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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine - Laser drilling, soldering, welding

Laser cutting: a synthesis of power and precision

Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures and markets the most advanced laser cutting systems and despite only having been set up in 1992, it has already become a leader in Italy in the field of CO2 laser cutting devices. CutLite combines El. En.'s experience with that historical of Valfivre spa, and in this way it has built up a wealth of human resources and technological experience. Its commitment and expertise have been rewarded with a remarkable and ever-growing commercial success all over the world. Just like the entire EL.EN Group, CUTLITE PENTA is capable of offering high technology and the tops in quality.

Cutlite Penta is a worldwide leader in various laser-cutting sectors, and thanks to its capillary network of technical assistance it has secured itself a prestigious position in these fields.

The determination to transform ideas into concrete facts, combined with the multitude of skills and expertise within the El.En. Group, have represented one of the strong points of the company's philosophy for Cutlite Penta, forever committed as it is to satisfying the requirements of its customers in creating innovative systems in line with market demands.

Total quality and high technology fuse together to give birth to the Cutlite Penta products.

Laser Soldering, Welding Laser Drilling

applications for laser cutting
An economic advantage
Laser cutting is an advantageous technology choice. A careful evaluation of the features of the most suitable cutting system guarantees optimum results in the following aspects:
reduction of total work times;
increase in production quality.
The technological advantage
Laser cutting is, above all, precise, clean and silent.
The beam can be focalized on an extremely small area (from 0.1 to 1mm in diameter).
The area in proximity to the cut edge has a very low heat alteration. Moreover, the laser cut has the capacity of operating on complex profiles and with very small rays of curvature.
Unlike water and traditional cutting systems, light exerts no mechanical pressure on the piece.
The laser is a non-contact instrument that guarantees:
total absence of mechanical pressure on the piece;
absence of wear in the instrument;
cutting capability independent of hardness of the material; capability of cutting coated or surface treated materials.
Laser cutting also has a high degree of automation and flexibility able to offer:
ease of integration with other automated systems;
very high trimming capability;
capability of adapting immediately to changes in production requirements.
In many cases, laser cutting can produce finished pieces that do not require further processing (polishing, de-burring, finishing etc.).

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