Francis was sitting on the hood of the car.

They haven't come back yet.

I met a young man whose name was Sergei.

I see a rose.

The train was late, but I still arrived to work on time.

I have an idea how we can do this more efficiently.

The storm had a serious effect on the economy.

Ask me something easier.

Sooner or later, Vice will drive me mad.

We had our backs to the wall.

Please let me stay.

English is one of the easiest languages to speak badly, but the most difficult to use well.


Let's quickly finish the remaining work and go out for some drinks.

It gets a little frustrating.

You may not have to go.

It is necessary that he follow my advice.

You just watch.

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Don't hesitate to tell me if there is anything you would like to eat.

Can I use your ladies' room?

She is all in all to him.

How many apples do you have?

Wait for the police.

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Let's go over what we already know.

She seems to be laboring under the family handicap.

Claude is going to write a letter.

Did you recognize Lisa?

You were unlucky; I came back five minutes after you'd left.

I had an umbrella with me but my friend did not.

I'd just like to talk with Miek before we leave.

Cynthia almost never lies to Venkata.

When the witch saw that the children had escaped her, she was furious, and, hitting the cat with a porringer, she said: "Why did you let the children leave the hut? Why did you not scratch their eyes out?"

He lives in a large house by himself.

Pria tried to make Charlene jealous.

Do you feel sick?

Elias was witty.


The wet vase left a mark on the table.

That is not Sid.

I want to see how it ends.


If Maria spoke less hastily, people would be able to understand her better.

Dan doesn't know what to do about it.

Will you go out tomorrow?

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Listen carefully, or you'll miss what he says.

I can't remember where I put the good sewing machine.

She will pay for this.


I made one.

Juri hoped that Lord would forgive him.

Now off with you to school!

Make sure the door is locked.

There was no one but admired him.

I will inherit his estate.

Thanks for the chocolate. It was delicious.

Who needs them?

I had my first period when I was 13 years old.

Go on, snigger.

The dog's eye can only see shit. (literal)

Vickie has made it quite clear that he doesn't want to be here.

This looks like a good spot for fishing.

Sjouke broke the rules.

He will never forgive my debt.

This is the book that my teacher recommended to me.

When written as a numerical date, March 14, 2015 is 3/14/15, corresponding to the first five digits of pi (3.1415) - a once-in-a-century coincidence!

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I make it a rule to take a walk for an hour in the morning.

He told his diary that she had come to see him.

Matthieu did what he had been told to do.

We want to change that.

I think what Hirofumi did was stupid.

You cannot mix oil and water.

There is no wine in that bottle.


You need to help me find her.

Barley is planted in this field.

When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.


Aren't you the sly one?

Excuse me, how much does this cost?

I've worn out the shoes.

I'm no bleeding-heart liberal.

Kari has tricked us.

Try it once again.

He always wears a blue shirt.

We need to remember to pick Lyndon up at the station at 2:30.

I should be there on Monday.

Gold can't buy everything.

Neil is drinking apple juice.

I asked the stationery girl if they take pictures there.

I wish you'd tell me how you did it.

I want to have a good time.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple.

All Amigo ever wants to do is talk.

That's unrelated.

He loaded his stomach with food.

We haven't been told yet.

I wanted to marry Juha.

I wish I hadn't seen such a horrible film.


What kind of flowers should we get Steve?

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I'm a swot.

He is probably as disgusted by this as I am.

Kato's class consists of forty boys and girls.


Something seems to be wrong with this watch.

They sell textbooks at the bookstore.

Chemistry is a marvelous science.

Mr. Yamanaka looks young for his age.

I'm in shock right now.

If I go to the dance with you, the whole town will know.

There are many shades of gray.


I want you in my office.

I was born and brought up here.

Why would Syed be angry?

He was surprised to hear the news.

She doesn't understand the risks.

How will you be paying for this?

I'd like to get away from Boston for a few days.

Jupiter emits twice as much heat as it absorbs from the Sun, which indicates it has its own internal heat source.

I suggest you ask Jeffie.

I thought I told you to cancel your gym membership.

Joyce didn't look very happy to see me.

Tal broke up with her two days later.

Hohn intends to live in Japan for good.

Metin's house looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years.

I hope we'll see them again.

I thought you said nobody knew about us.

Lee no longer had a way to supply his troops in Petersburg.

No, thanks. I'm just browsing.

In a sense, life is only a dream.

Earle's not ready for that.

Are you guys having a good time?

They are a perfect match for each other.

Television helps us widen our knowledge.

There's a man downstairs saying he would like to speak with you.

A good sweat will cure a cold.

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.

Don't forget to turn off the gas before going out.

We'll definitely be ready by the time you get here.

I don't think you should tell Takayuki the truth.

I don't want Saul to have a boyfriend yet.

No matter what happens, I'll never tell.


By the 22nd century, teleportation of large objects, including animals, became a reality.

She was laughed at.

Pratap had no choice but to leave.


I assume this was Elliot's idea.

Tell me, why do you want to do something like this?

It's below her to say such a thing.


I keep this little saint in my wallet because he brings me luck.

Coleen is tired.

Keep your eyes peeled!

What are they doing up there?

You won't regret hiring them.

I'm talking about you.

Nhan has grown up and can stand on his own feet now.

Donn didn't realize Clayton was tired.

It's a thing of the past.

No one expected Ron to win.

I have to go to the mosque.

When was the last time you went swimming?

I visited cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston.

I wish you could go with him.

The car accident took place just in front of me.

Have you got a cigarette and a light?

You write like a panty!

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Take care of your grandfather.

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To keep early hours is fundamental to good health.

What's there to say?

He looked around.


The police are checking their bags.

It's doing my head in.

Will you have a talk with him?

Kamiya and Hank armed themselves with knives.

I wasn't able to attend the meeting due to illness.


Mike didn't take part in yesterday's practice.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.

I went for a short walk.

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I'm fairly hungry.


I'll go meet her soon.

It cannot be described in words.

I used to think that only bears hibernate, but the teacher said that turtles do as well.

My car needs repairing.

Could you ring up these books for me?

He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.

She's far more experienced than me.