Among the accessories is that able to define and carry out immediately the look: we are talking about the hat, a must-have transversal and versatile. But for many of us the choice of the right model is not really simple: fortunately, the variety of models proposed allows each to find the most suitable hat for your face and your personal style. The site, specialized in the online sale of designer and discounted clothes in the “temporary” version, has compiled a mini guide on how to wear and choose the hat. Basques, berets, borsalini, wide-brimmed or still very large, the variety of hats and trends in stores is online is really wide. Here are the must-have models on which it is worth investing: This model has seen its “apogee” right in the fabulous Sixties and all the great divas of the period (from Audrey Hepburn to Sophia Loren) sported at least one, on screen and outside.

It’s winter, it’s cold, the hat more than a habit is a requirement for many. Today, with nonchalant lightness, we wear this garment outdoors, indoors, in the car, in the most daring cases even at home, own or others’. And yet, once, precise norms regulated times, ways, and bearing to be held covered. Men always wore a hat, a badge of rank and social position. On the way, when he meets a lady, the gentleman greets her, pointing to the gesture of lifting him lightly from his head. If with the lady entertains, to speak or even to tighten or kiss her hand, she must remove it, as a sign of respect and respect. In general, man is required to take off his hat in public places (bars, restaurants, churches, cinemas, theaters, etc.). Despite hip-hop fashions, rap and so on, at home, resign yourself, the headgear should be removed, first, before the coat! As it is done in the elevator or in the car.

On the contrary, it is allowed to keep it on public transport (assuming that you can have enough space to perform the acrobatic gesture of removing it). The etiquette suggests that even in the bus, in the company of a lady, remove it. The men take off their hats in the church, not in the synagogue. I can keep it at the station, even in indoor spaces. Even for women, the label prescribes some rules: the ladies wearing the hat are not obliged to remove it, even in church. Exceptions are cinema, theater and any other place in which to wear a hat, especially if it is rather “spectacular”, can obstruct the view.

Knitted caps, sometimes also crocheted and made like a large net with holes, are much more than a mere winter clothing that only needs to be protected from the cold. For a long time, these types of caps have replaced legitimate and important fashion details – there are young girls, “dedicated fashion followers”, to borrow a Kinks formula that is more important and more interesting than handbags. Well, they may have been seriously screwed on the caps of all colors, but these caps are indeed a fashionable must in recent times, and this is confirmed by our selection of photographs from the world of the rich and famous.

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