Our Service

Web Design And Developement

We develope Static, Dynamic, E-Commerce and Enterprise web applications. We also provide Content Management Services and Digital Marketing. We employ latest technologies and strategies to make sure that our web applications make an impact over the market and exceed our client’s expectations.

Mobile Application Developemnt

We develope Native, Hybrid and Progressive web applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Our expert team strives to develope every application uniquely and in a customized fashion. This ensures the optimal performance, wide compatibility and user-friendly experience of the application.

Cloud Service and Solutions

We bring the benefits of Cloud Computing including flexibility, mobility, speed and much more to your hands. We provide End-to-End Cloud Infrastructure Management as per the need of businesses in order to improve the ease of management and cost efficiency. The incorporation of the Cloud Technology allows the businesses to scale up swiftly and minimize the capital expenses.

Digital Markeing

Engaging the customers on Digital Platforms and establishing deeper bonds with them directly translates into the growth of the Business. We help you to grow your business by providing Digital Marketing in various domains such as SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and Content Writing.

IoT Application Developement

We develope Scalable, Secure and Affordable IoT applications with backend and API Developement. Our best IoT solutions helps you to transform your device into smart devices.

Technical Support

We are available 24/7 at the service of our dear clients. We provide quick and reliable support. We aim at speedy resolution of the queries with no hassle.

About Us

Passogen Technologies is an IT company run by passionate engineers. In this information age, we have embarked on a quest to make an impact on the industry with our quality services and solutions. With our team of versatile developers and a robust technology stack, we are able to espouse the mantra of customer satisfaction.

The emerging technologies of the digital world hold the potential to transform and transcend the businesses towards new heights. We at Passogen Technologies possess the prowess and vision to do so. We thrive to deliver sustainable solutions that make a difference in the world.


Why Us


We at Passogen Technologies represent a generation, which is passionate about Innovation, Exploration and Experimentation at the frontier of the Technology. This passion bleeds through our fingers and into our work.


The work of an intrinsically motivated individual is inherently dignified. Since the beginning, we have amassed the developers for whom programming is not a mere talent but a passion.


We work with zest to serve our clients. When they prosper, we prosper. Essentially, we live by the motto: Client satisfaction is our ultimate wealth.

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