I thought it was very good.

Anger deprived him of his reason.


It made her jealous to see him walking with another girl.

You may bring your own lunch to school.

Every year, the pain got worse.

It is not clearly stated in their study if the patients overcame this syndrome during the therapy.

I'm aware of the problem.

You are old enough to know better than to act like that.

Jacob's boyfriend threatened to leave her.

I thought that wasn't a big deal.

He was explicit on the point.

It's thirty degrees below zero.

There are many people who don't like me.

Comfort them.

Why didn't you tell me you were from Australia?


I just need more time.

Kate said that he couldn't swim well.

The exchange rates are posted daily outside the cashier's office.


Facebook wastes a lot of my time.

She's younger than me.

I'd rather do something else.

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They asked Kate to babysit their child.

Why did you choose that particular subject?

"Why?" That was the simple question everyone was asking themselves.


Why don't you go help her?

Who designed the sets for the play?

The mountaineer was hungry as a wolf.

Dinner is usually not ready until six o'clock.

I had a chat with Laurie.

Ilya is a bit shy.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcasted live on TV last night.

Somebody poisoned Jane.

We have no record of a patient named Thierry Jackson.

Have you heard what I said?

I don't want to talk about my cold.



Delbert is charismatic.

She's too old for him.

This sentence is a mess. Was it written by a foreigner?

Clare took Wendell's hands and held them tightly.


I tried to repair his damaged prestige.

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You're early.

Lui didn't doubt that there would be a lot of people there.

You're drawing attention to yourself.

Hisao's face was as pale as that of a corpse.

He was at home.

He looks familiar.

In the absence of a better idea I had to choose this method.

Fay needs a lot more therapy.

He's my cousin.


Would you rather read a novel or watch a movie?

I read about All Ball.

Little did he know what was going on behind his back.

Please teach me English.

The child was crying for her mother.

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Exactly what's the accusation here?


We wouldn't change anything.


How is your sister's dog called?


I can't understand why John turned down a job as good as that.

Your birthday is coming.

He's an astronaut.


How'd it go with Margaret last night?

The unemployment rate went up to 5%.

Kevyn needs a new pair of glasses.

I'm walking with a girl in the garden.

I didn't want to see her.

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The plane lost part of its wing.

The Gall-Peters map projection was a subject of controversy.

I brought you some fruit.


O that I had never seen thee.

Nothing could sway his conviction.

Where is your child?

I don't have any problem getting to sleep.

She didn't like this city when she moved here, but she has gotten used to it now.


I know that I know it, but I can't remember it.

I knew it was going to be tough to persuade Sedat to help us.

The park is common property.

We weren't worried about it.

Why should I help her?

That is not beautiful.

I think this isn't correct.

At the most, he earns 50 dollars a week.

He's a quiet man, a little bald on top.


Your handwriting is messy.

Even though Anita has had way too much to drink already, he's ordering another drink.

They borrow magazines from Taninna.

We would have helped them.

We have to party.

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He who is born in Sweden is Swedish.


We spent a lot of time with them.

Last time I counted, I estimated that I know around 2500 Chinese characters.

He is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.


Vivaldi wrote a lot of music for the bassoon.

Learn a trade.

I'll have to mention it to them.


I'll deal with that later.


Jong's heart is in the right place.


The doctor received encouraging results from the study of the new drug on impotent mice.

I didn't think Oskar could speak French that well.

"You don't get on well with your father?" "..." "Sorry, that was none of my business."

Just don't kiss me.

My husband is a senior citizen.

There are too many bridges in this city.

What can we do to help Vistlik?

The gate opened.

You've never wanted the same things I've wanted.

The computer is placed to the left of the women.

My grandfather suffers from osteoporosis.

Can I have the sugar, please?

They've released Ernst.

But I'll never be defeated, never lose my way.

I don't know the reason why he was absent.


I tried to cheer her up, but she did nothing but cry.

He wounded his wife with a knife.

You don't need to suffer in silence.


That's 20% of the world's population.

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Please come to our town some day.


Ben isn't going to confess.

They can operate a crane.

Let's play chess another time.

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Lester gave Leon a huge kiss.

I've talked to her.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Because, if you don't , I assure you it's happening right now.

Let me help you up.

Nobody saw him leave the room.

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When you like the way you breathe, they will all take it to be a respiratory illness.

Do you know me? - No, I don't.

Mother has gone to the market.

He retired to his own room after supper.

This soap will improve her complexion.

We may as well stay where we are.

The paleontologists are looking for fossils.


We'll hide it.

Can you stand on your hands?

Everybody was excited by the news.


Why have they never told it to me?

My grandfather will have read the Bible ten times if he reads it again.

American-British relations showed improvement.

I would tend to disagree.

Three workers on board the truck were killed in the accident.

I love Monday!

There's no such thing as black magic.

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Luis used to do it all the time.

She loves sweets!

After she removed the bandage, the irritation subsided.


Why is Catherine there?


This disturbs Lori.

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They're very capable.

What a cheapskate!

He was relieved at the news.

Harv is a brilliant diagnostician.

My favorite Pizza is Hawaiian.

He wants no kind of flowers.

What a great country!

I often lie on this bench.

All families with children get special rates.

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In retrospect, it may seem obvious that we shouldn't have been burning our trash so close to our house.

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I'm sick, so don't talk me about food.

I just want you out of my house.

Mr. Tanaka is a doctor, isn't he?

It's official now.

She opened her eyes.