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Analytical Technologies Ltd

Analytical Technologies Limited (ATL) is a dynamic enterprising independent laboratory facility. The foundation of Analytical Technologies Limited is the fusion of its qualified professional staff, modern instrumentation and scientific “know-how”, with sound Managerial principles. It is conveniently based on Amazon Drive in the heart of the industrial estate which is in the heart of Trinidad. It has easy access to Trinidad’s main highway and Camden heliport. ATL’s central location makes ATL easily accessible from any part of Trinidad in under 2hrs.

Our Mission

Analytical Technologies provides a range of scientific testing procedures to business in Trinidad and Tobago. The business focus is designed to meet today’s dynamic and fast-paced market needs with a wide range of services covering a crucial majority of analysis needs across a range of scientific disciplines. Our skilled scientists work on the cutting edge boundaries of modern science to deliver a growing range of services to companies requiring technical analysis for environmental, microbiological, toxicological and petrochemical industry applications.

Our Vision

This company was founded in 1996, and continues to push the envelope with such technologies as the recently introduced radio-nuclei testing which positions Analytical Technologies as the only local facility to provide this key monitoring service for quantifying radioactivity in produced water from oil wells as per EPA/EMA requirements. An indigenous bacterium has been isolated and cultured in-house for use in biodegradation of oil in contaminated soil.

Our Team

Team Member 1

Namdeo Maharaj

Executive Chairman/CEO
Team Member 2

Vashtee Maharaj

Executive Director
Team Member 3

Amrita Ballie

General Manager