May 23



A (s)wanky way to say "let's talk about this".

I don't really understand why our revenues have gone up.

Let's workshop this to really figure this out.

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May 18

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This principle states that for many events, whether business, education, life etc, about 80% of the effects can be accounted for by 20% of the causes. Hence, it is often referred to as the "80/20" rule.

Hmmm... this looks like the pareto principle is in play here. Look - roughly 80% of the increase in output can be attributed to that one change, about 20% of our budget.

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Boil The Ocean


Often used in reply to ideas or suggestions that seem like too much work or are perhaps impossible, when instead, simpler solutions might do the trick.

Ok, we need to create a website that can automate the processes, do natural language processing, machine learning, has social features, tracks your location and runs big data queries.

We don't need to boil the ocean. A much simpler solution would be to build a form where people can just enter their details!

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May 16



A fancy way of saying "we'll talk about it later".

Once we've finished discussing online marketing, we can circle back and discuss offline marketing.

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Take it Offline


Often in meetings topics will be discussed that are perhaps orthogonal or tangential to the meeting's main topic, or will require in depth discussion between specific meeting members. In these circumstances, you might find someone saying "take it offline" to keep the current meeting on track.

But what about the bad conversion numbers from email referrals?

Understand your concerns. Lets focus on paid search traffic, but why don't we take it offline and discuss email later?

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May 12

Milk Round


Derived from the British tradition of direct to home milk delivery, "Milk Round" is commonly used to refer to the practice of companies touring universities each year to advertise their company and to recruit students. Often, universities have prospective recruiting companies on campus over a short period of time, and it is this period that is often referred to as the Milk Round.

Oh man, this milk round is so busy. Which presentation should I attend?

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May 3

Business Architect


Usually in large corporate enterprises, Business Architects are meant to come up with ways to build a business and how a business is run - That is, what each team's roles, responsibilities and capabilities are. What this actually means is someone sitting at their desk, Powerpointing all day, coming up with outlandish and unimplementable ideas.

Ok, so how are we going to implement these recommendations?

I don't have a clue. I'm just a Business Architect – I architect things, I leave implementation to other people.

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Mar 14

Scatter-Gun Approach


The opposite to the rifle shot approach. Again, related mainly to sales, instead of being focussed in your approach, you're, well, rather scattered. You keep throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks, targeting multiple industries, prospects and customer segments.

So, what approach should be go for when launching this new product?

A scatter-gun approach.

Are you nuts?

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Mar 10



Typically associated with sales, The Rainmaker is an expert sales person who is such a wheeler dealer, they can sell ice to the eskimos - they bring in and close the big deals that no one else can.

How are we going to make these sales?

Don't worry, The Rainmaker is here. She'll make it rain like no tomorrow!

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Rifle-shot Approach


This term can be used in many scenarios but typically relates to sales. A rifle shot approach refers to putting all your sales eggs into one basket - targeting a single prospect.

Has the rifle-shot approach come off?


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