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Mary-Louise Pawlowski

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From Left to Right: John, Jenny, Christine, Mary-Louise, and Sarah

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*Update 1/20/10
Just a little update on Mary-Louise as the progress continues on. Along this road to recovery, there have been a few bumps, but they are all hurdles she continues to overcome. Back in school full time and enjoying her new found freedom from life in the Hospital as it has been since back in late 2007. Jan 28th is her next Dr appointment and if all looks good, they plan on taking out her Port. Truly a great sign of how far she has come. All her scans look good and the Dr's are amazed at where she is.

Thank you all for the support and prayers that have been sent this way. If not for them, and the Dr's care, we certainly would not be in this position today. Again, thank you and will update after the 28th.

Have a Great Day!

The Pawlowski Family

*Update 8/31/09Christine, Mary-Louise, Jenny Pawlowski - Summer 2009
Just wanted to give a update on Mary-Louise. She is doing great and has been very busy as of late. As you can see by the picture, her hair is back and looks wonderful along with her sisters Christine and Jenny. Its really hard to believe how much progress she has made in a short period of time. Currently she is back in school (9th grade) and doing very well. The other day she even got her driving permit. Clear the streets and be aware of a Red Jeep!!!! HaHa
Again, thank you all for continuing to pray for her and the support you have given. Without it and the Dr's care, none of this would have been possible The plan is to continue getting scans and have her counts checked on a regular bases. Will continue to update you and may you have a wonderful day.

Thank You

The Pawlowski Family

*Update 06/30/09
It has been a while since the last update and wanted to let everyone know that Mary-Louise is doing great. It is amazing to see and witness the remarkable recovery that she has made. We all believe that it is truly a miracle and blessing where we are today. Her summer is going well and like most kids, enjoying every minute of it. Last week ML and her sister Christine worked the Auburn baseball camp and made a little spending money. They are good workers, who command a high salary!!!!!!

The plan for the future is to do full body scans next month and continue to monitor her counts. All continues to go well and we want to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers. Her sisters, Christine and Jenny have been by her side every step of the way. They to are doing great and have played a major role of where Mary-Louise is today. Again, thank you being there.

Have a Great Day

The Pawlowski Family.

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*Update 04/22/09
So many positive things have been happening that we wanted to give a briefMary Louise Pawlowski - Auburn Tigers update on Mary-Louise. Everyday she has been making strides and we all think that being at home certainly has contributed to that. She still uses the walker most of the time, but can walk on her own and is doing great. The skin graphs are healing up and no other signs of the infection. Her hair is growing back in fast and it is now longer than her Dads!!! What a miracle this is and how very thankful we are.

On Sat 4/18/09 ML and her family made the 1 hour drive up to Columbia SC to watch the Auburn Tigers play USC. What a great day it was as ML watched her first game of the year. And following the game, Won by Auburn 6-4, the entire Baseball Team went up into the stands and presented Mary-Louise with the game ball and a t-shirt. Words are very hard to describe the feeling we all felt. So as we continue down the road of rest and recovery, we want to again thank everyone for all the support and prayers being sent this way.

Will keep updating this and hope you have a great day.

The Pawlowski Family

*Update 04/06/09
Some great news to report that Mary-Louise is at HOME and is making progress everyday.  Last Wed April 1st was a big day as she was released from the hospital after a 93 day stay.  What a feeling it was for her as she now can continue to rest and recover in her own bed.  She has limited mobility from the skin graphs, but can use a wheel chair, walker and of course the help of her family.  The interaction with her sisters and just being in her own home, will only help her recovery. 

We are so thankful that so many people have reached out with prayers and well wishes.  Words are hard to use to describe the feeling that we all have in seeing the progress and how far ML has come.  Everyday is a blessing and we are very thankful for that.  

Thank you and will continue to update this page.
The Pawlowski Family

* Update 03/26/09

Just wanted to update everyone on the progress that Mary-Louise is making.  It has been a long road for here, but she is doing well.  Today, Thurs 3/26/09 is day 88 in the hospital.  That's is 88 straight days since she was admitted back in December.  The good news is the skin graphs have taken very well and continues on with her physical therapy.  The infection is under control and no other signs of that.  Thank goodness for that.

Her attitude and perspective on everything has been excellent.  The Dr's are looking into several different options as to what the next step will be.  If her therapy should be continued on at a rehab hospital or is she capable of going home.  A big decision and one in which we await.  To even hear the words "Home" is music to her ears.  One day she will be back home and what a day it will be. 

