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In light of recent discussions about security and data information, what does it mean to “hack” from a hacker’s point of view? How do ethics play into employment decisions and software writing? This documentary aims to answer the question, “What is hacking?” Filmmakers interview hackers in hotbed San Francisco and at two of the most popular hacker events in the world, the Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin and DEF CON in Las Vegas, where hackers congregate, spread ideas, and contribute to ambitious and potentially world-changing software and projects.

The Filmmakers
  • James Addison is a software engineer and hacker from Edinburgh, UK. He has visited a number of hackerspaces worldwide, and is interested in documenting and showcasing hackerspaces and their communities for a general audience based on his experience.
  • Starting out as a freelance photographer in 2007, Mido Lee began to collaborate with other creatives to provide services which include animation, video production, and graphic design.

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