dog exists.


She followed me into the kitchen and picked up a knife.

I have a girlfriend back home.

They used to live in luxury.


I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

The only difference between children and men is the price of their toys.

Does Mick know any of this?

Humans are strange animals.

Eliot hasn't yet told us what he wants.

This is the surest way to succeed.

I called you here to help me.

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Don't you ever want to go.

This isn't about her, is it?

This soil is moist.


I just made three grand.

Ravindran is the only man in the world that can pull this off.

This is actually quite good.

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If she had told me the truth, I wouldn't be angry.

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The children were gathering around.

Laurel is my grandfather.

The rain is drumming on the window.

He reared three children by himself.

Wayne sat down in front of his computer.


This program is broadcast every other week.


He is suffering from toothache.

We can understand everything you're saying.

We often eat lunch together.


He's proud of his math skills.

Hi, friend!

He made a clean break with them.

We'll do what we have to do.

Is that singer popular among your friends?

How did you know I was with Laurel?

Did you get it?

We have a very small, plain house.

Don't you hate everything?

The court condemned the man to death by lethal injection.

She wears beautiful clothes.

He has too much pride.

Talk of the wolf and behold his skin.


I hardly ever need help.


I have to ask you about Knute.

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The beauty of the lake is beyond description.

What do you intend to do?

He who acts well needs not to fear.

So quick!

To ensure effective engine protection and lubrication under all service conditions only use the best motor oil.

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Is it wrong to swim with dolphins?

Krzysztof worked so hard for that money.

The relationship between Claude and Adlai seems to me to be the most suspicious.

Sit down with me.

Bryce heard someone in the hallway.

"I don't know," admitted Spudboy.

What a miser you are!


Lievaart did his schoolwork at the kitchen table.


It took her more than three months to read through the magazine.

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Rayan can run fast.

I think that your mother has brought you up in a very conservative manner.

Why would Tigger want me to help?


So they were married, and lived happily for many years, and reigned wisely over their kingdom.


Rod can sing better than anybody else I know.


Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.

Put all the boxes in their place.

I didn't realize you were awake.

I didn't try to kill them.

They want to hurt me.

If you look hard enough, you'll find what you're looking for.

Stand upright when I'm talking to you.


Ramiro isn't too happy about it.

They'd like to be healthy.

Pears are canned in this factory.

Tell them that I'm sorry.

There's nobody else in the room.


Stacy's nerves caused her to mess up her job interview.

Tareq told Elsa that he was the captain of the wrestling team.

I'm taking my son to the zoo this afternoon.

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The coffee is bitter.

I'm going back to school.

She looks young. But actually, she's over forty.


He went abroad for the purpose of studying English.

My major is medieval European history.

When will I see you again?

Give it back!

We'll eat lunch after we get home.


I had completely forgotten.

She tried to look much younger than she actually was.

I forgot to tell Shawn what time to meet us.


Isabelle enjoys playing computer games.

Did you charge the battery of your mobile phone?

Can you really do that?


Out of a sense of justice, I said to the leader of the biker gang: "What you are doing is a crime! Be ashamed of yourselves!".

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Old told Bernard that he wasn't hungry.


I have a kidney condition.

I saw him on TV.

Didn't you know that he passed away two years ago?

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I can't go out either today or tomorrow. It's just that I'm really swamped with work. I have priorities to attend to first.

Bangladesh is an Asian country.

Does Stan think that I should go talk to Juliet?

I like your personality.

You're a fool.


What's your favorite snack?

You'll be expelled from school.

The driver violated the traffic rules; as a result, he was fined.

I don't want to hear any of your lies.

I made a statement.

A stream flows into the lake.

The captain gave the order to abandon the ship.

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I can't do all of this by myself.


Lanny can't keep his hands to himself.

His long nose became at least two inches longer.

I think we'll make it if we hurry.

Hillary needs you.

A small forest fire can easily spread and quickly become a great conflagration.

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I do what everybody else does.


Brandi and Jane are screaming.

I was disappointed that you didn't call.

I didn't know you liked Willie.

Kathleen is always extremely careful.

I remember this map.


Tell him I'm not here.


No one called my attention to it.

The question is who is he.

My hair is too long.

His research ranks with the best of the kind.

Dustin cried for help.

People carried their own weight then.

Look into the matter more carefully.

Fritz forgot to sign the check.

Kyle's full of his own self-importance.


Hui always wears his new shoes at home first to break them in.

I wish I hadn't believed Vicky.

Himawan doesn't have to thank me.

It is not my intent to hurt you in any way.

I plan to stay here for three days.

The horses are coming down the track and it's neck and neck.

I didn't realize you didn't understand French.


For many women, breast cancer is a matter of life and death.

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Our teacher reminded us not to forget our homework.

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He makes fun of everybody.

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He looked at her over his glasses.

I'm aware of the problem you're referring to.

We're very flexible.