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2013 News Articles


Intrx UK to sign new JVs

Intrx have been in talks with major clients in response to growing demand for services. JV's are being prepared now for signing ...


Intrx Atyrau

Intrx have deployed 4 more staff and several contractors to the office in Atyrau Kazakhstan in response to growing demand for services ...



Intrx have assigned general operations manager duties to Christian Bragoli for day to day operational activities based out of the Victoria Office in London.


flood fallowing

Intrx are in discussions with major clients in two regions in the Kazakhstan energy industry in an effort to secure work for the immediate future ...

Intrx ... the Wiser Choice Executive Oil Refinery

As CEO or Senior Management operating in todays business environment you need to know, more than ever before if your assets are continually safe to operate.

Asset Integrity and the associated management accountability have been brought to the fore by a spate of major incidents which have caught the attention of the world. At Intrx we have developed the next generation of Safety Cases around the requirements of defining and assuring the asset integrity through concept, design, build and operations. We have developed this into an executive management system that is held on your smart phone, which lets you know, through a series of visual indicators if your plant is safe to operate.

Asset Integrity

Our primary technical offering is based on a wealth of project and operational experience. We bring you cost effective solutions backed by expertise with a 'can do' attitude, regardless of your asset type or location. Our advanced AI tools are ready to be deployed to support your safety and business needs. To see our full range of services click below.

(250) 936-2925 subcuticular

Process Safety

The industry standard – tried and tested process safety and asset integrity reports and documentation. E-safety case, mother bowties. Safety critical equipment identified by engineering threats and risks not by applying generic lists can lead to more than 50% decrease in really safety critical equipment.

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Technical Resources

An extensive repository of contacts and networked engineers ready to answer your call to duty. This combined with the provision of the training and development of young engineers into the industry assures or ability to supply your resourcing needs.


Technical Support

A suite of traditional consultancy services supplied by competent and experienced engineers mentored and cultivated in Intrx to bring the best thinking and solutions, at your service.

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