Can you give us any more?

Why do you ask me that?


The face betrays what is in the heart.


Tonight I am in high spirits, as if flying weightlessly through the sky.

Work quietly lest you disturb others.

It's a pretty good feeling.

Draw with a pencil.

Neal led the way.

Let's see if we can get this door open.

Irfan was Jayesh's older brother.

Leave me a bit of ice cream.

No one loves me.

So many places, I haven't been to.

I don't want to insult her.

Piete didn't wash the dishes.

We have 5 English classes in a week.


Artistic genius is an expansion of monkey imitativeness.

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Linda can't make it to the meeting.

Language is a bridge, not only for our contemporaries, but also between the past and the future.

A new bus line is scheduled to run between Oldtown and Newtown.

Where will it be?

He who lives without madness is not as wise as he thinks.

Everybody loved Jarmo.

We're not living together.


He wants to advance in the world.

The medication is working.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

I can no longer trust Amos.

Come on, let's get started.


God gave a job, god gives a reason.

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I hardly ever take my dog for a walk.


Don't take my head off.

Fred followed my mother wherever she went.

I couldn't attend the party on account of illness.

We'll take care of her.

Brad knows that he can't win.


Don't ever touch me.

Just name your price.

We have to bring the matter to a close.

Would you like something easier?

He kept his promise.

I have no good way to tell you, that a horrendous tragedy, which is going to affect our whole future lives' course, has taken place about a half an hour ago in the southern part of road 4.

That's something I wish I could do.

It is rumored that he will shortly resign.

The cost of the book is five dollars.

Are these things really Gary's?

Stop that thief!


Never ever do it like this again!

Poor Japanese immigrants were willing to work for low pay.

My daughter has braces.

Why did you say such a stupid thing?

We're busy.

No one was able to help them.

Yoga can help lower stress.

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I never thought I'd ever see you again.

When did you buy that from us?

The mystery of her death was never solved.

We also failed to find gold in the brook.

Won't you come and see me next week?

We crawled like so many ants along the mountain pass.

I'm not ready to give up yet.

She's no shrinking violet.

We are calling the police.

They dance in circles to communicate a short distance, and shake their bodies and dart back and forth to indicate a longer distance.

I made that.


Urs shared his sandwich with Liza.


Idle hands are the Internet's workshop.

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Though he lives within a stone's throw of the school, he is often late.

Did you get robbed?

It won't do us any harm if we talk the matter over.

You've done this before, haven't you?

Everybody in that company is either a vice-president or a senior vice-president; they're all chiefs and no Indians.

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Today we went to the shopping mall. I was very bored.

I thoroughly regretted staying up so late, come morning.

It turned out that we received a million dollars.


Harold was wearing a janitor's uniform.


Woody's a klutz.


We need to keep changing the attitude that raises our girls to be demure, and our boys to be assertive; that criticizes our daughters for speaking out, and our sons for shedding a tear.

This novel is very imaginative.

I don't blame him for this.

In this show, the accent is on robots.

Ginny has a hard time breathing.


Enjoy the weekend.


Edward looks sad.


I can't let you in there.

Those were his actual words.

Jingbai was sweet.


I hope you don't get an upset stomach.

Since when has Jorge been studying Portuguese?

TV is not watched here.

Aerodynamic surfaces are used to control the aircraft in roll, pitch, and yaw.

You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

This is completely irrelevant.

When a man becomes poor, the beggar in him will come out.

Melinda and Sugih go to school full-time.

Tricia lied to us about how much money he made.

We've been expecting them.

It's regrettable.

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How long will this take?

The newspapers didn't publish anything.

They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

This movie is a must!

I thought you'd be taller.

I always thought so.

Alexander discussed the details with Ralf.

I'm delighted to meet you.

May we use the language lab?

Hume is well-liked by everyone.

I love this spot.

That will be funny.

Sehyo loves chocolate ice cream.

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Curtis is fond of Celtic music.

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Who didn't know that?


Making a choice always means making a sacrifice, giving up one thing for another.


The Astronomical Unit (AU) is defined as the average distance between the Earth and the Sun. It is approximately 150 million km (93 million miles).


That would be unfair.

I'm just socking off the floor.

I think you're a lot stronger than you know.

Words know from us, things we ignore from them.

She thinks I'm a stupid drunk.

Oleg usually only eats two meals a day.

Excuse us for a moment.

There is a car in front of the building.

Last night I saw the match.

That wasn't Manuel's idea.

Chavacano songs have recently been gaining popularity.

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Are you going to ask Rodney to go to the prom with you?

He is likely to live to be ninety.

We're interested only in the facts.


Do people ever accuse you of being rude?

Dominic deserves better.

May I ask you some more questions?

We walked about five miles.

I have heartburn.

Frederic is greedy, isn't he?

Your room number is five hundred four: five-oh-four.

We have to get ready.

Oh, I was disconnected.

I do whatever Laurence asks.

Shadow and Klaus ate at the same Mexican restaurant.

It will have been raining a whole week tomorrow.

There was no avoiding her.

We made a bargain that we wouldn't forsake each other.

There weren't any witnesses.

They entered into conversation.

We've got no place to stay tonight. Could you put us up for the night?


Add A Sparkle Trail To A Photo

There may have been as many as four different Ice Ages in the past.

It tastes a little bitter.


I'll take a vacation this week.

How about going steady with me?

I shouldn't have backed down.

We are going to visit our uncle next Sunday.

Plants breathe through their stomata.

You have a phone call from a man who says he's your neighbor.

I'll surprise him.


Dan hid the gun in a locker.


Well done! That's not bad.

Justify your attitude, come on, justify being there when it all happened.

Well, why don't we just ask Dirk?

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Can you hang on a second?

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Eventually, Butler just gave up.


If you want to know, just ask.