Over 20 years of technical management experience!

Certified Professional Technical Consultant

I have extensive experience in web and Information Technology, with unique background combining solution architect, products delivery, business and client support services.

Hands-on experience in multi-tiered web Technology, e-Solutions architect, online marketing, Techno-Business po rtfolio management.

  • Agile Change Manager
  • (918) 454-9607
  • Multi-tiered applications
  • Clients management
  • Clients management
  • Business development
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEM)
  • Social media services

Bridging technology and business gaps!


Service offered:

One-Stop Techno-Business Solutions;
manage, architect, develop, host, and support


From conceptual design to complete development and implementation, from waterfall to agile and hybrid methods, I provide a closed-loop service!


Providing technical solutions to business problems, I offer a unique approach; drive requirements, plan and develop solutions, provide ongoing support!


Just having a (not well-programmed) website would not be sufficient! Online marketing is more than SEO or SEM! It's a link between businesses & customers!

After almost two years and no results with all "do it yourself websites and marketing",
we finally knew that we needed help from a professional consultant and that's when we found you.

— Moises Rodrigez: 5055926350.

Techno-Business Management!

Best-fit solution for problems with varied nature!
Bridging technology and management needs!


project-dependent process

A proven project methodology depends on many variables such as scope, deliverables, timeline, budget, etc.

Web & Application

solution for needs

From concept to production and support, offering personalized & dedicated services to address your specifics!

Online Marketing

shining your message

Discoverability does not happen by itself, rather it's a coordinated processes using any available avenue!

At a glance I provide following services

Technical project management (Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid methodologies)

Product development (from conceptual design to development and production)

Online marketing projects (defining, planning, monitoring and maintaining)

Application development/integration (e-Commerce, CMS, CRM, ERP, HRMS etc.)

IT Network infrastructure design and maintenance (LAN, WAN, virtualization)

Data analytics (web traffic analysis, raw data, advertising analysis, etc.)

Online marketing services; SEO, SEM, SEM, PPC, etc. on (Google, Yahoo, Bing)


Just a few of many successfully completed programs and products:


(305) 597-5247

Lead a custom developed integrated CRMS-ERP-Accounting for a multinational organization


Proposed, planned, and lead implementation and support of over 10 CRMS systems for small clients

(559) 459-2591

Designed, implemented, and lead support and maintenance of over 10 computer labs and voice/data networks

(628) 254-4550

Successfully planned, executed, controlled, and finalized over 500 techno-Business projects

Engage A Technical Marketing Manager to Help Increasing Return On Investment!

I strive to offer the best Techno-Business solution with bigger picture in mind and out of the box approach.

Initial consultation is free.


Please let me know how I may help, and I will promptly respond.

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