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The Rosenblum Law is the largest and highest customer-rated traffic violations law firm in both NY & NJ. With an overall success rate of well over 90%, our firm has helped thousands of clients get excellent results. Our attorneys pride themselves on working relentlessly to reach best possible outcome.

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    Benefits of Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

  • Save Money - Reduction or Your Money Back

    We offer a Money Back Guarantee—if we don’t get your points reduced we will refund 100% of our attorney’s fee (does not apply to cases in the Traffic Violations Bureaus of New York City).

  • Protect Your Driver’s License

    Moving violations like speeding can lead to points on your driver’s license which can increase your auto insurance rates for years. By reducing or eliminating your points, we can save you thousands in the long run.

  • Save Time - Avoid a Trip to Court

    In most cases our attorneys can appear on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle of going to court. You don’t have to miss a day of work or school and we’ll let you know when the case is resolved.

Fenton ess
Fenton ess
18:24 16 Jan 19
Honestly I have no Idea how these guys do it. I went from 4 point ticket speeding in a school zone, which I assume would be a double point double fine type of situation, to a NO POINT NO FINE parking ticket... I am in complete shock, and I am extremely happy that I chose Rosenblum Law Firm to represent me.read more
Shoshana Jacobs
(717) 209-1233
21:58 15 Jan 19
I got a speeding ticket and four points on my license. Rosenblum Law Firm was able to reduce it to zero points (and pay a small fee instead)! My lawyer helped me throughout the process. I would not have had such a good outcome without their help. Thank you!read more
Michael Emery
(903) 669-2633
18:18 04 Jan 19
I had two tickets and was staring at 8 points on my license. By the time they were done it was 0 points. Worth every penny. Also they are very responsive and polite.read more
Purmeshwar Bisnauth
(503) 576-6553
16:03 04 Jan 19
I can’t express how thankful I am that I came across you guys by accident on Google. After reading a couple of reviews, I had some hopes that you guys would exceed my expectations. I’ve never had a speeding ticket until I moved away from NY and I started to visit my family once a month. I decided to take a chance on a local lawyer new to the field and I was so disappointed. I wish I had came across you guys way earlier then I probably wouldn’t have had any speeding tickets to begin with. After getting my second speeding ticket, I knew I needed a better lawyer this time because I wasn’t willing to take any chances again. I was being tailgated by a driver from NJ so I decided to speed up and get into the right lane thinking the driver will no longer tail gate me but I was wrong. After getting into the right lane and still tailgating me, I decided to speed up and so did the driver from NJ.Needless to say, he took the next exit and before I even got to tap on my brakes I saw the cop around the corner. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain but instead gave me the nice fat ticket. I’m glad I found the Rosenblum Law Firm and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. I will definetly use you guys again (god forbid I don’t need to again) in the future. I’ve already recommended you guys to a friend and I will probably continue to do so to. I can’t thank you guys enough cause now I can have peace of mind and that ticket was a big headache. You guys are definetly worth the money and I think the price is more than reasonable!read more
Rohan Kapoor
(877) 513-7816
17:02 02 Jan 19
Very efficient handling of my case. Quick turnaround and smooth communication. Would recommend.
Yazn Ghaliah
Yazn Ghaliah
16:08 10 Dec 18
I got a ticket going 20 over I-95 Rosenblum Lawfirm was able to reduce that 4 point ticket to a 0 point ticket. Got a second ticket same highway they are also handling that one as well I’m very optimistic that they’ll get me the best plea deal. Price is worth it to keep your record and license clean. All lawyers and representatives are very friendly and informative. Highly recommended.read more
Charles-Erik RLF
Charles-Erik RLF
16:10 07 Dec 18
Phenomenal outcome. Phenomenal Service. I live in Montreal, Quebec, and while crossing the border into Canada from NY, a state trooper handed me 3 tickets for operating without a license, operating without valid registration, and operating without insurance (a misdemeanour). Needless to say I was extremely frustrated and worried about this situation, and felt I had a case to fight for in court. I came across Rosenblum Law Firm, and seriously, I am extraordinarily fortunate to have hired them to handle this case. They managed to get the court to dismiss all but one charge (for operating out of class), which carries no points and a max fine of $300. While the entire team did an amazing job, Adriana specifically needs a shoutout from my end, and while I'm not the kind of person to take to the internet to write reviews, the work absolutely requires some validation on my part. Do not hesitate. Do not worry. Call them, ask questions, they will get you answers. I honestly believe they will solve your problem. Thank you to everyone at Rosenblum Law.read more
Ephraim Heimfeld
(248) 389-0352
15:53 09 Nov 18
Very happy with the service. I just sent them my ticket and paid the retaining fee, and they managed to get a not guilty verdict. As the date of my hearing was approaching, and I was getting anxious, they always answered my e-mails and calmed me downThanks you very much!!!read more
16:50 02 Nov 18
This law firm does a great job and helps you through the whole process. Everything is handled professionally and carefully. I am very happy I chose them and highly recommend them to anyone else.read more
Anthony Vann
Anthony Vann
07:32 27 Oct 18
I placed a call to Rosenblum Law Firm because I was in need of Representation for a Ticket I received in the New York area and not only did they Beat my case in a fast timely Manner they emailed me and called me after they got the case thrown out to tell me the good news. Adrianna & Asia are the greatest reps as I asked them every question In the book lol and they had all the answers. Thanksread more
Nata Mushy
14:15 25 Oct 18
Great law firm that got my case completely dismissed in just one appearance. Very informative and helpful. Highly recommend.read more
Jae' Mack
Jae' Mack
20:18 11 Oct 18
I hired Rosenblum firm for my daughter after she recieved a speeding ticket in Greenburg NY. This firm was not only EXPEDITIOUS calling me back after I completed an online inquiry, the retainer was EXTREMELY reasonable, everyone associated within the firm is AMAZING. Moreover, daughter received 0 POINTS... NY is so different from NJ, but because the Rosenblum Firm also practices in NJ, they understood the importance of preserving my daughters new NJ probationary license requirements. THANK YOU ROSENBLUM FIRM...... You all are PHENOMENAL!!!read more
Barbara Catallo
Barbara Catallo
18:56 09 Oct 18
Thank you Adam for taking the time to talk to me on the phone so promptly and honestly. I received a traffic violation in Canandaigua, NY and have traffic court tomorrow. I emailed this firm with a question of whether or not to get a lawyer. I received a very prompt telephone call from Alan Rosenblum. He was caring, concerned and genuinely interested in what I had to say. Thank you for the complimentary advice. I highly recommend them and will call on them again if needed.read more
Shlomo Deutsch
Shlomo Deutsch
