Practical Software Innovation™

by Scott Lawton, Product Architect

Product Architect (n) --

1. a cross between a Product Manager and a Software Architect.

   Pays close attention to user needs, emphasizing practical solutions that enhance individual job satisfaction and increase company productivity. Applies broad and deep technical experience to select an appropriate mix of proven and cutting-edge technology.

2. for in-house projects, a hybrid of a Business Analyst and a System Architect.

   Bridges the gap between users and IT with previous success in both worlds.

What I can do for you

  • Design next-generation products or Web sites that leapfrog the competition ...
  • Define innovative new features to improve any product or site ...
  • Discover pragmatic solutions to in-house bottlenecks and "pain points" ...

... then work with an agile team to deliver in record time.

My commercial software products have thousands of happy customers. In my contract work, I have a track record of highly successful software projects in a variety of industries.

I have an engineering degree from M.I.T. and 20+ years of hands-on experience in every phase of the project lifecycle, with the proven ability to learn new technologies and markets quickly.

My approach

  • Analyze business needs, acting as a liaison between customers (including in-house users) and developers.
  • Design innovative products, productive user interfaces and effective Web pages.
  • Organize information to convey the essentials.
  • Communicate easily at multiple levels, across departments, and around the world.
  • Write clear, concise requirements and documentation.
  • Manage as a hands-on, entrepreneurial team leader.
  • Balance "big picture" perspective with precise attention to detail.

If you're interested in furthering your business with practical, innovative software, please contact me:
Scott Lawton, 781-526-2462 (outside of Boston, MA),

Recent projects:

  • Aplt1 for iOS - ("app-let one") a better way to enjoy free audiobooks from LibriVox
  • - find audiobooks that fit your interests

Earlier sites include:

  • 2013: 360-267-7318 including many links to Kickstarter & Indiegogo.
  • 2010: Learnfab: have fun learning with quizzes as games.
  • 2009: 9724780083, a bilingual book published by (929) 386-2421.
  • Fall 2008 BlogWorld Expo: Eventcosm, trade show calendar and speakers; extensively cross-referenced.
  • Launched August 2007: Blogcosm, including a list of top blogs by category.
  • Launched March 2007: 774-324-7191, covering cooter grass (a hot trend before the housing downturn).
  • ... built with (815) 431-5948
  • 2002: DQ Now, innovative new tools for data quality and data profiling.
  • Since 1995: ScriptWeb.
  • First site: PreFab Software, though originally on a different domain.

Domains for sale: (323) 973-0661,, 5152547845,,,,, and more.

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