The solution for tasks on the hospital ward

A clinical application available on desktop and mobile devices that allows everyone to keep track of their workload and that of their colleagues so they can work together to get the job done.

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In today’s hospitals, when a patient needs attention, the nurse will page the doctor.

This communication disrupts activities such as resuscitation, charting medication or procedures like taking blood.

What’s worse, often there is no information in the message apart from a call back number.

Sometimes they call back to find no one waiting for them at the other end.

Worse still is that the whole disruption might actually be over something very trivial

Afterwards, if there is a delay, the nurse will page the doctor again to see when they will arrive or if the task has already been completed.

Why is this process so messy?
Because there was never any other option.


TaskMaster allows a nurse to enter the task into a digital system.
No need to wait by the phone for a call back.

The information is automatically transmitted and available in the palm of the doctor’s hands.

No longer is the doctor’s work disrupted by non-urgent tasks reducing medical errors and improving efficiency.

Everyone can see the tasks on the list, including priority and status.
Nurses don’t need to chase doctors.
Medical staff can more easily help each other out.

The result: better quality and more timely care delivered to the patient

The result: hospitals can keep track of the workload, handover, work force issues and have a record of the communication.

The benefits of a digital solution to an age-old problem.

Why Choose TaskMaster ?

For Doctors

No more interruptions by the pagers going off all the time for non-urgent issues or trying to track down the senders. All of the information they need for the task is in one place.

For Patients

Patients receive attention from their doctors with less interruption. Nothing gets missed, all tasks are added to an electronic board and tracked.

For nurses

No need to wait by the phone for doctor to call back. Nurses can see the prioritisation of the task and track its progress, so there’s no need to page the doctor again to chase them.

For Hospitals

Better tracking, better transparency - Audit and reporting module included, export your data for in-depth analysis. Responsive, Australian-based vendor.

Our offering

Hosting Options

Software as a Service

  • Cloud-based
  • Fully hosted and managed by us
  • Support and maintenance provided by us
  • Annual fee for access and use
  • No financial commitments or overheads beyond the annual fee

Cloud Enterprise Licence

  • Cloud-based
  • Hosted by us, managed by you
  • Support and maintenance provided by us
  • Maintenance and support charges apply

Internally Hosted Enterprise License

  • Hosted on an internal virtual server provided by you
  • Installation completed by us
  • Support and maintenance provided by us
  • Licensing and Support and maintenance costs as negotiated

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About Us

Oculus Apps

Oculus Apps is a company based in Perth, Western Australia. Founded by a medical doctor, Oculus Apps investigates and develops solutions to solve common workflow problems faced by hospitals and their staff.

In order to be successful, the team brings together a broad range of skills. Combining: Significant understanding of clinical workflow at a junior and senior level and in the public and private setting. Years of experience in web and app development. Signifiant project management experience.

With these skills combined, we understand that the best solutions are not founded in technology but in workflow. The best technical solutions arise only from the best workflow solutions. As such we aim to listen carefully to the input and requirements of our customers because we understand that they are the experts in their craft and we are only the enablers. We aim to provide health care providers with the best technical and workflow solutions possible, as guided by their input and feedback.

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