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Life In Ohio
Thanks to my Mom,
Dad, and Eric.
Rex's Vacation pictures

2003 2004 regulationist
Image from yard photographer John G.

The Cicada's came and went.
Cicada Gallery

Juvenile Praying Mantis
Juvenile Praying Mantis
Waits for dinner.

July 4th, 2005
Fireworks Dayton Ohio

Summer Is Going Fast!
The Dragons are Back!

Gabby In the yard.
Gabby Altick


Praying Mantis Gets
Juvenile Praying Mantis
some new skin.

In Memory of Gussie Altick
Gussie Altick
he was a loyal and good friend
he died in 2005
Some favorite pics
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Ohio Valley Radar Loop

Dayton Radar
  Happy Meal
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