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Hard charging Charlie Bender, a big city developer, chases the deal of a lifetime...


All the pieces came together – the old farm land, the financing, and the blueprint for the largest mall in Pennsylvania, the pinnacle of his career, will make him even more wealthy than he'd ever dared to hope.  There is just one catch. It's not so much that an eleven-year-old kid lurks about in the tobacco fields – the problem is he's dead.


Vol. 4, Short Novels for Busy People

This charming ghost story will be available on Halloween, October 31, 2011

Texting the wrong person could cost you...


Police chief, Jude Coulton faces the toughest challenge of his career when the murder of his friend threatens to tear apart everything he lives for – his town, his job, his family – even his troubled relationship with his son who hides a terrible secret that could solve the case.


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