Digital Media Optimized

With the best technology, traffic and skill in today's market
Quality, Volume Traffic

At Crushvertise we understand traffic sources. We’ve personally tested 100’s of different ones, sifting through many to find the best. We know which ones deliver and we know many that do not. We’re constantly testing new sources and always prioritizing our campaigns with high quality high, volume sources to confirm we hit our clients’ metrics.

Reporting, Analytics, Tracking

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t run 3rd party reporting. We use in-house, detailed real-time reporting that accurately and precisely gathers detailed campaign data allowing us to optimize performance in seconds, not days, weeks or months.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

When brand association and user experience matter you need a partner you can trust. We don’t mess with out-dated technology and we don’t risk data security. That’s why we leverage top of line the cloud-based servers, CDNs and DNS servers so you can rest-assured your campaign and it’s data are as speedy and secure as possible.

Campaigns Infused with Intelligence

Our team has 1000s of hours of digital marketing experience. We ride the wave on the edge of what works today. We’re constantly innovating our systems, process and approach to design and build the most effective campaigns for our partners and clients. Rest assured knowing we’re always striving to be on the front lines.

About US

Crushvertise is focused on building digital campaigns that work now
We build campaigns that work today

Our clients have aggressive CPA goals. Our focus is on building and testing today. Unlike most clunky out-dated agencies who ask for big budgets and large time commitments we bring performance now to the equation. Working with us through the use of modern technology and exclusive quality traffic sources you can expect to get results in hours not months, weeks or even days.

  • Facebook
  • Quality Mobile
  • Skilled Media Buyers
  • In-House Designers

The Team

Decades of combined digital marketing experience
Johnnie Day
Media Buyer
Equipped with a multitude of talents and a passion for understanding, Johnnie can swim through a sea of data and come out clean on the other side with a bounty of prosperous campaigns. He is our most experienced media buyer and perseveres to improve each day.
Kurt Yazici
Chief Executive Officer
Kurt has done it all. From designing to media buying to managing a team of media buyers he understands what it takes to lead a modern agency. Currently he focuses on high-level company strategy and thought leadership as the team builds.
Keith Yazici
Chief Operating Officer
Don’t let his youth deceive you. Keith leads a team of highly trained media buyers as they trample traffic sources and aggressively exceed KPIs. As the head of all operations he’s involved in all day to day responsibilities and ensuring the team is flawlessly executing day in day out.
Paul Hwang
Media Buyer
As the youngest member Paul is proving himself a force to be reckoned with. He works in only two gears: fast and faster. His attention to detail and knack for quickly picking up complicated campaign tasks has shown a real promise in his early start to what is likely to be a season tenure driving huge campaigns.
Ayano Swisher
Social Ad Researcher
Ayano leads in competitive social ad research. By using fine attention to detail and precision, she provides up-to-date data for a rapidly changing market.


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