The game was canceled at the last minute.

Except Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

Marian began to work for our company three years ago.

Why didn't you call a doctor?


She writes an excellent hand.

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She worries about my health.


It's not a difficult question.


Let's think you do this not for him but for me.

Kieran knows who I am.

A zombie brain will eat itself.


Do you know Turkish?


Who can blame you?


Including responses up to 'It bothers me a bit', over 70% of respondents said that they were concerned about their pores and skin texture.


I would definitely not recommend Hartmann for the job.

Graham is texting frantically on his phone.

When was the last time you rode a bike?

I was just finishing up.

You used to be such a nice guy.

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Freedom is the breath of life.

I was trying to follow her, but she gave me the slip.

The boy had been crying until he got some candy.


Generally, men run faster than women.

Beverly has problems sleeping.

We're having five guests tonight.

I knew your father.

Case tried to conceal his disappointment.

The astronaut had to conduct many experiments in the space shuttle.

I regret to say this.

He fired three shots.

I want many things.


I caught them.

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He wondered what to do about the wallet he was holding.

I haven't seen very much of Konrad lately.

Jared went to the barber shop.

You seem like a very intelligent person.

I sincerely hope that you will soon recover from your illness.

My question requires a response.

You've seen something, haven't you?

I had to tell her that myself.

Relationship through marriage is indicated by the prefix "bo".

Murat was sitting on the couch alone.

Marlena was a little angry.

I'll be back in three weeks.

It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.


He pulled out a handkerchief.


Frank was driving the bus.

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You're extroverted.


I haven't seen you for a long time.


There's somewhere else I need to be right now.

The money could take days to arrive at its destination.

The flowers are beginning to grow and everything is becoming green.

Both methods worked flawlessly.

This is so bizarre.

Kriton has some serious doubts.

Jane was fuming.

He hides his head in the sand, like an ostrich.

The trains are running behind time.

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She thinks highly of him.

Good timing. I'll get you to test drive the new model.

She parties too hard.

Won't that be fun?

I am suspicious of him.

Give them something to drink.

I asked many people for help, but so far I haven't had any luck.

I can vouch for them.

Why do you still have this?

You're always careful.

You left the iron on.

Shall we start studying?

Stop. It's not funny anymore.

I have several statues in my garden.

You are looking quite inviting at the moment.

I doubt that he's a lawyer.

You all look so busy.

Don't let the children play on the street.

Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.

They prefer a window seat.

There are no victims.


I'm fairly certain that's what's going to happen.

His joke eased the tension in the room.

Terrance really wants to go to Boston.

I'm feeling pretty good.

Let me give you my business card.

That meant no.

The examples in this dictionary are easy to understand.

The people on board thrust their way toward the rear exit.

I asked him for advice.

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I want the whole world to know about us.

I think you should get it.

What doesn't Christie want us to see?

The beach was closed due to shark sightings.

I'm a town dweller.

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I am fascinated by clouds and clocks on old photographs - perhaps because they can be understood as symbols of the transience and continuous passage of time.

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The most important book to learn a foreign language is, naturally, a dictionary.

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I just heard an alarm go off.


He was standing by the gate with his hand in his pocket.


The forest was covered with snow and the evenings were quiet as animals slept through the cold winter nights.

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Barrett said he was three months behind on alimony.

Driving a truck isn't easy.

Who wears the blue tshirt?

We drove into the mountains.

Who do you think would be the best person for the job?

Where is the Dutch embassy?

Why are you torturing me with that?

"Bury me on my face," said Diogenes; and when he was asked why, he replied, "Because in a little while everything will be turned upside down."

Do you know why he put off his departure?

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We're not totally ready yet.

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The concern is whether he'll read the letter or not.

The CD on the table is mine.

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these.

Dan doesn't like street bullies like you.

There's no room to study here. If only I had a room of my own!

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How can you be reached?

There are some red lights blinking on the console.

As far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but sand.

Ramadoss told me not to open it.

Conrad is inclined to be lazy.


How long do you intend to keep complaining?


I don't know if he's still alive.


I want some food.

I can't let Marla go alone.

Why are they so mean to us?

You are nodding over your work.

The U.S. Secretary of State is trying to broker a ceasefire between the warring parties.

If only I could fly!

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

Nora seldom laughed at Travis's jokes.

It is a four-hour drive from New York to Boston.

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We weren't really expecting to find anything.

Your boyfriend is a problematic person, but that's not a good enough reason to give up or break off your relationship.

I'm the type who gets nervous in front of people, so I'm bad at speech making.


Thanks for calling, Gil.

How long do you think Sedat has been watching us?

Donne sewed her own costume.

Leslie has something he wants to say.

Drought was credited with the poor crop.

It is about a higher organism.

Permafrost covers one-fifth of the Earth's surface.

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Ralph works as hard as anybody else.

Courtney went windsurfing.

You're welcome here anytime, Ernst.

I was very busy cleaning out the garage.

I had a special ticket.


My father isn't really in favour of our marriage, because John still hasn't got a job.

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With every broken vow, you bring our ideal closer to destruction.

Farouk is tense.

We'll cooperate.

I want to spend the whole weekend in Boston.

What do you have to say with regard to this problem?

Jesus walked on water.

I'm not about to tell him that.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sir, that CD is available only by special order.


Something must be happening.


It wasn't a burglary.


I didn't want to upset them.

Check with Robert.

He crawled out of bed.

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Terry said that he and Amigo would probably be a little late.