Amarth seems very busy.

The accident deprived him of his sight.

"He has so much money that he doesn't know how to spend it." "I wish I was in such a situation... I would know how to spend it."

Woody believes everything that Panos says.

Do you think it will be nice out tomorrow?

You asked Annard to play the guitar.

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I don't think Vistlik is going anywhere.

It all comes down to a question of money.

I dealt with the problem as I saw fit.

Do you have a fountain pen with you?

I did not get here before you.

We're so glad to have you here tonight.

I'm pretty sure Reinhard's nervous.

I'm from New Zealand.

Louis Pasteur discovered that germs cause most infectious diseases.

Even the tail of the parrot makes others envious.

The storm caused a lot of damage to the crop.


Why did you say that to us?

At last, I found out the answer to the question.

The badly damaged jet is going down.

The Murais have gone back to Japan?

Stephe stole money from his friends.

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That's sort of sweet.

They're not dead.

I owe her for this.

Who was punished?

I think it's about time you stopped putting your belly before your looks.

My credit card was rejected by the ATM.

I'm well aware of that.


He is very a dangerous man.

Who gave it to us?

We're glad you're back.

Let's not forget why we're here.

I intend to stay a whole week.

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I am going to remove the appendix.

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Please speak a little more slowly.

If one can say that a tiger is a big cat, one can also say that a cat is a small tiger.

I didn't know why Laurent wasn't invited.

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Liyuan got up at 6:30 as usual.


Lenny suddenly appeared.

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We ran down the hill.


I started doing this job four years ago.

This was a hasty translation.

Scot has lived here all his life.

Who were you there with?

Everything seemed dulled by Sunday's torpor and the dolefulness of the summer days.


"It was boring," Saify added.


It took a long time to break down her reserve and get her to relax.


I asked him if I could read his book.

Intonation is very important. It can completely change the meaning.

It was merely a matter of luck.

How much have you found out?

America was at war in 1864.

Let's study hard and become great men.

We're friends from way back.

The smoggy air of Beijing makes me feel gloomy.

She apologized for her delay.


Santa tried to sucker punch John.

He couldn't take another step.

She visited the zoo with him.


Jean-Pierre seems to be easygoing.


I find myself thinking about you quite often.

He wants to pay off his loan.

I can't get used to him.


Is there any hope of his success?

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Is love real or is it just an illusion?

When will that picture I wanted enlarged be ready?

These are for them.

It is worthwhile visiting that museum.

I just needed to do something for Hotta.

Boyd digitized an old family photo and emailed it to his mother.

Just joshing.


Do you have the time to listen to me?

They're thinking about moving in together.

My mother takes a nap every afternoon.


Terrence told me he used to be married.

Lower your voice.

If so believed, it is God; if not, it is a stone.

Actinium is a silvery metal.

Was Rand working yesterday?


He's so handsome!

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My mother is anxious about my future.


I really have no idea.

They went ice-skating together.

Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.

This appears to have been inevitable.

I had fun dancing.

We're practically family.

He always exaggerates his own abilities and others often believe him.


At last, he found out how to make it.

No one was able to help Miltos.

Tammy was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.


My dad is not home at the moment.

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You're thorough.


I brought that back from Australia.

She doesn't speak my language.

They're going to a charity event.

Donnie wrote a lot of poems.

Do you understand the difference between right and wrong?

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I blame myself severely for having so easily believed the slanderous tales invented by Charles Smith to the prejudice of Lady Susan.

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This room is awfully cold.

Leigh is untalented.

By degrees their friendship grew into love.


You're going to be fine.

I'm meeting Son for dinner. Do want to come?

She did what she had to do.

This looks fantastic.

I'm highly motivated.

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The girl Curt was beginning to love was beginning to love him, too.

The rat made a hole in the wall.

In the theater.

Where could Molly possibly be?

I won't forget what you've said here.

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Thad and Moore bumped against each other.

This room is a mess.

Manufacturers add ethyl butyrate to their orange juice to make it taste fresher.

It was the only way.

Radek died in his seventies.

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Nobody really wants us.


The cat scratched my hand.

He was a bit embarrassed.

The eagle does not catch flies.

You could talk to me.

Mitch travels less than Lance does.

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Marcia couldn't believe what Dion said had happened.


The old man attempted to swim five kilometers.


It has been played in many ways in most cultures around the world.

Can you see that over there?

You don't work for me.

Why didn't you let me know you were in New York?

Do you think you might recognize Elizabeth?

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Both Adlai and Jisheng can speak French.

I want you to stay by the lady.

I like to cut up wood in my backyard.

Because my old ladder is broken.

Are you sure you're going to be all right?

Birds are chirping.

During the past two years, Egypt joined the malfunctioning, failed states.

He does twenty push-ups every morning.

What kind of house do you live in?

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.

I can't read lips.

The apple-trees were in full blossom, and the fragrant elders bent their long green branches down to the stream which wound round a smooth lawn.

Who do you think is the G.O.A.T. of tennis?

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I am thirty years old.

Tolerant told me he had the information I wanted.

Leave it to me, I told him, that's too heavy for you.

I can show you the pictures.

My uncle gave me a book.

Don't be too rough on them.

She's been cheating on her husband for years.

With this his spirit will be consoled.

I must make a call.

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Toft didn't do anything else.

It's the law: always buckle your safety belt in cars and airplanes.

Next summer, I want to go to Hawaii.

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I give up. What do an Irish priest and Congolese witch doctor have in common?

I couldn't help blushing.

Don't pay any attention to the boss.