Whether he agrees or not, we won't change our plans.

Mother is never impatient with us.

Oscar made me say those things.


Maybe I'm just a fool.

He is a farmer.

Can we bring him?

Let's let her try that again.

Americans are said to regard the amount of money a man makes as a criterion of his ability.


I didn't take your bloody car, for crying out loud!

They can afford it.

I don't think we'll have enough time.

There are no more than six persons here.

I don't have a stamp collection, but I have a Japanese postcard collection that I could use as an excuse to invite him.


He may be old, but he is still very healthy.


We are not here to arrest you.

That would be unlikely.

She has an older brother.

Jorge had blue eyes.

I need this space.

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At the age of six he had learned to use the typewriter and told the teacher that he did not need to learn to write by hand.


Jenny dances the samba.

You make me feel safe.

She got brushed aside.

There are frequently earthquakes in Japan.

Spudboy has told me about you.


The television set needs to be fixed.

I mistook you for your sister when I first saw you.

Fletcher broke both of his legs.


I don't know what the word 'impossible' means.

She's anxious to know the results.

Simon takes his dog for a walk every morning.


Polly caught up with Giles.

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Pedro had trouble remembering what Ed looked like.


How did he come here?

Gregge needed a bath.

Are you going to kill her?

The boy got lost in the forest.

I heard a knock on the door and it was Andre.


I had some trouble.

I asked Kikki to clean his room.

Jordan pretended like it never happened.

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Why are you so scared? It's just a movie.

I was afraid that I might hurt his feelings.

This morning we ran into heavy traffic on the motorway.


Markus is the only friend I have here in Boston.

Dan had to pour a bucket of cold water over his head.

Where is your teaching material?

Try to keep from crying.

I'm going to go tell him.

He is my classmate.

Louie has decided not to move to Boston.

The decision has already been made.

My grandmother can cook very well.


I have to go to my office.

He will send Gilles up to the room.

I submitted my report to them.

What have you done, my lord, with the dead body?

I'm filled with love for you.

I don't want to go back home. I want to party.

You sowed wheat in your field.

I only wish Pablo could be here.

Before eating it, cook the meat well.

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You kept nodding off during that lecture, didn't you?

That guy is such a loser.

The reporter elaborated on the method of his investigation.

I hate Justin Bieber.

This is the key which I have been looking for.

Of course not, that is quite impossible.

The Morlocks at any rate were carnivorous!


He spent three years in jail for his crime.


I'm going to put a curse on you.

He excavated the mountain and drew out a rat.

Do you want to play it?

Sridhar is the most influential man in Boston.

She was in the habit of sitting up late at night.


I like Chinese food a lot.

It's over, isn't it?

I only know what Patricio told me.

I really just don't like Christmas music.

Please come when it suits you.

Why is Tal hiding from Charlene?

The street is very narrow.

He is liked by all even though he has his faults.

I'm saying get over it.

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You're insincere.

Steven took a pistol out of his shoulder holster, checked it and put it back.

Students arriving late will not be permitted to enter the hall.

Rand has his own bedroom.

Why didn't you say yes?

"What is the plural of Nazi?" - "Assholes."

That could literally ruin my life.

This is the restaurant where we had dinner last week.

After closing all the doors, I went to bed.

Killing is forbidden; every murderer is punished, unless he has killed accompanied by many men and to the sound of trumpets.

Wendell did better than us.


It is so nice of you to give me a present.

Detailed design is the work of drawing up a diagram that is capable of being manufactured from the plan set in the baseline design.

We'll take care of you, Duane.


Everybody in that company is either a vice-president or a senior vice-president; they're all chiefs and no Indians.


He was the angriest man I've ever had the misfortune to meet!

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Marcia gave the impression that he wasn't happy.

Mara seems nervous.

That's pretty surprising.

Guy went to the university's open day.

I have no money to pay for the bus.


In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.


It will be difficult for him to speak in public.

Alexander was fatally injured.

The baby is not capable of walking yet.


You can't negotiate with terrorists.


In a football game the spectators are usually ardent rooters for one of the two teams, but there also is a small group who will climb on the bandwagon of the winning team.


We can all agree on that.

I won't let him go there.

Ji is no slouch.


Winston didn't break up with Tammy.


We walked for a long time.


Nick met Maurice on the way to school.

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Say, he is no more than a kid.

We need to get away from them.

Don't drink too much, okay?

He brought his lips close to her ear and murmured: "I love you."

Do we have to pay in advance?

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Today we'll study Charles Dickens.

The ice has melted.

You should keep the medicine box away from your child.

He no longer lives here.

Alejandro says he wants to talk to you.


Louise fell asleep as soon as the movie started.


Do you think Tracy kissed Ahmet?


How much is it going to cost me to mend this skirt?

My name is Hopkins.

It will be hard to find the time.

That looks interesting.

I just want to get this paragraph right.

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True friendship is precious just because it is rare.

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I wasn't the one who fixed it, but I'll pass along your thanks.

You arrived at the moment I left.

Few people expected him to win.

So am I!

Nadeem bailed Cole out of jail after he got into a fight at the bar.

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I told you Floria would be back.

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Connie admitted that he didn't know what to do.

Who teaches you?

Ami helped Nathaniel carry water from the well.


Never feed dog food to your cat.


I don't need you.

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Stop bad mouthing her.

This job is too much for me.

One nail drives out another.


I think Trying wants Cliff to notice her.

She bought eggs by the dozen.

You don't look Japanese.


It was fun while it lasted.