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Grenada Tournament

Grenada Tournament

The Grenada Tournament has been completed.

The final standings are as follows:

Many Mariuses
Juan Manuel
Dux Aetius - DNF
Mfarl2001 - DNF

As mentioned previously, there is a prize of a free John Tiller game to the winner and Diegovich was randomly chosen to receive a new copy of SB Winter War.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

Red Thunder announced!

Red Thunder announced!

Looks like we're going to (hopefully) soon do battle on the Eastern Front as the new game just been officially announced:/www.battlefront.com/in...
Centurion - Second Class Medal awarded to kghammer and dasTiger

Centurion - Second Class Medal awarded to kghammer and dasTiger

kghammer and dasTiger are - starting from today - the newest recipients of the Centurion - Second Class Medal. Please join me in congratulating them f...
Pewpewchewchew vs Herr Klopek Video AAR


You can see the awesome video below. Don't forget to thank Pewpewchewchew for his work in the forum thread :) /www.theblitz.org/messag...
H2HH 2.11.2 released

H2HH 2.11.2 released

The 2.11.2 version of H2HH has just been released. It can be grabbed from here: /www.dropbox.com/sh/h5upen3badaydta/pQlhVACgc_ For more info:...

Are Pz IV that bad? Time to find out..

Tank Damage - Optics

Tank Damage - Optics


Featured cmbn Scenario

August 3, 1944. Units of a British artillery regiment finds itself in an undefined front. Units from an SS Panzer Division are in the vicinity looking to take advantage of the situation.
Combat Mission x2 Scenario
Turns 45
SM 6
Games Played 20
Germany 13 - 3 - 4 British

cmbn Ladder Standings [2019]

1. (630) 705-6913 7805102379 369 pts. 2nd Lieutenant
2. Hussar_63's Profile 8149738179 255 pts. Master Sergeant
3. Baluka1974's Profile Baluka1974 254 pts. Major
4. Panzer Lehr's Profile Panzer Lehr 230 pts. Lieutenant General
5. (973) 894-8040 9713324112 152 pts. Private 1st Class