1 on 1 coaching

All sessions are conducted one on one between you and your coach, to ensure personalised learning experience

Top Ranked Coaches

Our coaches are all top ranked players in their respective games, having been active player and coach for many years

Progress Tracking

We track your progress from session to session, to evaluate your strong and weak areas and the best way to improve

Select Coach

Our roster is made up of coaches with unique and complementing skill sets that allows us to cater for each of your needs

Schedule Session

Once you have booked a coach, select a time for the session that is perfect for both you and the coach

1-1 coaching

1 on 1 personalized coaching lesson, which includes playing together, replay analysis and tips and tricks

Track Progress

Get detailed reports of your coaching session and track your progress through the various sessions

Got skills? Become a Josudo Coach

Why not put your hard earned skills to use by training the next generation of gamers and making a steady income all the while doing what we love, GAMING!

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