“80+1 was a project carried out as part of Linz09 and has already ended. The information contained on this site no longer serve as program announcements, but as an overview and documentation for the project. “

Inspired by Jules Verne’s world-famous classic, rhymery, voestalpine and Linz09 are embarking on a round the-world journey on June 17.

A Journey Around the World

is the title of this globe-spanning expedition underway until Sept 5, 2009.
But this won’t entail any physical travel; the mode of transportation will
be satellite hook-up and fiber optic cable, and the stops along the way
will be 20 locations, each one of which stands for a theme of crucial importance to our future.


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Dhakai Markets’ View

A photographic video presentation covering 81 markets visual of Dhaka . The live bits events were held as 80+1 tour around the Dhakai markets by Siraj and his team.

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The Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) Department of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB, /www.ulab.edu.bd ) hosted the Bangladesh component of the 80plus1 “A Journey Around the World” on September 7, 2009, between 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the…

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Rifle Square Shopping Mall

Rifle Square is a modern shopping center situated in Dhanmondi next to the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) cantonement. The name Rifle Square is derived from this proximity to the BDR Camp. This modern shopping center is also located opposite Dhanmondi Lake.…



Jatiyo Shangshad Bhaban is the national Assembly Building of Bangladesh. It is the political centre of the country. Construction of this building started in 1961 and finished in 1982. This building was first used in 15th February 1982. Before this…

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BCS Computer City

BCS Computer City is the biggest computer market in Bangladesh. The mall opened in 1999 with 100000 square feet of space, situated at Agargaon, She-e-Bangla Nagoor district of Dhaka City. There are 322 modern computer and accessories shops located in…


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  • Dhakai Markets’ View: A photographic video presentation covering 81 markets visual of Dhaka . The live..
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