19:28 28 Sep 18
Dealing with the Rosenblum Law Firm has been a very pleasant experience. I was facing a 6 point speeding ticket, and they were able to get it dropped to a 0 point violation! Highly recommended!!read more
Mrudul Patel
Mrudul Patel
19:11 27 Sep 18
Attorney from Rosenblum Law, helped me with my speeding ticket on I-495 in NY while being a NJ resident. Would've gotten 6 points in NY and 2 points in NJ if it wasn't for the firm! It took less than a week to get the issue resolved and I didn't even have to appear in court! Definitely recommend this law firm for any moving violation in NJ or NY.read more
Arlene Wakefield VanHanswyk
Arlene Wakefield VanHanswyk
14:08 19 Aug 18
Rosenblum Law Firm provided absolute professional representation with my traffic ticket in NYC Traffic Court. I was given a ticket while moving on a green light making a turn only to be pulled over for , not proceeding with caution in a pedestrian walkway, no one ever stops walking across the street in these situations. They handled this clearly with the court.read more
Hasan Karim
Hasan Karim
20:28 31 Jul 18
I was facing three equipment violations (tinted windows) and a 4 point speeding ticket. Needless to say i was stressed out about it after i received the ticket. I inquired with Rosenblum Law Firm and did not delay in retaining them. I did not feel comfortable going to court without representation, i hear these officers go to court and they just read what they did to the judge while he nods in agreement, and then the judge says you're guilty. Well at this point, why NOT retain a traffic lawyer, and that was a good decision because my charges were all dismissed, No Points, No Fine! Thank you Rosenblum Law Firm for representing me;!read more
renaldo lewis
renaldo lewis
16:38 16 Jul 18
What better firm to trust your sort comings for traffic tickets with that Rosenblum Law Firm. The process was easy and from the very first day after speaking with a team member you already get the feelings you won the case and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. HIGHLY Recommended!read more
G Reyes
G Reyes
23:17 20 Jun 18
My son received 3 traffic tickets so we contracted the Rosenblum Law Firm. First, was dismissed, 0 pts, 0 fines. Although, second was not dismissed and had to pay a fine; at least pts did get reduced. Third one, we're still awaiting the outcome and know the Rosenblum team will do their best to get it dismissed. I definitely recommend them and will always keep their number handy.read more
Leo Ransky
(561) 588-1528
16:55 25 Apr 18
I received 6 tickets at once and was completely overwhelmed! I was referred to the Rosenblum law firm by 2 different friends. Once I contacted them I was put completely at ease. They were very professional and accommodating. And best of all they got my tickets reduced to zero point! And they were very reasonably priced! All in all a great experienceread more
Judith Klemperer
Judith Klemperer
22:05 13 Apr 18
I received a ticket last April for talking on my cell phone. (5 points!). I sent it in to Rosenblum along with their fee. They told me my court date was set for April 3018. Just yesterday I received an email from Rosenblum saying my case was dismissed and there is no fine. Oils I ask for anything more? I was most satisfied with and most appreciative of whatever they did.read more
ritchie nepomuceno
18:46 13 Apr 18
I was pulled over for speeding on the Manhattan Bridge, Chinatown bound. I honestly couldn't confirm nor deny the ticket. All I know, is that the consequences of just pleading guilty will bear a significant financial burden on me, both immediately and down the road; with points and surcharges. I was skeptical at first, for I've never had any experience with hiring a representation for any court matter. I thought to myself, I know what's the worst that could happen...but what about the best case scenario? The upside is far greater, for me not to take a shot. That's when I turned to Rosenblum Law Firm. From the moment we were in contact, I knew I made a good choice. They were very professional in the sense that, they never made any promises. Each case outcome is different, so how could they? The only resource I had available were the countless positive reviews and testimonies from past clients. But that's only second to the fact that they have the number of years and experience to go along with these reviews. Needless to say, I brought them on board, and just let them do what they do best. Yesterday, I received the outcome of my case. I'm very happy to say that all violations were dismissed, and I received 0 points and $0 in fines. Now, I cannot tell you what to do, because that decision is entirely up to you. All I can say is, if you're on the fence whether to hire them or not, I would say go ahead and do so. Sometimes, we just have to let the professionals and experienced, do what they do best.read more
Matt Keene
17:31 11 Apr 18
Incredible customer service. Went above and beyond to give me the information I needed to make the best choice, and guided me with care and professionalism. Would say I'd use them again but hopefully I don't need to fight a ticket ever again :P (knock on wood!)read more
Riza Balliu
Riza Balliu
13:40 05 Mar 18
I honestly would recommend the Rosenblum Law Firm! My experience was great: After a red light and accident ticket, I choose the Rosenblum Law Firm to represent me in defense, and I'm very pleased with the outcome, the ticket was completely dismissed. I found a polite and professional staff that were great at listening and keeping me informed as to the status. They saved me time, money, points.Thank you Mr. Adam and all your staff members that contacted me!read more
Basem Salem
Basem Salem
18:50 01 Mar 18
Great people! The staff is very courteous and professional. I spoke with one of their lawyers shortly after I got a ticket for using my mobile in NYC. The lady with whom I spoke was a good listener; she let me explain to her what led to my getting the ticket, and my concerns about my driving record. She advised me about the seriousness of the violation and all possible outcomes. Finally, my ticket was dismissed, and I didn't need to appear in court. Except for that one phone call, I handled all of the attorney's requirements online- required documents and office fee. My advice to anyone who seeks their services is do everything exactly as they say and BE PATIENT! Thank you so much! You brightened my day.read more
Harinarayanan Ramachandran
19:12 27 Feb 18
I had a NY speeding ticket which could have brought in 4-6 points, and I live in NJ... They represented me, and I never had to face any court appearance, they cleared all my six points, and I only had to take an online defensive course test.. They had also given point reduction guarantee right at the outset failing which they would return my money back... Awesome and professional service... they thrilled me when all points were dismissed..read more
Johnny Hon
01:04 08 Feb 18
I want to personally thank The Rosenblum Law Firm for taking my case with a speeding ticket I recieved in Staten Island. I am not sure if you have read online; but that is one of the hardest location's to fight against in New York. The team was very thorough on the procedures on how they would go when fighting cases like these. They worked very hard for my case and I received the happy news that my case was resolved! No points and no fine was required from me!! Now I cannot guarantee your situation will go as well as mine; but I can guarantee The Rosenblum Law Firm will try their hardest for you. Again thank you very much!!!read more
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Thinking about pleading guilty to your ticket?