Thank you to all of you out there that have continued to pray for ML and we appreciate everything that has been done for her.  This whole ordeal has been very difficult on everyone.  ML sisters, Christine and Jenny are doing great and have been there lending their support and encouragement.  Sarah has been by Mary-Louise  side every night in the hospital and has never left her side.

On another positive note- ML's hair is growing back in fast and and it is even longer than her Dads. 

Again, thank you all and can't thank you enough.

The Pawlowski Family    

* Update 03/07/09
From MLP's personal secretary! Hi, it's Sarah. Mary-Louise is fine, she just can't hold a computer on her lap to write her update herself, so she is dictating to me. She wants everyone to know that so far, her skin graft surgery that was done Thursday was "okay". (I will insert here that her plastic surgeon, Dr. Jack Yu, was pleased since he was able to graft the three separate sites during the same surgery.) She is uncomfortable because the donor sites are actually quite long strips on the inside of BOTH thighs. She's also a little perturbed that she came back to the room with both of the wound vacs (small canister vacuum-cleaner look-a-likes that provide constant suction on her dressings...ouch). She returns to the OR Monday for all the dressings to be removed, donor sites cleaned, and an evaluation of how well the grafts are taking.
Mary-Louise says, "Thanks for checking in and continuing to think about and pray for me. I am hoping the grafts do really well so I can keep working toward going home. As much as I don't look forward to physical therapy, it has to be done or my mom says she won't take me home! I think she says that to make me do it."

* Update 02/24/09
Just wanted to give a update on Mary-Louise as she is doing very well.  She remains in the hospital going on day 58.  Her progress has been nothing short of of a miracle according to her Dr's.  At the present time, she goes into the OR twice a week to have her bandages changed and all is going well with that.  The next step looks like skin graph and more rest and recovery.
Physical Therapy is a tough process to go through but everyday she makes strides.  As you can see from the picture, she looks great and her hair is starting to come back in.  Just totally awesome and we are so thankful for all the support.  The prayers and well wishes are heart felt and we cant thank you enough.  
Have a Great Day and Thank You.

The Pawlowski Family

*Update 02/17/09
11:45 am

Just wanted to update everyone on the great progress that Mary-Louise is making.  It is truly remarkable how far she has come and the strides she is making.  Yesterday she went into the OR and had her bandages changed as they do weekly and the Dr said they look great. She continues to gain strength and eat well.  Everyday she picks what she wants to eat and from where.  She leaves no stone unturned as far as food is concerned.  This is great to see her appetite and regain her strength. 

She does daily Physical Therapy and each day they push her a little further.  The other day they helped her stand up and she held her own.  It is amazing!  As we continue to say, our prayers continue to be answered.  The next step that we are wondering is when might she be able to go home.  The Drs said they continue to watch her progress and when she can walk with at least a walker, then it might be time. After being in there for 51 straight days, you can imagine the joy and anticipation that MLP is feeling.

Again, thank you all for the support prayers and well wishes.  Will update you as we continue to move forward.

The Pawlowski Family.

Update 02/01/09

I know so many of you that check this page are firm believers in the power of prayer, but if anyone out there doubts the occurrence of miracles in today's world, look no further than Mary-Louise for proof that they indeed happen. Friday afternoon Mary-Louise was transferred out of ICU and onto the 5th floor!! She spent 32 1/2 days in intensive care and we were overjoyed when she improved enough to come to a regular room. We are so appreciative for the wonderful care she received in the ICU by the physicians, residents, students and nurses. It was truly a team effort, with Divine help, to pull ML through the effects of septic shock and resulting infections.
Although ML is in a room, we are having to limit visitors to only family while she recuperates mentally and physically. She is still very much at risk for infections due to her suppressed immune system, and is a potential source of infection for others as well. She has several extensive wounds where surgeons had to remove gangrene and infected tissue, and she goes to the OR every 3-4 days for dressing changes and evaluation of her healing. Physical and occupational therapists are working with ML to help her regain strength and use of her muscles, and respiratory therapists are working with her to improve her breathing. She has been through so much, not just in the past month+, but over the past year. Mary-Louise is a strong girl, very determined and stubborn. She has come so much further than she realizes, and has more people pulling and praying for her than any of us will ever truly know. And for that we, as her family, are eternally grateful.

Thank you from the Pawlowski Family

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