Men are physically stronger than women.

Is Noam paying attention?

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That girl who wears a scarf is virgin.

I wrote you a letter.

He took part in the Olympic Games.

I cannot hire a driver. I don't have money for that.

Each price has its reason.

I just threw on whatever I could find.

I don't want to read this book.


This road joins the highway there.

Kyu is still under age.

What decided the end of the Roman Empire?


She considered his offer carefully.


This is where I spend most of the day.


Today's mission: milk tea with mochi.

I ate a samosa.

The stars look dim because of the city lights.

The plague occurred that year.

Knudsen used to be interesting.

You missed your chance.

Ricky had a panic attack.


He looked at her with doey eyes.

Tomorrow I will go to Paris by car.

Go fill the ice pack.

That book is of no interest to me.

Caroline was shocked to hear that Randal had died.

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This bridge is made of wood.

This place isn't convenient to public transportation.

Are you a model?

Somebody will see us.

Butler was expecting you to say yes.

There are fifty stars on the American flag.

Bill got up early so he could catch the first train.


Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

A group of students stood in the street.

A casual remark can hurt someone.

Does he have an alibi?

I'm starting to learn French.

Bradley got on the airplane.

Sorry, I can't accommodate you.


I could solve the problem without any difficulty.

I don't like that word.

I just want to sleep.

I won't go to see it.

It was under these circumstances that the constitutional crisis began.


Barrett knew that Antony wasn't willing to help.


I wish you were dead!

Louise has some money stashed away.

It made no difference.

The Greens are against everything.

She was afraid to make a speech.


Manolis did that on purpose.

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Don't cut down those trees.


I prefer to plan my activities at fixed times so I can manage my time.


When will we meet?

Please take them with you.

I know it's a major problem, but there's nothing we can do about it.


Gasoline is sold by the liter.

We laughed at their opposition.

I followed Vishal's orders.


We shouldn't tell her anything.


Where do you keep the booze?

I thought it was shocking.

Is eating too much fiber bad for you?

Brodie needed you.

Tuna isn't qualified for the job.

What do I live for?

I have a lot of regrets.

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It depends.

Would you mind sitting here?

At what time should the plane from Guadalajara arrive?

Do you think it's safe to do that?

Why won't you tell me the truth?

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I'm thinking about going back into teaching.

There's one thing in particular that I'm interested in.

She fell in love with the new teacher.

The government collapsed after a vote in parliament.

He ate twice as much as I did.

What did Ferdinand Magellan do?

A lot of people are waiting for Stephen.

Her behavior is abnormal for a young girl.

She will be seventeen next year.

Go get yourself a cup of coffee.

Stewart still looks upset.

We're not going to eat anything.

Come whenever you like.

I was at the movies with my brother.

It was a challenge.

There are several irregularities in the nitrogen cycle.

Speak more slowly.

You don't happen to know where Sanche is, do you?

We have a lot more to do.

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We'd both really appreciate it.

He plays tennis three times a week.

It seems like you know everything.

She's quite a looker.

She thanked him with all her heart.


How dare you do that to him?


I'll take your suitcase to your room.


What was his name?

I have a girlfriend.

You don't care about me.


They're all hungry.

"Will the children stay at home with their mother?" "No, they will stay alone."

When Adams was very young he showed a talent for doing math. He could do very difficult math problems in his head.

I shouldn't have asked you that.

Why didn't you tell this to the police?

He kept talking.

Cathy parked his car in front of Teruyuki's house.

Why are they here?

They'll be here soon enough.

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I don't know the name of the birds that were singing such a merry song.

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I have good credit.

Children often make mistakes.

What a paella!

Is this the real truth?

I'm Farshad.

Go and see if you can find Kusum.

I can speak Chinese.

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If I do that, Kerri will laugh at me.


You are cordially invited to our fiftieth anniversary celebration.

This is not a job for an amateur.

Are you with the FBI?

Josip was scared stiff.

Much money is spent every day.


He became sick and they laid him on a bench.

We haven't made any changes yet.

The whole population turned out in welcome.


Norbert and Carole have a nice house.

Does Donna want me to walk her home?

I was pleasantly surprised.


Nick ran like crazy to catch up with Hillel.


Every country has the government it deserves.

I'll only answer your questions if you answer mine.

Tuan wants to become rich and famous.


Bea didn't stay for long.

Marcos asked Son several questions.

Helen still uses dial-up Internet.


Elliott ordered large fries.


Can you break a 1,000 yen bill?

He often dates Mikael.

Sorry, I know you've been sidetracked for the issue many times, but I have a question.

After the stop the train accelerated quickly.

Vassos is a well-respected man.


We hate getting up early in the morning.


Piotr told the children that they could stay in this room as long as they didn't make any noise.

She accused me of stealing her money.

The weather is cold all year round here.

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Don't sign the contract in pencil.

We're both from Boston.

You didn't draw your dog well.


Be nice to me.

Nothing ever happens in that old village.

He gave me authority to fire them.

There isn't enough time to do that.

You are taken aback and give excuses of overwork.

Day in, day out the dog went to the station to wait for its master.

Labelling speech as hate speech is a way to limit free speech by means of social pressure.

Sally went out to the street.

Nicolas cares about you.