It was not unexpected.

Do me a favor.

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Please help him!

They could not expect to make progress.

I asked Hilda to talk to his parents.

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Kinch is nothing but trouble.

Bring the rest of your luggage with you.

She thought that she could become economically independent from her parents if she went to college.

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Who is the greatest poet in England?

I wish I could speak French a little better.

Please get to work.

He speaks neither English nor French.

Linley must be innocent.


Heinz was pleasantly surprised, when she got home from work, to find that Deirdre had already prepared the evening meal.


Margaret is a psychic.


Frederick has been out of touch.

I only need another few days to make things right.

Are any of you hurt?

How long have you been standing here?

Thanks for your patience.

My work keeps me busy.

They combined their money to buy a present.

I got a message that Johnathan wanted to see me.

We cut trees with an axe.

Every time I see Dominic, he's eating something.

With whom are you eating?

Her kind action strongly impressed me.

Tor was good at playing chess.

You can't help Cecilia.

Evan put his book down.


They breastfeed their babies.

Pilot used to give me a lot of advice.

I'm saying I never laid a hand on Think.

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It's too late for apologies.

I'll teach you how to write.

Maria expects to finish the report by next week.

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Annie ironed his white shirt.

It's a large one.

Do they observe Christmas Day in that country?

I am angry that she didn't keep her promise.

I told you I hate that shirt.

What advice did Kurt give you?

We would often go swimming in the river.

You never told us why there was a delay.

We are just trying to help you.


You had better see a doctor; it may not be just a cold.

That's exactly what's happening now.

I'm not defending that idiot.

I'm not about to tell her that.

You all are going to behave yourselves, I swear to fucking God!


I think we were awesome.

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People in Indian communities have the right to control other people's children.

I have a better plan.

Where can you buy books?

Concentrate on what you're doing, not on what your classmates are doing.

It's better to be approximately right than completely wrong.


I want you back in Boston.

I'm not the only one who thinks Monica is overweight.

Her brow was beaded with perspiration.

"By the way, do you know what a Shinto shrine is?" "I've a little bit of knowledge on the subject. It's a religious facility where that which is the object of worship, that called the genius loci, is enshrined."

Love is the answer for everything.

How many aspirin did you take?

We have planned well.


This is certainly the most delicious juice I have ever drunk in my life.

He bought the pre-cut pork loin.

Please give me two more of the red carnations.

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Narendra isn't the only one who missed the meeting.


I go to the hospital today.

The two aims of the Party are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought.

His conduct disappointed many of his friends.

Who complained?

She gave the door a gentle push.


A quadratic function cannot be used here.

Lucy should be in the kitchen now.

The frosty winter will soon come to an end.


That book helps you to write effectively.

That had nothing to do with anything.

She will never have a second chance to visit Europe.

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Close the refrigerator.


He is a man of strong faith.

If you will be in Istanbul when I visit in March next year, I would like to spend some time with you.

The ingredients for this recipe are a little expensive.

I work in this building.

He lost the watch which he had bought the day before.


Come here, all of you.


Sunil played football.

Take a look at that woman!

Can you believe that October is almost over?

The fireplace lends coziness to this room.

You're ways too uptight about sex.


Polly's voice began to crack.

I'd better report this to him.

It's not blood, it's tomato paste.

I am positive that he has finished.

Stir the soup until it boils.

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Give what you like.

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The policeman followed him.

I thought you were on duty.

There were many people at the funeral.

Werner looked very sick.

The village is free from thieves.

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He is the greatest player the team has had.

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After a while, he came to.

I just had a vision.

I am going to get dressed.

The earth is just a sphere suspended in space.

I'll just wait here until Sue arrives.

Don't break off the branch.

Everybody has a breaking point.

He had nothing to do with the scandal.

I can't decide which dress I should buy.

The reckless men froze to death during their expedition to the Antarctic.

The show starts at midnight.

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Tareq reassured Marnix.

Axel thinks he loves Penny more than John loves Alice.

I'm not sure as to when he will turn up.

The students found the final examination to be a breeze.

Don't write in ink.


I can't believe you actually read the book.

He likes to watch TV.

Do you have any sales distributors in Japan?

I just want you to have it.

The weather report is bad.

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Squirrels like to eat nuts.


Who'll be there tonight?

Someone should set those boys straight.

Why are you helping him?

People ask me that all the time.

I am level-headed.


Is there a problem with her?

This exam is not so difficult.

She watched a news channel.


I'm afraid I can't right now.


Malaclypse was the only one in the house.

Let's hope everything goes well.

I didn't cry.

Helge thought Lori was dead.

Mr Smith always begins his lectures with a joke.

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I hope we meet again.

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If you walk a lot, you will develop calluses on your heel.

I'm not scared at all.

I think I'd better call Randy.

I'm looking for William now.

You can't get blood out of a stone.


At what age do you want to get married?

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Would you like to say something to everyone here?

Hui tried to explain what was happening to Sir.

There is a large hole in the wall.


You're in trouble again, aren't you?

I'm looking forward to your party.

I never spend a day without thinking of you.

He asked us what we wanted.

Why don't you see for yourself?

Oh, that's what you mean.

There's no way I'm going to work on Sunday.

It is easy to distinguish good from evil.

The idea underlies his theory.

You have no right to pass judgement on these people.

Seeds unsown do not grow.

"Look at me," shouted Echo, "Look at me, Mother, I'm flying!"

I shower every night.