If you received a New York speeding ticket, cell phone ticket, or other traffic ticket we have some bad news for you. Pleading guilty to, or being convicted of a driving-related offense can lead to: points on your New York license, suspension of your New York driving privileges (regardless of where you live), significant fines, surcharges, and even jail time. For example, a speed of just 21mph over the limit could lead to a fine and surcharge totaling $693 – that’s nearly $700 (!) not to mention that it could cost you thousands of dollars in auto insurance increases over time.

The good news is – we can help. Sit back and relax while we work hard to fight your traffic ticket to get those points and fines reduced or dismissed so your auto insurance doesn’t skyrocket. We are here to fight for you. As the highest customer-rated traffic violations law firm in the entire state, we have a proven track record of thousands of satisfied clients.

Need a free consult right now? Call us at 706-408-0202.

Did you know that in most cases, if you hire us you won’t need to show up in court? Avoid the hassle of appearing in traffic court and missing work or other important events in your life by hiring a skilled and experienced traffic ticket lawyer. Our clients value not only our top-notch service but also the fact that we achieve results. We have helped thousands of individuals just like you fight their 7164477285 and 504-432-7968. Even if you have a suspended license, we may be able to get your driving privileges reinstated and your freedom to drive restored.

In most New York courts, negotiation or “plea bargaining” is permitted – that’s why it is of critical importance to have a skilled negotiator on your side.  There’s going to be a well-trained prosecutor sitting on the opposite side of the table, and who better to go up against him than one of our experienced attorneys?

On the other hand, in New York City the 3102743514 (“TVB”) does not permit negotiations. There’s simply no way to offer the court a plea of guilty and payment of a fine in exchange for lowering the points.  The only way to get rid of the points in the TVB is to win the case at trial.  The court system is not user-friendly and traffic trials move by so rapidly that in the blink of an eye, they’re done. A successful trial lawyer has a good mix of legal knowledge and skill – the ability to “think on his feet” – to ask the right questions at the right time. The trial attorneys at The Rosenblum Law Firm have handled not hundreds but thousands of traffic ticket trials and deliver the best quality legal representation that money can buy.

Contact us today for a free consultation that will be both insightful and informative.